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Good morning❤️

I haven’t even left for Cuba and look where my mind is☝🏼️It’s not my fault! Relative to France, there are very few photos of Cuba floating around– I plan to change that. Many, many photos will be taken.

I probably won’t be able to update here much in the next two weeks. Please forgive me🙏🏼 American phones don’t work there and wifi/Internet cafes (as I’ve been told) are scarce. I’ll do my best.

I’ll miss you!

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Good morning!

Thinking about joyful moments (the carousel at Eiffel Tower in June) and a bit of advice I was just given…

“You can’t hang on to two vibrations at once. Choose to make your vibration a positive one and you will get what you desire.”

Keeping that thought in mind on this beautiful day❤️

Happy Thursday, friends!


Day 11 - Wide legged handstand

My intention is to go with the flow, to live in the moment. I could have taken this picture another time with more time to prepare, better alignment in my hips and feet, but instead I chose to capture a great moment from our day in Paris last week :)

I had feelings for you all along

Harry: You had been friends with Louis Tomlinson for as long as your could remember. You grew up just down the street from him. When you were younger you used to play football together. Your parents were close friends as well. You were there when all of his sisters were born, you were the first person he told that he wanted to audition for the X Factor, you were there at the audition when he got through the first round. You where one of the first people he called when he didn’t get through and then again when he found out that he was put into a group. That was an emotional day to say the least. So it wasn’t surprising when you were one of the first people that he introduced the boys to. You were one of the most important people in his life.

Since you were so close to Louis it didn’t take long for the boys to to get close to you as well. After Louis moved to London is wasn’t long before you followed. You had found your own place closer to school, but you knew that you couldn’t be too far from the five boys that meant so much to you. They were your second family. You knew almost everything about them and you took care of them when they couldn’t do things for themselves. Louis would make sure to come over every Sunday and spend it with you. Soon he starting bring one or two of the boys. Then all fiver where there. It was now a weekly tradition for them all to come over and have a good home cooked meal.

As time went on the other four boys would pop in every now and again on their own with out Louis. They accepted you as one of there own and they knew that your place was a safe haven where there was always food in the fridge and a person to talk to. You had always been told that you were easy to talk to and you had found that the most random people would come to you for advice. You loved to listen and tried your best to help them in any way your could.

You started to notice that Harry was coming over more and more often. The two of you started to spend more time together then you and Louis, who had started dating Eleanor. It was nice to have another person to get close to when your normal guy was not as available. The two of you would talk, or eat, of just sit and watch a movie.  You were coming more and more comfortable with each other. All the guys had key to your place but Harry used his most often. There were times that you would come home and find him sitting on your couch.

“What ya doing Haz?” you asked as you walked in the door dropping your bag on the hall table.

“Oh hey (Y/N). I just stopped by to hang out with you but you weren’t here so I just decided to wait. I got this awesome movie that I thought you would like so I brought it over so we could watch it together.” he smiled.

“Sounds good. Put it in. I’m just going to change and grab some snacks and I’ll be out in a minute.” You headed to your room and changed into a pari of yoga pants and a large jumper. You walked passed Harry on your way to the kitchen. He was sprawled across the couch the whole couch. Taking up as much room as possible. Not that, that was hard with his tall lanky frame. He had the remote in his hand was jumping threw the ads of the movie. You smiled to yourself as you headed to the kitchen. You liked this feeling of someone being here when you came home and you like that it was Harry. In the kitchen you made some popcorn. Grabbed some biscuits, fruit, and anything else handy. You had the munchies and your stomach was hungry.

You headed back into the main room with your arms full of food. When Harry saw you with your arms full he jumped up and helped. The two of your spread everything out on the small table in front of you. When everything was set up Harry started the movie. The two of you fell back on the couch getting comfortable. Harry had his arm around your shoulders on the back of the couch. His legs were spread over you as you tucked yours underneath you. As the movie played on and the two of you munched you found yourself being pulled into Harry more and more. Each of you would move a little by little getting closer and closer.

The two of you always had a flirty attitude toward each other, and you would be blind to think that Harry wasn’t attractive. The things was that neither of had really made a real move towards the other. This was the first real time that things were making a forward progression. With all the little movements you found yourself leaning into Harry’s chest with his arm wrapped tightly around you. You had moved your legs to the side and tangled them up with his. It was such a nice feeling to finally have some who cared for you so much hold you like this. With the long day that you had and with how comfortable and happy you were you ended up falling asleep. Not just falling asleep but falling asleep hard that you didn’t even realize when Harry took you into your room and tucked you in. He laid a light kiss on your temple and then snuck out.

