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I had a nasty art block and I usually counter it by drawing more art, so take that you stupid art block! Thanks to @a-shakespearean-in-paris for letting me draw her cute headcanon of Cullen and his rough hand ^0^ I dunno how to link the cute little drabble on mobile but do check out her writings! (I will edit the link again once I get home)

skarsbill  asked:

That piece about Bill and the reader moving to New York has potential for a short story! :)

Thanks, I agree with you!

The imagine is pretty much the plot for The Devil’s Advocate (if you haven’t seen it, check it out) but I would obviously change a few things. For those who have seen it, Bill will replace Keanu’s character and the reader insert would replace Charlize’s.

I will write it after Unfaithful and Paris are done. Send me any other story ideas you want to see written!

iliad characters as rupaul's drag race quotes
  • agamemnon: i am trying to bring attention to one of my favourite causes which is me
  • achilles: the hardest part of this challenge was not telling everyone else that i was going to win
  • odysseus: the dog is looking at me like “get me the fuck out of here”, i’m looking at the dog like “get ME the fuck out of here”
  • helen: i don’t have a sugar daddy. i’ve never had a sugar daddy. if i wanted a sugar daddy, yes, i probably could go out and get one because i am what? SICKENING
  • patroclus: i feel sexy in anything, even a body bag
  • paris: my mom sent me to military school in the hopes that she'd get a little soldier. needless to say, she got a drag queen.
  • hector: just fyi for all you girls up there, i don't want to hear any goddamn excuses. be prepared! make it work! make it work! fucking make it happen! i don't want to hear any GODDAMN EXCUSES any more!
  • andromache: "i'll win for you." ohhh, that's sweet. he's not going to win.
  • nestor: i'm just under three hundred years old, i know some things
  • (not-technically-iliad bonus round) eris: i just honestly thought y'all were all boring and i was trying to turn the party

Early morning walks around Paris with @tamingthetides

Paris please wait for me.. and have my apartment ready with coffee and cream and warm baguette with butter melting slowly and contently. Have the swans still dipping their heads in the lakes and the lovers still kissing on the bench.