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Brunch never looked so good @letricycle ✨ I’ve never liked meat and so simili-carne don’t appeal to me but these vegan hot dogs 🌭 are bomb with fried onion and guac 🥑 and so are the fresh pressed juices, sweet potato bites and cakes 👌🙌 This place, the menu, decoration, vibe and staff never disappoint ⚡️

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Hey I saw your message to Alexa about being in Paris ! I'm here too, I'm not vegan, but I'd love to know your favorite places as I try to eat as plant based as possible :)

Ahh hello lovely! We should totally meet up sometime :)

OKAY SO HERE WE GO: the best plant based in Paris

•HANK - 55 rue des Archives, Le Marais

Okay so like this place is the shit. I’m literally there almost every day, if not to eat, then to say hello to their cool staff. It’s got free wifi, great burgers, and an awesome vibe 👌🏼

•Café Ginger - I’d have to look up this address but it’s so so so close to the Bastille

This little place is so so cute, it’s green and small and their food is made in house! It’s so good and their staff is also super friendly. I really enjoyed it when I went and I made fast friends with the server, super sweet person!

•Vegan Folie’s - Place Monge

The best little vegan, organic bakery in the city! And I think the only? Correct me if I’m wrong Parisians! But seriously, their cheesecakes of the day are to die for and it’s nice to have a cruelty free taste of the “patisserie” French world 🎂

•Las Vegans - can’t remember where this one is.. But you won’t miss it! It’s up and coming and super PINK 💗

Vegan ice cream and juices and apparently lattes now that it’s cooled down?? I’ve got to go back and check that out! Anyways, they’re also super nice and accommodating because I had my girls with me and they were just pointing at everything haha. I had their pumpkin flavor in ice cream and smoothie form, to satiate my fall pumpkin needs, and it was delicious 🍂

•Places my friends have gone (without me 😡) and liked: le Potager du Marais, East Side Burger, un Monde Vegan (DYING to go to this one!!), Les Veget'Halles

Other Paris veggies, reblog this and weigh in! What are your favorites?


Good morning:)



a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.”

Hmmm… LIFE is a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something.

Sunday is a great day to take all of your regret and chuck it away. Remind yourself you’re not dead & move forward.


Tried a new vegan restaurant today ! I loved Hank Vegan Burgers and was not disappointed with Hank Vegan Pizza ! The restaurant is much bigger and very stylish with tiles and plants and wooden tables // They have a large selection of all vegan pizza and desserts so we tried slices of artichoke, Hawaiian (my favorite), truffle and antipasti, all the doughs were different and they were all delicious 10/10 ⭐️ And the cookies were super soft and gooey 🍪



“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

I’m in a very good mood this morning. I’ve just found out three of my closest friends have decided to meet me in Paris. How lovely and unexpected! I’m also looking forward to meeting my euro-racing friends💗

Happy Thursday!

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Veggie World in Paris was amazingggg! I must’ve strolled around every stand for 5 hours and ate so much and bought many goodies ☺️ I hadn’t had macaroons or strawberry cake in years and these were incredible from @gentlegourmet ! @officialveggieworld