The next morning you stretched out and yawn as the sun poured in through the windows. You didn’t remember how you even made it to your bed. You looked over at the clock and saw that you were already late. You had a class at 9:15 and it was already 8:45 and it was going to take you at least thirty minutes to get down to campus. You jumped out of bed and threw on what every clothes you could find. You ran a brush through your hair and your teeth. You grabbed you bag and keys and ran out to the car. You were doing you best to weave through traffic to get to class on time. You were so concerned about other things that you didn’t notice when you flew past a traffic cop. This just lead to your day getting even better after you got a ticket causing you to be even latter to class. When you finally walked into the classroom every one was gone. You had no idea what was going on when you walked back out of the room you saw a sign on the door that said class was cancelled. You let out a loud sigh as you headed to the library. You decided to spend the time working on a paper due next week. You took a few deep breathes to try and relax after the morning you had.

You turned on your laptop and pulled up your email. You finally saw the email from your professor telling you that class was cancelled. You also had another email from a different professor asking you where your pre-draft was. You had completely forgotten that you were supposed to send him a copy to make sure that everything was on track. It was worth 10% of your grade. You freaked out and sent him a copy back. It wasn’t anywhere near where you wanted it to be but you sent it in anyways. You were lucky that he was still willing to accept it even though it had been late. You couldn’t take it anymore. You were already done with this day. All you wanted to do was talk with Louis. You sent him a text letting him know you were on your way over, but didn’t wait for a reply.

When you got to your car you found that some one had scratched one whole side. You shouldn’t of been surprised with the way this day was going. You threw your things in the car and drove over to Louis and Harry’s. You pulled into a parking spot and marched your way up to their apartment. You knocked on the door and leaded your head on it. You heard footsteps on the other side and pulled back.

When the door opened your saw the handsome man from last night. “Hey Haz.” you pouted. “Is Louis here?” you asked as you walked in pushing past him. You were so dejected that you just collapsed on the couch.

“No he’s not. What’s going on love?” he asked as he came over to you.

“I’ve had the worst day ever.  I woke up late because I didn’t set an alarm, I got a ticket because I was trying to make it to class on time. When I got there the class was cancelled so I didn’t need to even rush, then I went to the library and found out that I had missed an important assignment. Then someone scratched my car and now Louis isn’t here when I need to talk to him.” you started to cry.

He pulled you into his arms as he tried to comfort you. “I’m so sorry babe. It’s my fault. I was the one that put you to bed last night. I should have woken you up. You just looked so beautiful sleeping so peacefully on me that I just couldn’t bring myself to wake you up.” he mutter against the crown of your head. His lips brushed the top of your head as you continued to cry softly trying to control yourself.

You pulled back looking him in the eye. “Oh Harry it’s not your fault. I should have set it before I got comfortable and watching the movie. It’s just been such a bad day I just can’t handle it any more.” you pouted.  You took a deep breath and let it out through your stressed lips.

“Well let me help you make it better.” He offered. He placed his hands on your shoulders and started to rub trying to release the stress. You leaned into his hands loving the way it felt. You left him run all the stresses away of the horrible day. When pulled away you turned around and thanked him. He was watching you with a serious look on his face.

“Harry you okay?” you asked a little concerned.

“(Y/N) there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” he stumbled as his looks softened into admiration. “I loved last night. Being able to hold you in my arms made me feel so complete. It felt as though I had the whole world in my arms.” He paused taking a breath dropping his eyes. You leaned in closer to him trying to catch his with yours again.

“Haz what are you trying to say?” He looked in your eyes and scooted closer to you.

“Well what I’m trying to tell you is…” it was then that he closed the gap between the two of you. He kissed you softly and you felt so many emotions in this one kiss. He pulled back and tried to read your face. It was everything that you could have asked for in a kiss.

“Harry” you whispered

“(Y/N)?” he asked. You kissed him again wanting more of that amazing feeling. The both of you had been holding so much back that this kiss finally broke damn. All your emotions were released. The too of you made out on the couch finding your groove between the two of you. You finally took a moment to catch your breath.

Harry lightly traced his fingers over your face. “So what does this mean?” you asked him.

“I think this means were a couple, if you’ll have me?”

“That sounds amazing.” you agreed leaning up and giving him a light kiss. At that moment is when Louis chose to walk through the door.

“What is this?” he asked taking in the image of the two of you intertwined.

“This is start of a new relationship.” you smiled at him before kissing Harry again. You didn’t care that Louis stood there and watched.

“Well good. It took you two long enough.” he huffed as he headed towards the kitchen. You just laughed at him and continued what you and Harry had already started.

Zayn: “So what do you think? Just me and you at the British Museum. Well stroll around. See which ones we like and make fun of the one we don’t understand” Liam asked you over the phone.

“Wait when do you want to do this again? Saturday?”

“Yeah. How about around like 2?”

“Yeah sound good. It will be nice to have some time with you. I feel like we’ve both been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to see you in forever.”

