paris vegan

Brunch never looked so good @letricycle ✨ I’ve never liked meat and so simili-carne don’t appeal to me but these vegan hot dogs 🌭 are bomb with fried onion and guac 🥑 and so are the fresh pressed juices, sweet potato bites and cakes 👌🙌 This place, the menu, decoration, vibe and staff never disappoint ⚡️


Great lunch and dessert at Laelo 🍴🍧🍦🍰 (more in my insta stories) 👅so happy that every month so many vegan restaurants opens in Paris #vegan #thingsarechanging #parisjetaime #paris #foodporn #dessert #parisian (à Laélo)

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Obs dump number drei featuring the brother reading some deranged novel, almighty @julienrozo and @galadriax napping their fat ass, colorz, postcards, Cholet-swag, and plants, and also a young dame with the reddest coat on planet earth.