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Paris - Citadines Tour Eiffel - Rooms with a View

I had the pleasure of staying at Citadines - Tour Eiffel for 3 nights during my visit to Paris. Located in the former village of Grenelle, Citadines - Tour Eiffel is in a prime location situated across from a major metro hub with tons of cafes, restaurants, and marketplaces all within walking distance. It is also quite close to the Eiffel Tower, the Seine, Invalides, and Champs des Mars. In fact, while staying there, I was able to easily take the metro across the street to Versailles (with a transfer) for the day which made things quite convenient.

The really cool thing about the hotel is that some of the rooms on the upper floors of the hotel feature really beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower.

However, what makes this hotel standout from many others is that it is known as an aparthotel or apartment hotel because it also functions as a place to stay for extended periods of time if you wish. People can stay for a few nights, a few weeks, a month, a few months, even a year if that is what they wish. This makes this a great place for families or individuals looking to relocate who may need a habitable living space centrally located in the city they are trying to relocate to. It also makes it a great place for people who are looking to try to live in a city to get a feel for the city while having the comforts of home.

An intriguing facet of staying at an aparthotel is that not only do you have the comforts that you would associate with an apartment such as a fully functional kitchen and living area but you get the amenities and benefits of hotel living as well. For example, Citadines aparthotels offer various cleaning arrangements for all guests as well as other perks that you would typically associate with staying in a hotel. Only you can enjoy these perks during your extended stay in any of the Citadines locations all over Europe and the Asia Pacific.

I had a great stay there during my time in Paris. I had the misfortune of getting quite sick with bronchitis while in Paris and the staff at Citadines Tour Eiffel were really wonderful when it came to getting me the medical help I needed and making my stay pleasant while I recovered. I really enjoyed the fact that there was a Monoprix right across the street. The Monoprix there had a huge grocery section which allowed me to buy reasonably priced groceries that I was able to store in the refrigerator. This was a great relief to my wallet since it let me save money on certain meals since I could use the kitchen in my room.

And of course, I loved the views. But that goes without saying, right? :)

Here is a little tour of the views and rooms:

This was the view from my hotel room while I was taking long exposures of the Eiffel Tower at night. It was nice to be able to do long exposures right from inside my room! :

(I took this photo with my Sony A99 of my Sony a7R propped up on my travel tripod which is the Brian Evolution 2 Tripod made by 3 Legged Thing)

And here is the photo I was taking of the night view of the Eiffel Tower while taking that behind the scenes photo above:

If you follow my Instagram, I posted a video of the Eiffel Tower’s light show that I filmed with my phone from the window of my room at Citadines - Tour Eiffel. It’s a pretty impressive view and I had a blast watching the light show every night.

I had the pleasure of getting a tour of some of the most in-demand suites at Citadines - Tour Eiffel. This is the view from the most in-demand room there due to the absolutely awesome view that you can have from the comfort of your bed:

And this is the balcony view from that same room. It’s a great place to hang out and take in views of Paris:

Because I can’t get enough of that bed view of the Eiffel Tower, here it is with the windows open:

The suites for people enjoying extended stays feature some really great modern looking amenities and design including washers/dryers:

There is also a configurable dining area:

This is the living area in some of the larger suites which is separate from the bedroom(s) and kitchen and dining space:

And this is a kitchen that is similar to the one that was in the room I stayed in:

Since Citadines is an aparthotel, it also features extras like sofa-beds in some of the rooms to accommodate more people and/or overnight guests:

And finally, let’s talk about that view again…So beautiful:

If you are interested in viewing these photos larger, feel free to check them out in their own Flickr album here:

Citadines - Tour Eiffel

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Antique furniture (velvet-clad lampshades), intense fabrics (damask and silk taffeta drapes; cordovan leather), regal colors, and muted lighting define Studio Jacques Garcia‘s La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa. Photography courtesy of La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa.


Hotel Therese - Paris, France

Enjoying an unbeatable location on the Right Bank, just a stone’s throw from the Louvre and the Palais Royal, Hotel Therese is a Parisian boutique establishment with chic Jean-Louis Deniot interiors. Its rooms vary considerably in size and style, but all are creatively decorated using rich designer fabrics, tasteful retro-inspired furnishings, and unique wall pictures. Each unit comes equipped with luxurious bedding, flat-screen TV, and mini-bar, and most of them boast plush baths. Complementing the rooms is a charming vaulted breakfast room, a characterful library, and a stylish lounge.