“I know babe. It will be a good day. I have to go though so I will text you more details later. Love you.” You hung up the phone looking at Liam picture on the screen. You loved that kid like a brother. He was one of the most important people in your life. You have been friends since school days. Andy had introduced you two and you hit it off right away.

It was like having two older brothers with those two. They were always looking out for you and doing their best to make sure that you were taken care of. When Liam was suddenly shot into stardom with One direction you had a bit of a hard time with it. He wasn’t around anymore and you missed him a lot. Andy was there most of the time but as you all got older you got busier as well. The three of you were talking one night and you voiced your worries about how you were falling apart and how much it scared you because you didn’t want to loose these boys. That was the night that Liam decided that you needed to come on tour. Things weren’t going to be slowing down anytime soon for him, so the two of you needed to come along as well so that you could catch up.

It was a blast. You spent about three weeks with him and the boys on the road. You got really close to pretty much everyone. Since you were together pretty much all day everyday it would have been hard not to. These four boys that made up the rest of the group were special. You felt okay with Liam being apart of them. You knew that they took good care of each other.

While on the road you got closer to one person more than the others. That person was Zayn. You and him had quiet a few things in common. You like to read, you liked art, you liked each other but neither of you knew. The more time you spent with him the more you came to like him. You would find out the smallest of details that would make him that much more attractive. Like the way he drank his coffee, or how he held a book. It was easy to hide your effectuation from everyone except one person. The person was Liam.

“(Y/N).. you okay there because you are beginning to drool.” Liam had caught you watching Zayn over your book from across the room. You pulled your self back to reality embarrassed on being caught. You pulled the book in front of your face trying to hide from him. He laughed at you and your redding cheeks.

Later that night you pulled Liam aside. “Okay so I know that you know what’s going on, but please don’t say anything.” you begged him.  

“I won’t say anything” he smiled. “You need to be careful with him though. He’s a complicated one Zayn. I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

You just shook your head at him. “Li you don’t have to worry. I’m not going to make a move with him. It know that it would probably end up with rejection so I will just keep playing it cool.” you tried to play it off.

Liam gave you an apologetic look, sad that this was one thing that he couldn’t take care of for you. He pulled you into a hug while he rubbed your back. That was when Zayn looked up and gave you a weird look. You just smiled at him, but he thought there was something going on with you and Liam.

A couple weeks after you went home Liam and the rest of the boys finally made it home as well. Liam had called you to say that he wanted to get together with you since he had been away hence the invite to the museum. You were still in touch with Zayn but the flirting between the two of you had dropped drastically since the day Liam found out about your crush. You weren’t sure what had happened but you just tried to keep the worries at bay.

“Tomorrow I’ll meet you inside at that statute that’s right under the dome when you walk in.” Liam had texted the day before. You were standing where you had discussed waiting for Liam to show. He was almost ten minutes late and this wasn’t like him at all. You were walking in a circle trying to catch a glimpse of your dear friend when you heard your name being called.

“(Y/N), is that you?” you heard Zayn‘s voice call out.

“Zayn? What are you doing here?” you asked as you pulled him into a hug.

“Well Liam asked me if I wanted to check out a new exhibit with him but he actually just bailed on me.” he shrugged.

“Hmm interesting, because I was supposed to meet Liam as well, but I haven’t heard from him.” As you were speaking your phone buzzed. “This is probably him now” you laughed softly.

Hey love. Sorry I couldn’t make it, but I though if I sent a nice replacement you would forgive me. Make the most of this moment, and maybe make that move that you told me wouldn’t. ;0)”

Well it looks like he bailed on me also. So what was that exhibit you wanted to check out. I’m not Liam but maybe I can be as good of company.” you shrugged.

Zayn smiled at you. “You’re right, your not Liam. You much prettier then Liam, and I am sure better company. Come on it’s this way.”

You smiled from ear to ear from the compliment. It was the first time he had made an attempt at flirting with you in a long time. It was a comforting feeling. You followed Zayn down one of the wings of the gorgeous museum. He was telling you about how they had  opened an exhibit of street art. It was a selection of photos of pieces found through out the world.

As you walked through the rooms taking in each of the different photos you fell in love with each one more then the last. It was amazing to you how these beautiful pieces of art where out there in the world but most people were just walking past them with out even a second glance.

You stopped in front of one in particular that had caught your eye from across the room. It was a beautiful rendition of a young women face. She had her eyes closed and face down. It was a such a peaceful look on her face as a tear fell down her cheek, but there was chaos of colors around her face. You couldn’t stop looking at it. You felt as though the more your looked you kept seeing something new.

“I’ve seen this one.” Zayn’s voice quietly came over your shoulder. You could feel him standing close to you, but you didn’t turn your head.

