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✨☁️WIP of our new workshop in Stop Motion !☁️✨ Soon a new film ! And new gifs of our little baby TOMOO ! Can’t wait to show you this little man moving!

We’re working very hard (very very hard) with @valentinevendroux, @giannibouyeure, @antoinefrohlich, @salomehmn , and @nathanaelsonn !!! (I’m so happy to be able to work with them, a very great team !)

🇯🇵🍙stay stunned !🍙🇯🇵


What ? my demoreel ? ya ya ya ! Check my work ! I chose a relaxing music !

(I can say that this year there’s some kind of level up ? ) Level up ?? ‘o’

🦊🎉You chan check here my portfolio too, I updated it !🎉🦊

looking for an internship yeah !

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Mein erster Tag beim Pralinenworkshop von Valrhona Schokolade in Paris (Versailles) 😊
Heute haben wir bereits 24 Sorten Pralinen eingesetzt und mit tollen Produkte von Valrhona arbeiten können! Ort des Workshops ist die spezielle Valrhona Schule in Versailles 👌🏻
Freu mich schon darauf die neuen Innovationen bei uns in der Konditorei umzusetzen 👨🏼‍🍳💪🏻 Viele Grüße aus Paris 🤓
#Valrhona #Pralinen #Konfiserie #Workshops #chocolate #l'ecole Valrhona

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okay but intial reaction: when you're already freaking out about yixings mv and then HANSOL pops out of no where, how did you feel

ajfbcadvdkfv honestly i was so focused on yixing i didn’t even realize hansol was in the MV until right after a friend pointed him out. thats when i watched the MV again, saw him and nearly started to cry because if you’ve been following me long enough then you know how much i fucking adore them both and then to have both in the same video!! ever since smrookies days, when hansol put yixing as his idol i wished and wished for them to have something together, it didn’t matter what but i just wanted something and of course we got that dance practice BUT i wanted just them two and i got it!! a few seconds of my favorite dancers in video!! IM STILL SO HAPPY AND I WAS SHAKING FOR OVER AN HOUR!! I was just all over the place because my ass is on fire cuz hello its yixing and then on the other hand YOU GOT MY BOY HANSOL KILLING IT WITH THE MAN HE ADMIRES! T^T I’m so proud of both my boys, they deserve the world and i realllllyyyyyy hope xing takes hansol with him when he promotes this song ALSO I need u is a pre-release SO now i’m hoping for his title track to have hansol dancing with him too! if not thats fine!! but i just want to see more of my two favorite bb’s T^T

Aux Fourneaux!

We all know our dear Marinette ‘From-the-bread’-Cheng lives in a bakery, right?  But WHAT would you find in a french bakery, actually? What pastries, what breads? If you’ve ever wondered about that, this post is here for you.

Note that this post is not exhaustive due to the wideness of french pâtisserie, but we tried to stick to the essentials~ !

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Workshop Paris X Nairone

Les Twins in Sydney on October 31, 2013. I tried not to put the camera directly towards them… Hahah I failed miserably. This was when the workshop finished and they were giving last minute autographs and pictures. It was funny when Lau was staring at the cards with their pictures on it, he points at himself and sarcastically says “That’s not me” and makes a silly face towards me while the cameras on Larry. LOL! Marco (the guy in charge of organising the workshops around Australia) asks me if I got a picture with them and tells me I should get one. Meanwhile, Lau walks up to me as you can see at the end of the video, and starts talking to me. I ended the video like an idiot, but I got nervous! In my mind I was like, fuck! He’s looking at me, hide the video, don’t look into his eyes, you’ll die! But I couldn’t help it. I moved against the wall behind me from nervousness. He was signing pictures on the wall by leaning on it which meant that I could touch his body and face like that’s how close we were. P.s. By this point I was dead. Dead. But in all seriousness we had a really good conversation. I was really happy with that.
Enjoy lads!