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Lars sticking his finger into James’ ear while James is holding a beer can on his head and Jason is imitating a tin soldier between them, all in front of the Eiffel tower.
Because of course.

Sebastian Stan Imagine

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You love filming or photographing things an moments. It’s like you took something you loved so much and put it a small box so you would never forget it. The last couple days you’ve been filming a lot. Sebastians took you with him on his press tour for the new movie he did. Since he knew you loved filming and he loved you so he decided to put those two loves together and make something amazing out of it. 

It was the 5 day of press tour and at the moment the two of you were in Paris. As everyone from the cast was getting ready you decided to take a little tour around the building. Even tho Paris was, as people like to say, the most romantic place on earth, you didn’t like to see things people liked. You found beauty in things that others didn’t see. As you filmed your surrounding to remember forever the place you visited and what it held, you heard many foot steps and voices, then a voice came that you knew too well 

“There is my beautiful girlfriend. You owe me a morning kiss. ”Sebastian said as he walked your way with everyone else. Then noticed you pointing a camera their way “Oh your filming.” making some funny faces as usual when you filmed him Sebastian came closer to you. When ever the two of you spent time together you tried to not film it, in your mind those moments were so magical that no picture or video could capture the true feelings and words said at that moment. As he was not right in front of you, with a cheeky smile on his lips, we leaned in and kissed, making everyone else around of whistle and should. 

That made you and Sebastiana laugh. You hid your red cheeks into his neck and he held you closer laughing. 

“That just shows how jealous and lonely you people are.” he joked as he walked with you on his hand. 

“More like we are trying to get you to stop showing so mush PDA” one of the cast members jokes as we got into the car. 

“Oh really?” Sebastians tone already said he had something on his mind. Just then he moved over so he now was laying on top of you and kissing you. It made you laugh but everyone around you screamed out. 

“Okay, we get you two are in love and all. Just please keep it in the bedroom” Mike jokes as he started the car. You sat there still in Sebastians hands and smiled. You really were in love. 

It was dark, the room glowing every shade of blue; flashy, neon lights leaking rainbows through the walk-out windows. Alec was draped across the bed - the wrong way round, head at the end - the moonlight catching in his hair, sheets tangled around him, his focus on the balcony.

 “this may be the first time I’ve seen paris sober.”

 Magnus. He was on the balcony pouring a drink, his unbuttoned jeans exposing the waistband of his boxers; bronzed skin more like silver in the pale light.

 “well, this may be the first time I’ve seen paris ever,” Alec mumbled as he turned his head away, the side of his face pressed into the mattress. He traced a finger through one of the creases, mind wandering to earlier: both of them caught up in the sheets, fingertips grazing over hips; mouths hot and wet, pushing against eachother, pressing into skin; the crisp night air eventually cooling heated bodies, calming heavy breaths.


 Alec shifted at the voice, once again facing the balcony where Magnus was stood expectantly, a shoulder leaned against the wall, glass of scotch in hand. He was silhouetted slightly, the city lights floating around him, sneaking into the room and framing him with colour.

 “it’s good,” Alec decided, his voice low and quiet as he watched Magnus move towards him, ice clinking casually with each step. He let out an involuntary hum of content as he felt a hand run through his hair, ends pulling just barely as Magnus curled and then uncurled them round his fingers, one at a time. Alec could feel himself staring as the warlock skimmed a finger along the ridge of his collarbone, before going up his neck, and flicking off his chin gently; the sensation leaving a tickle in his throat.

 “good,” Magnus murmured, the beginnings of a fond smile softening his face, starting at the corners of his eyes before working down to pull at his shadowed lips.