“It’s amazing.” you whispered. “That someone could capture so much emotion on a wall with spray paint. I mean they aren’t using brushes like other artist they have a harder time controlling the paint but it’s amazing.” Zayn shook his head beside you. He lifted his hand and placed it softly on your shoulder. With that little gestured you turned you head and took in the profile of the beautiful man beside you. He lead you to the next photo. The two of you walked like this for awhile. Your feet were tired so you took a seat on a bench that was in front of another photo. He had dropped his arm from your shoulders and you felt cold from it’s absence.

When he sat down next to you he placed his hands on either side of him holding the edge of the bench. You took a moment of bravery and placed your hand on top of his. He didn’t pull away so you felt relived. He actually spread his fingers so that yours fell in between his. You both just sat there in silence until Zayn finally spoke.

“What’s going on with you and Liam?” The question caught you off guard.

“What do you mean?” you were confused and not sure how to respond.

“I mean are you two dating or something?”

“What?! No not at all. Liam is like a brother. We’ve been friends too long and I know too many gross details about him to make that possible. I mean I love Liam and would do anything for him, but we would never date each other.” you turned and looked at him with concern in your eyes. “What makes you ask Zayn?”

“Well a couple weeks ago when we were all on tour I saw him hugging you and holding you it made it seem as though there was something going on. I didn’t want to interfere with anything between the two of you so I kind of pulled back a bit” he shrugged.

“Oh Zayn. I’m sorry. He was comforting me. He had found out about my crush on you and I had told him that I wasn’t going to make a move because I didn’t want to get hurt. He was comforting me. He felt bad that he couldn’t do anything because I made him promise not to.”

“Really? You were telling him about a crush on me?” He acted surprised.

“Yeah. I mean we had gotten so close and then we were flirting pretty heavily too, it was hard not to fall for you.”

“Oh (Y/N) I had feelings for you too. I’m sorry I pulled away when I though you were with Liam. I should have came and talked to you before instead of just assuming. I’m sorry that I wasted so much time I should have done this sooner.”

“Done what sooner?” you barely asked before his lips were on yours. He brought his   hand to the side of your face and held you gently. It was such a sweet and perfect kiss. He pulled away and rested he forehead on yours.

“Man was I missing out.” he breathed out. You just giggled lightly as the smile spread across your lips. He leaned in and kissed you again. This time it had more fire behind it. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. His hands were on your back trying to find a place to hold tight.

When you finally pulled apart he just looked you in the eyes with such passion that it seemed as though he could start a fire. “Let’s get out of here.” his voice rumbled.

You just nodded you head in agreement. He took you hand and lead you out of the museum and head some place more private. You were glad that you were finally together with Zayn and you had to remember to tell Liam for finally making it possible.

Liam:  You dragged the roller of paint over the wall. You had been wanting to change the color of your bedroom for a long time now. Niall had told you that he would come over and help you but so far he was a no show. He was always late. He had been that way since the two of you were young. You had gotten used to telling him things started fifteen to thirty minuets earlier then what they really did so that he would show up on time. You didn’t really have a time frame on this project so it wasn’t that big of deal. You had started with out him just like you knew you would.

You did your best to try and move things to the center of the room but the bed was one thing that was not going to be moving. You did your best to lay down plastic over everything incase you dripped anything. The paint was poured in a try and the reddish mauve color looked a little intimidating, but you new with the gold accents that you were going to use it was going to look good. You started on the smallest wall doing your best to spread the color evenly. You had just finished the first coat when you heard your front door open and male voices flow down the hall way. You set the roller down and headed out.

“Hey (Y/N)” Niall smiled as he pulled you into a hug. When he pulled back he looked you up and down. “Eh looks like you already started.”

“Yeah. You’re right Horan, because you are almost forty-five minutes late.” you exclaimed.

He laughed softly at his worse flaw. “I know but I brought reinforcements to make up for it.” he gestured at Liam. That was the first time you noticed the other boy behind him. You smiled at him wishing you didn’t look like such a mess. You had always had a thing for Liam and Niall knew it. The relationship between the two of you was always flirty, but you never knew what he was thinking about it. It was crazy that he could look so good in a pair of short sweats and a ratty t-shirt to paint in.

“Hey (Y/N). You needed some help with some redecorating.” he asked with his bright smile.

“I do and I appreciate you guys coming. With three of us hopefully this will go faster. I’m painting my bedroom so come on. I hope you’re ready.” you lead the two boys back down the hall. You showed them where you had started. They jumped right to work. They were able to move the rest of the furniture that you couldn’t do on your own. You had purchased a good amount of rollers because you were going to use two colors. You got the whole room done with a first coat pretty quickly. You took a quick break to let it dry for a bit before you did the second coat.

The three of you sat and enjoyed each other just talking about what ever came to your mind. When you got back to work things started to get a little more playful. You had almost finished the second coat when you felt drips of paint fall on your face.

“UUHHH, I can’t believe you.” you screamed at Liam. He looked at you completely shocked.

“It was an accident. I promise I did not do it on purpose.” he held his hands up in innocence.