Today, I fucked up... by going on a date with a recovering alcoholic

This FU happened a few days ago, but just now I learned to accept the shame.

I met a girl on POF and after a few days we agreed to go on a date. We are both locals who live in Las Vegas. I invited her to go out for dinner and a walk through the gardens at Bellagio.

Day of the date arrives I get dressed up, pick up the girl. As on most 1st dates there was a bit of jitters. Get to the casino as leave the truck. I thought I would take her to “The Paris Hotel & Casino” for dinner as we would have to walk by the fountains. (READ: thought it may set the mood)

Get to the place where we have dinner. This is moment I started to fuck things up.

I ordered for both us a bottle of wine. We take it slow and are finally hitting things off by the end of dinner things are going great. Leave there and while walking back across the street to the Bellagio the girl spots one of the tourist bars.

At these tourist bars they sell these souvenir plastic bottles that look like the eiffel tower. In these bottles they add a slushie and the alcohol of your choosing. Well the bartender asks if we are tourist and we respond we are not. The girl states that we’re on a date. The bartender then gives me a wink while shes not looking. this guy added about ½ a bottle of vodka to this thing. Then fills up the rest with slushie.

We sit down at a table just talking. Clue one She says one charm on her bracelet is to remind her not to forget. Being stupid I don’t follow up on it. 15-20 minutes later I see shes half way down the drink. I figured her for a party girl so I thought she could handle it. 10 minutes later the eiffel tower is empty. Now in my head I’m thinking I should take her home as this was not my style.

We cross the street and shes tipsy. Not bad shes holding on to me so I kinda like it. Just then the water show starts. We stop and this 8-10 minute fountain show is what fucked me over. This gave the alcohol in her system more time to screw her up.

The show stops and now shes losing her balance a little bit more. Im doing a more lifting and trying to get her home ASAP. We walk to the casino and we have to take an escalator which will take us to the shoppes, through the gambling area which leads to the elevators which finally reach the parking garage.

Mission begins NOW!

So we get to the escalators and start going up. I am one step behind holding all her weight at this time. People are staring and I’m just like she’s had a rough night ect. Now I have no idea why but she moved to the other side of the escalator. While in motion she lost her balance and tumbled down the escalator. Every time she would try to get up she rolled a few more steps. Now other people on the escalator are trying to stop her from rolling back to the bottom. Im climbing down the escalator to get to her. At the top of the escalator someone hits the emergency stop button and I lose me balance. I almost fall but I grab on to the railing and save myself. I help the girl up and shes laughing. I ask if she needs a dr or wants to go to the hospital. She refuses and at this point I’m bright red. Everyone is starring at us. We reach the top and we continue walking.

Mission FAIL NOW

No even 4-5 steps from leaving getting off the escalators she tips over and hits the marble flooring. She’s not getting up and now hotel employees are coming by. 1 minute later security shows up and asks her not to move. Now there’s a crowd watching and Im just standing there. Paramedics show up and put her on the gurney and I tag along. In the ambulance going over routine questions I mention she has been drinking quite a bit.

This is when the Paramedic looks at me…he grabs her hand shows me this charm, and says, “ Well I wonder how long she was sober ;this is a sobriety charm they give at some AA’s”

I leave UMC catch a cab pick up my truck and head home.

TL ;DR go on date give alcohol to girl who is in recovering and i got to ride in an ambulance

Update: After work I managed to work up enough courage to give her a call. We spoke for a while where she explained her condition and that she knew she messed up at dinner when we drank the bottle of wine. I explained how the bartender gave me a wink while he poured the bottle. She then admitted she asked the bartender for a double while I was pulling my wallet to get my CC. * Not sure if this clears me but maybe this wink was like acknowledgement that he hooked us up?

She didn’t remember falling down nor the ambulance ride. I said sorry for leaving at her at the hospital. She agreed that was kinda fucked up lol. But she says we have one hell of a story for a 1st date and said we should go out again minus the alcohol.

by IamBanditRacoon