paris truck

me, logs onto the tumblr:

good FREAKEN evening people!!

yall’m’st’ve: the junkers are evil due to their high bounties and wanton cruelty, the little child in the picture of them in hanamura is crying from having his soda stolen and roadhog caused damage to the ice cream truck in paris that insurance would not cover :/ sick of seeing people glorify these heartless criminals who have murderized others despite being comedy reli

me, logs offto the tumblr: 

good FREAKEN bye people!!


Ready to be assembled.

Deck: homemade, 7 Maple layers

Trucks: Paris Black v2 180mm/50°

Wheels: Arbor Vice White 69mm 80A

Bearings: ABEC 5 Greaseballs

RiserPads: Paris 6mm

You’re welcome.