“Oh your gonna think accident.” you replied when you flung a thing of paint right at his face.

“Oh it’s on. You started a war.” he told you as he took his roller and painted your whole right side. Niall also got in on the war getting your whole left side. You sat there with your mouth open. You started throwing paint in both direction trying to get paint on either of the boys. You ran in circles doing your best not to get trapped. When you were trying to cover Liam’s hair with paint you felt a hand come from behind covering your face in paint. You filled your hands with paint before turning around and shoving it back in Niall’s face and down his neck. That was when Liam grabbed you from behind covering your stomach in paint. He pulled you to the floor and the two of your wrestled trying to get the other with paint. The war didn’t last much longer because the three of you were pretty much covered in paint from head to toe.

All you could do was sit and laugh. It had been a blast. You didn’t think you could of had more fun painting your room.

“That was amazing. It is going to take forever for me to get all this paint of my hair.” you huffed trying to catch your breath.

“I think I have paint in places that I never knew you could get paint. My ears are full of it. So gross.” Liam complained from the ground next to you. You just laughed as you patted his shoulder.

“Well (Y/N) what do you think of your room?” Niall asked looking around.

“I think it looks pretty good. We’re just lucky that our mess didn’t mess anything up on the walls. I think that when I get everything set back up and the new bedding in it will look amazing. Thank you guys for coming and helping me. I couldn’t have done it with out you.”

“Anytime.” Niall nodded.

“Glad we could help” Liam added.

“I want to pay you guys back for helping me. Let me take you to dinner.” you offered.

“No, you don’t need to do that.” Liam offered.

“I know I don’t need to, but I want to. So what do you say. We all go and get cleaned up and meet back here in like an hour and a half?”

“Sound good.” Niall shrugged.

“I’m in.” Liam smiled. You cleaned up the mess in the room to the best that you could then the boys headed out. You jumped in the shower and scrubbed all the paint away. You had to wash your hair almost three times to get all the paint out. You water ran reddish pink for quiet a while before it ran clear. You enjoyed the rest of the shower after the paint was gone. Stepping out into the steaming bathroom with a towel wrapped around you was refreshing. You made you way to the closet to pick out what to wear. You wanted something amazing to help Liam forget how bad you looked earlier that day.

When you finally picked out an adorable summer dress with a light sweater you headed back into the bathroom to dry your hair. When you hair dry and make-up done you slipped into the dress. You curled your hair and sprayed it softly so that the curls fell perfectly around your face. With the light natural make-up you wore you felt feminine and flirty. You were spraying your signature scent on when you heard a knock at your door. They were right on time so you knew that it wasn’t Niall.

When you opened the door you found Liam standing there by himself. He looked so handsome in a pair of black jeans and a blue and beige shirt. He was simple gorgeous and you felt your knees start to weaken. He smiled as he took in your whole look.

“You look amazing.” he commented as he grabbed your hands and kissed your cheek. “Niall backed out on us. Said something about a date that he forgot about.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. That boy would forget his head if it wasn’t connected.” you just laughed. “It will be a nice dinner with the just the two of us then. Let me just grab my bag.”

Dinner ended up being better then you could have imagined. You and Liam found out new things about each other. He was being really sweet and romantic the whole night. With Niall backing out it was almost as if tonight had turned into a date.

You were enjoying dessert when Liam finally made a move. He held your hand on top of the table and rubbed his thumb over the back of your hand. “I’m really glad that Niall didn’t come tonight. I’ve really wanted to take you out for awhile now but I just didn’t have the guts to ask.” You blushed as Liam’s words not able to contain your smile.

You finally got the nerve to reply “I’ve been wanting you to ask me out for awhile. I mean I know that we flirt a lot but I wasn’t sure if it was just in fun or more.” Liam’s smiled matched yours and he squeezed your hand in return. The two of you enjoyed the rest of your dessert talking about the feelings you had been hiding for too long.

When the bill came you tried to pay but Liam would not allow it. “Liam I told you that I was going to buy your dinner tonight to pay you back for all you did today.” you pouted a bit.

“Yeah I know but do you think that I’m gonna let my girl pay for our first date I don’t think so.” You let him win this time

“Fine only because you sweet talked me into it this time, but you are going to have to let me pay you back sometime.”

“Don’t worry I’m sure we can come up with some.” he winked at you. He was such a gentlemen the rest of the night. Helping you up out of your seat when you left. Holding your hand leading you out to the car and opening your door. When he got back in the car his hand quickly found yours again. When the two of you made it back to your place he walked you to your door.

“This was a lot of fun. I’m glad that we finally got time to do this.”

“Me too Liam.” you smiled as you leaned in and gave him a hug. When you pulled back Liam didn’t let go. He looked into your eyes as if he could see into your soul. He leaned in closely eyes locked on his destination. His lips connected with yours as he pulled you in close. You deepened the kiss as your wrapped your hands around his neck. The two of you enjoyed the moment awhile longer until you started to shiver. Liam finally pulled back and your lips felt lonely.

