I was a little hesitant to put this up but I decided to anyway. In any case I’m a huge sucker for reverse beauty and the beast stories because monster girls are my favorite.

It’s not shaded or colored anything and it’s kind of messy but I tried. Anyway I guess in this story a bug monster girl and Karamatsu become pals… AND MAYBE MORE??? I mean, if he doesn’t, I’ll date her.

For you who say Riley always makes the first move:
  • Lucas:*protects her from water*
  • Lucas:You're better than that..
  • Lucas:Dude,I'm supposed to kiss the girl..
  • Lucas:My moment will be my moment..
  • Lucas:Maybe one day,you and I will be in Paris together..
  • Lucas:To me..You're a princess..
  • Lucas:*rode with her on a horse*
  • Lucas:*raises a hand,so he can ask her out*
  • Lucas:I am asking your permission to ask out your daughter..
  • Lucas:There are some moments you know you're gonna remember forever..This is one of 'em..
  • Lucas:*is practically hypnotized by Riley*
  • Lucas:*wants to hold Riley's hand*
  • Lucas:*wants to walk Riley home*
  • Lucas:I really like you Riley..
  • Lucas:*smiles when Riley catches a bouquet*
  • Lucas:Good Girl..
  • Lucas:*flirts with her on a high level*
  • Lucas:*assumes they are going to the dance together*
  • Lucas:*jealous of Charlie*
  • Lucas:*breaks a freaking table to go to see her*
  • Lucas:*is so proud of her*
  • Lucas:Riley I kinda want you to watch..
  • Lucas:You're really important to me..
  • Lucas:If there wasn't for you,I don't know if I would survive New York..
  • Lucas:But Riley what are we?
  • Lucas:What if that's not what I think we are?
  • Lucas:*still jealous over Charlie*
  • Lucas:Your hair smells nice!
  • Lucas:*bites his lip as he watches Riley*
  • Lucas:*is hurt so much,just because he thinks Riley doesn't believe in him*
  • Lucas:I would recognize you anywhere..
  • Lucas:That night in the library,with Riley..I could've sat there talking to her forever..
  • Lucas:It's always been Riley..It's always been Riley since day one..
  • Lucas:*is amused by Riley's jealousy*
  • Lucas:You're always such a romantic..
  • Lucas:*jealous of Evan talking to Riley*
  • Lucas:*worried about the fact that Riley maybe moved on*
  • Lucas:My favorite thing in this world is when you talk to me..
  • Lucas:Yeah,I think about it all the time..
  • Lucas:*takes Riley's hand and gently caress it with his thumb*
  • Lucas:I promised you that my moment will be my moment..This is it..
  • Lucas:*gives her a jellybean in a ring box*
  • Lucas:That means you Riley..I choose you..And I really want you to choose me..
  • Lucas:*stares at her with so much love,and adoration*

get to know me meme: favourite jily oneshot ➢ ‘laisser derrière tout ce qui est perdu’ by @padfootdidit

“Stay.” Through the wide windows he sees Paris stretched out, twinkling lights and silhouettes. Her voice is a plea.

His voice is a saving grace. “Okay.”

it’s always nice to see everyone doing their share of the work :)


Amber has her priorities in order  (∩▂∩)

Amber’s Ranting Monkey ep 1