c’est quoi le problème à paris avec nekfeu. pourquoi je peux pas marcher 100 mètres sans voir un truc sur nekfeu ici. laissez moi 

[ She own the City ]
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For the first time everrr I wore my hair out in a stretched afro the whole time I was out! Shout out to the lovely Parisian weather! I’ve never been able to do that, reason being the big fro I leave the house with always becomes a baby fro in a matter of minutes because of humidity so I end up holding it up eventually. Either that or I just leave the house with it shrunken already. Even this day I bought some bands while I was out just so I could hold up my fro if it got too small for my liking. It actually drizzled and natural hair + the slightest water = shrinkage! But the weather was good to me after that. The air was cool and dry enough for my hair not to shrink up like it usually does so I happily rocked my fairly stretched fro and didn’t need to hold my hair up in my usual puff. The combination of that plus wearing a t shirt designed by myself made me feel super goooood! :)
Happy BlackOut!

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