“You should probably get inside it’s getting cold out here.”

“Yeah but you can keep me warm.” you tried seductively. He leaned in and gave you another quick kiss.

“That sounds like fun but I know we both have an early morning tomorrow, but I will call you and we’ll get together. I promise.”

“Okay as long as your promise.” He gave you a kiss on your cheek and one last hug before he headed back to the car. You leaded on the door watching Liam walk away to the car. You waved to him one more time before heading inside and Liam pulling away. It was such an amazing night. You now had a new boyfriend and you knew that you would have more amazing nights like this.

Louis: You had always been close to Zayn. Your families had been close friends since before you were born. It was as if you were raised together. When your mom passed away when you were ten Zayn was the person you turned to. He was there to help your through it all and his mom, Trisha, became a surrogate mother for you. She was always there for you when you needed a mother figure. She was the one that helped you buy your first bra. She helped working things out when you got your period. She treated you as if you were just another daughter.

So when Zayn made it big it wasn’t a surprise that you were there for almost every step of the way. You were always there to support him with banners and cheers. He introduced you to the boys not long after they got together. They knew how important you were to him and him important he was to you. It was as if you two were a packaged deal.

As you all grew older and the boys grew more popular you saw less and less of them. You were just as busy with finishing school and getting ready to head to UNI. Zayn was feeling the pull between the two of you just as much you were.

“I think that you need to take a break before you go to UNI” Zayn told you over Skype one night.

“What do you mean take a break? If I take a break then I’m going to miss the first semester and then everything will be thrown off.”

“(Y/N) I think you’ve been working to hard lately, and with both of being so busy we haven’t had time for each other. I’m worried about you.”

“Well what do you think I should do with this break of mine?” you asked with a bit of sass.

“I think you should come on tour with me. Mom is bringing the girls over to see a show in Florida and I think you should come with them and stay with me when they leave.” Zayn stated everything so mater of factly that you knew he had this all planned out and no matter what excuse you tried to come up with he wasn’t going to let you out of this so you gave in.

Being on tour had actually been a lot more beneficial then you expected. You had come to realize that you had lost your self a bit in school. You were always trying to meet other peoples expectation that you didn’t even know what made you happy anymore. Now that you didn’t have to really worry about that you could concentrate more on yourself.

Zayn was still always busy on tour, but he always made sure that you were taking care of. That was how you started getting closer with each of the boys as well. You always found yourself talking with one person or another. You really started looking into what you wanted to do with your future and they were doing their best to help you. Louis had actually taken a special interest in helping you. He would help you make different list about ideas you had, or would try and help you experience what a certain idea would be like.

You had though about being a photographer at one point, so Louis had set up a photo shoot for you to try out your skills. He was the main focus of the shoot of course but you pulled in the other boys as well. It was certainly a blast with dressing them, and posing them, and telling them what to do, but when the pictures came out you didn’t think you had a good enough eye. The boys liked the photos but you had learned that it wasn’t for you.

“I think you should give it another shot.” Louis nudged you as you walked into the dressing room. You just shook your head at him trying to get him past this idea.

“Where have you guys been” Zayn asked when you entered the room.

“Louis was trying to convince me to try photography again so he took me to a gallery to get me inspired. It just got me depressed to see how good other people were.” you pouted.

“Hey (Y/N) do you mind giving me and Louis a minute. I need to talk with him for a second.” Zayn asked with a bit of harshness in his tone.

“Sure?” you replied, but you knew there was something weird going on, because Zayn always told you everything so for him ask you to leave when he needed to talk to someone was unusual. You slipped out of the room but tried to listen in on the conversation. You could hear a muffled conversation go on and you heard your name.

“Louis, what are you trying to do with her?” Zayn asked the other boy.

“What do you mean Zayn? I’m just trying to show her a good time.”

“I think there is something more to it. You seem to seek her out all the time. Doing special things for her. Trying to help her find an interest. Louis do you have feelings for (Y/N) because you know how I feel about that.” Your eyebrows had shot to the top of your forehead when you heard this. Louis didn’t have feelings for you. He was just being nice, and you two were just having fun.

“Well…. I mean I don’t think…Zayn….man…yeah I think I do” Louis finally confessed. You gasped. This boy that had come to mean so much to you had feelings for you. How did you feel about this. You hadn’t really though about it, but you knew that you loved spending time with him. It was your favorite time of day when he would come and seek you out. You did find your eyes drifting off to him when ever you were in a group. He always made you laugh when you were feeling down. You had feelings for Louis and you didn’t even realize that they had snuck up on you.

“AAHHH… Lou” Zayn sighed. “You know how protective I am of her. I don’t know if I could let this happen.”

“Zayn come on. She’s her own women. You don’t even know how she feels so don’t go getting all dramatic yet.” Louis brushed his worries off. You heard him standing up and walking. You tried to get away to make it seem like you weren’t listening but Louis stepped out of the room before you had a chance.

“(Y/N)? Were you listening?” Louis accused. You knew that you had been caught and all you could do was nod your head. “Oookay, well then” Louis dragged out. You saw how uncomfortable he was getting with knowing that you just head him confess that he liked you. You took a risk. You grabbed his face and placed a kiss on his lips. You pulled back and searched his face for a reaction. He was frozen for a moment before he leaned back in a kissed you deeper. His tongue pleaded for entrance and you obliged sinking deeper into the kiss. The only things you could think of was how it felt to be kissed by him everything else was lost to world.

Zayn opened the door to try and find your. “(Y/N)” he stumbled before smacking right into the Louis and you. “Well I see we have out answer Louis.” Louis just blushed not being able to sat anything so you took the lead.

“Zayn I know you concerns and I just want you to know that I kissed him first. I don’t want you to know that I love how you take care of me but I want this even though I just came to my senses.” Louis smiled at this and squeezed his hands that laid on your sides in reassurance that he was right there with you.

“Yeah I guess.” he sighed “If it has to be anyone Lou’s as good as it gets.” he gave in.

“Thank you Zayn.” you broke from Louis and hugged Zayn and kissed his cheek.

“Yeah yeah. Just know Tommo you better take the best care of her because I am watching you. She is one of the most important things and you need to treat her that way.” Zayn pointed at him before walking away.

“You won’t have to worry about me” Louis yelled at his retreating form before pulling you back in his arms and kissing you again.

Niall: Harry and you had always had a special relationship. Most people didn’t understand how close the two of you were, and they often misconstrued it into being more sexual then it really was. You two were each others rocks. It was a safe place to land when the world got hard and you knew that you never had to pretend to be something you weren’t with each other.

That was why you always made sure to take a day each month for each other where you just spent time with each other. When he would go on tour it made things more difficult. You days would consist of something like watching the same movie in different places and then talking forever on the phone or over Skype.

Other people, especially the other boys, often tried to hound in on your day. You were good at keeping it just between the two of you. It was a chance to shake off the bothers of the world and just be you with no worries. This month you were heading over to Harry’s. The two of you had plans to spend the day making Christmas cookies. It was nice to work on it because you knew that it could be an all day activity and that is what you had.

“It was hard (Y/N). A real low blow I felt like. I mean I thought these people really liked me for me but then they turn around and do that. I just couldn’t believe that someone would be so conniving to use some one like they did. They were so convincing but then they just stabbed me in the back. It makes it hard to trust anyone.” Harry complained over the new drama that was going on in his life.

“I’m sorry H. I know how much you enjoyed their company. I remember you telling me about them after that first night you guys hung out. I’m sorry, but you know you always have me.” you tried to cheer him up.

“Yeah your right and I’m lucky to. I know that I you will always be there for me as Harry Edward the goofy kid from Holms Chapel. Not Harry Styles of One Direction.”

“Right. I mean that Harry kid from that band he is a bit too much, but my H now that is a good guy.” you laughed. Harry hit you in the arm as you mixed the sugar cookie dough. You balled it up and placed it in the fridge to cool. Harry and you made tea and sat in the living room while you waited. The rest of the day was a lot more cheerful once Harry was able to let go of the stress he was holding on to. You finished decorating the cookies later that night. When the last cookie was done you heard a knock on the door.

“Who could that be? Doesn’t every one know it’s A H & (Y/I) day?” you asked as Harry headed toward the door. When he opened the door Niall was standing on the other side.

“Hey Nialler. What’s going on?” He asked as Niall took a step inside.

“Hey Harry. I was bored so I though I stop by and see what you were up to. Oh hey (Y/N).” Niall mentioned as he saw you coming down the hall.

“Hey Nailler.” you replied some what confused as to why he was hear when he pulled you into a hug.

“Niall you knew that it was (Y/N) and my day and that it’s just us on these days.” Harry stated examining his blond friend.

“Oh was that today. I’m sorry what were you guys up to?”

“Well we just finished decorating some cookies. Would you like one?” you asked with the manners your mother had pounded into you showing. You saw Harry give you a look saying what are you thinking.

“Yeah, that sounds good. Thanks.” You lead Niall down the hall and into the kitchen. You offered him a plate of the more messy ones. He scarfed down three before speaking.

“These are awesome. You guys did a great job.”

“Thanks Ni” you smiled while Harry was getting a bit impatient.

“So Nialler was there something you needed from us or anything going on that we need to know?” Harry prodded.

“No I guess not. I just forgot it was your guys day, but I’ll let you get back to get to it. Thanks for the cookies (Y/N). I’ll see you guys later.” Niall took the rest of the plate and headed back to the front door. You followed him out and he thanked you again. You kissed each other cheeks and he headed out. Right before he got in his car he winked at you and you just smiled as you closed the door.

Harry was sitting on the couch when you came back. “So I think someone has a little crush.” he raised his eyebrows at you.

“Oh yeah, and who would that be?” you asked.

“To tell you the truth I think both of you.”

“Really, and what makes you think that.?” you asked with a bit of hesitation.

“Well first off he knew that this was our day and came over anyways. The only reason I can see why is to see you because he always sees me. Second you invited him in to come in and have cookies on our day. We never have people come in on our day.” he pointed out.

“Harry…It was the nice thing to do. We couldn’t just kick him out that would have been rude.” you tried to hide what you were really thinking that he had caught you.

“I think that is what you want to think but I think you like Niall, and I think you liked that he came over.” he pried.

“Harry…I don’t know where you getting all of this. I think you are over analyzing this.”

“I don’t think I am. I think I hit a nerve on something your not telling me, which makes me a little sad because we always tell each other everything (Y/N)” He had got you and you felt horrible about it.

“I’m sorry H. You’re right. I do have a crush on him. He’s just so quirky and he worked his way into my heart okay. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t think you would like the idea of me liking one of the other boys.”

“(Y/N) you know that I will always love you no matter what. Even if you fall for one of the boys or a goat. You know you don’t have to worry about any of that with me. I just feel bad that you kept this from me.” he stuck out his bottom lip.

“I know but this was the only thing I kept from you I promise. Now you know and we can’t get back to the way things have always been.”

“Okay good.” Harry hugged you “I think you should make a move though.”

“What?” you asked pulling back from him.

“Yeah. I mean I know now how you feel about him, and I can tell he has some feelings for you. So I think we end our day here and you take another plate of cookies over to his place.”

“You really think so.” you asked unsure of everything.

“Yes now, get up and go.” You laughed as you stood and gathered your things. You grabbed a nicer plate of cookies gave Harry a kiss goodbye and headed over to Niall’s.

You knocked on his door hoping that he was home. You heard feet shuffling to the door so you knew he was there and the butterflies went crazy in your stomach. You were so nervous because you were still so unsure about what you were about to do.

“Hey (Y/N). What are you doing here. I thought you and Harry were having a day?” He asked when he opened the door.

“We were but we ended early and I thought I would drop off some more cookies for you.” you lifted the plate you were holding.

“Thanks. You want to come in?” he asked as he took the plate from your hands.

“Yeah I would love to thanks.” You stepped inside and took off your jacket and placed your purse on a side table and followed Niall into the kitchen where he put down the cookies.

“Can I make you some tea or something?”

“Yeah that would be nice” you nodded. Niall started shuffling about starting to heat the water and getting out the mugs. “So Harry and I were talking and he had an interesting theory.”

“Oh yeah? What about?”

“Well about you and me really? He thinks that we have crushes on each other.” you muttered out hoping that he didn’t really hear you but you were unlucky.

“Does he now? Any would you say that he is correct?”

“Well I only know one side of the story, and from my side his theory has some value.”

“Hhhmm that’s interesting.” Niall observed. “Well from this side I would say that he doesn’t have value.”

“Oh” you whispered disappointed. You dropped your head embarrassed that you just revealed your feelings and he didn’t feel the same, and he was so nonchalant about it. He placed his hands under your chin and raised your head. He had a smile on his face that nearly broke your heart. How could he look at you like this when he was hurting you  so much.

“Are you going to ask me why?” he nudged you.

“Why Niall?”

“His theory doesn’t have value because I have way more then a crush on you. I would say, embarrassingly that it leans more towards an infatuation.” He looked you in the eye and you smiled. He was able to heal you in those simple words. You didn’t know what to say but you didn’t have to say anything because that was when he leaned in a kissed you. It was the sweetest kiss you had every experienced. When he pulled back he gave you a quizzical look. “Was that okay?” he asked.

You just smiled at him. “That was way more then okay.” You leaned in and kissed him again. This time you stood up and he wrapped his arms around you waist and you wrapped yours around his neck. The two of you got lost in each other. Not coming up for air until you head the water start to whistle. You had forgotten what he had been doing so it caught you off guard and made you jump.

Niall just laughed as he went and pulled the kettle off and then came right back to you and got back to what he was doing. “I’ve waited to long for this to stop for tea if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all” you giggled back at him. The rest of the evening was full of kisses and laughing. You were finally happy to be with the one that you had, had feelings for, for so long. It was a nice release no longer hide those feelings.

These were fun to write. I am wanting to write more so please leave me requests. I would be forever grateful. I mean I already am grateful that you are reading this right now so thanks for that. I would be even more grateful if you left requests or even just came by to say hi. All the Love -H MUAH