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Ladrien June Day 5 - Random Wikipedia Article

Adrien sighed and minimized the document. This assignment was really boring. He briefly looked over the Wikipedia article he had opened before hitting the ‘random article” button. It took him to a page about the an extinct kind of fish. Vaguely interesting.

He clicked it again. It took him to the page of a Japanese football player. Another click took him to a page about a short lived British comedy program. Then a neighborhood in Nairobi, then a technical article about some computer thing, then some sociological concept, then some small time Canadian politician. That one had a section marked ‘scandal’, which he read of course, so now he knew that some local representative in Saskatchewan bribed people to cover up the fact he was cheating on his wife. That information was in his brain now.

He leaned back in his chair and sighed. He really needed to finish that assignment. Maybe just one more article.

When the page loaded he blinked in surprise. Seriously? What are the chances?

It was Ladybug’s wikipedia page.

There was a picture of her from a press conference, smiling widely and waving to the crowd. It was a long page, and if he had to guess he would say it was mostly written by Alya. How had he never realized they had wikipedia pages?

“Ladybug (real name unknown) is a ladybug themed superhero who protects the city of Paris, France from regular attacks by the villain Hawkmoth. She works alongside Chat Noir … .”

He opened his own page in another tab to look at later and read through the page. After an introduction of her debut, it described the battles they had fought and different techniques she used. There was a section about her interaction with the press and charities she endorsed, as well as a section detailing everything the public knew about her

Adrien couldn’t help but smile. Seeing all of his Lady’s accomplishments on one page made his heart swell with pride. She was so magnificent.

It also made him happy because, while he didn’t know her true identity, he knew so much more details about her than the general public. The facts that she had shared with him, that she liked video games and that she didn’t like coffee but she still drank it when she needed to wake up quickly and she was terrible at remembering dates in history class, were all precious even if he didn’t know her name.

As he said after they defeated that first akuma, no matter who is under that mask, he was in love with that girl. It was one of many details that the page left out.

Ladynoir July Day 12: Rooftop Kiss

Note: This is a direct continuation of the previous day. This is the reveal for this storyline, so if that’s what you’re here for, then welcome!

A heads up for new readers. All of my Ladynoir July stories are one story, so I suggest reading them in order for everything to make sense. Here’s a link to day one.

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Uzbekistan native Timur Simakov launched his career aged 18 walking for top brands including Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Raf Simons, Louis Vuitton, Yohji Yamamoto, Dior Homme, Paul Smith, and more. Eleven shows in total.

He’s since become a favourite of Kris Van Assche, starring in the KVA and Dior Homme FW15 catalogues.

In June 2014 Timur opened the Gucci runway show going on to become a catwalk regular in Paris and Milan.

His editorial credits include Interview Germany, VMAN, L’Officiel Hommes Italia, GQ China and British GQ Style.

Age: 21
Birthplace: Uzbekistan
Ethnic Origin: Russian, Asian
Nickname: Timur
How were you scouted: Jonathan Viatge
What’s your best feature: Harmony with the world
Top 3 beauty/grooming products: Cinema, soul, motorbikes
Your favorite fragrance: A girl’s hair, incense
Hobbies: Music, art, being kind
What was the last movie you watched?: Mishima: a life in four chapters (1985)
What was the last track you listened to on your iPod?: Al Green – Love And Happiness
What is your biggest fear?: Not helping the world find peace
What is your dream country to visit?: A fictitious country
If you got to relive one day in your modeling career it would be…: I don’t need to relive, i have time to make this day again in the future. Everyday there is something fun.
If you could be on the cover of any magazine, it would be: Forbes haha
What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you on a shoot?: A stylist told me to ‘try this underwear’ and presented a transparent thong.
What was the last thing to make you cry?: Sincerity from my friends
Who are your idols?: Always different worthy people that change my attitude .
What was the last dream you remember?: I’m was diving in a river, reading a book. I went beyond the universe all at the same time. I control my dreams.
One word to describe yourself: A particle of the universe. Do good things, make love.
Instagram handle: timursimakov

Ladyblogging, part two

Summary: in which marinette realizes that the internet is a lot smarter than she thought and that the only way to protect her identity is to join the ranks. identity reveal. adrienette.

Notes: High-key bowled over by the positive responses I’ve received :’) Thank you for all the love!


part two: soundtrack snobs [Previous][AO3]


Unknown, Paris, France.

Join date: 2016-04-16

Ladybug’s Official Blog.


1.) Is this really Ladybug? It says official for a reason.

2.) Does Chat Noir have a blog? Probably. 

3.) Who are you? I am Ladybug.

4.) Can I send you LadyNoir fanart/fics? While I appreciate the support, I’d rather not see it. 

5.) Are you single? Probably. 

6.) Are you ever going to tell us your secret identity? They’re called secret identities for a reason c: 

7.) Do you have a Twitter/IG/FB? Ladybug does not, no. 

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for @catnoirismCapernoited - Slightly intoxicated or tipsy. Ladrien.

Her heart is full, filling to the brim as his hums fill the little space between them–his chin on her head and her ear pressed against his heart. Hands latched around his neck and arms circled around her waist signify the universal teenage dance that every child knows as they sway from side to side. 

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“I’ve loved Esmeralda since I was a kid. I really want to meet her, but she’s not at Disney World or Disneyland anymore. I know she’s a regular at Paris and Tokyo, but it’d be next to impossible for me to get there, and even then there’s no guarantee I’d find her. I just wish it was easier for me to meet my hero.”

We know marinette isn’t a perfect character. She shouldn’t be. Perfect little goody two shoes characters are boring. They’re 100 percent predictable.
But what Marinette does is TRY. She works her rear end off to balance being a civilian and a superhero. She makes mistakes but she has no qualms about publicly pointing them out and apologizing for them, whether it’s in civilian form, or as Ladybug.

I know people are going to complain or point out that is was Mari’s fault that Lila got akumatized. Directly, it is. And Ladybug apologized for it. And for being rude to Lila.
I know Lila had a right to be angry. But she lied. In reality, Lila is the one that sentenced her own akumatization. She lied about something that could have been even more dangerous than it already was. Pretending to be a superhero or a professional (though I suppose chat and ladybug are professional vigilantes) when you’re not is not cool. Furthermore, it’s straight up dangerous.
Volpina could have created a situation that she could not have been able to rectify. Paris could have been doomed or destroyed. She wanted to be a hero, but her actions and her behavior did not reflect that at all.
She lied about being a hero and about knowing ladybug and about being stronger than ladybug.
Sorry people, but I’m siding with Marinette. She’s risked her life, her privileges at home, her grades, her health, and her reputation countless times all because she wants to keep Paris safe. She rescues Chloe over and over again even though she doesn’t like her because she knows it’s the right thing to do. She fights against people who are feeling normal human negative emotions because she wants to keep the majority of Paris safe. And then she comforts those who have been used to battle against her. She’s gotten over her fear and pushed herself all for the sake of her beliefs.
I feel like Lila wanted all the fun stuff that comes with being a hero. Heck, as fans, We probably all wish we could be like chat and ladybug. But Lila took it too far.

Marinette was willing to give up her miraculous. Her power, her identity, her ability to protect what she loves, her personal safety, all for Lila’s sake. And even then Lila brushed her off and refused her apology. She had a chance at the end of it all to prove that she had a heroine streak inside of her and she refuted Ladybug’s apology. And she never apologized for lying at the end either. Ladybug at least apologized and took responsibility for her actions. And that’s what a real heroine looks like guys.

I’m siding with Ladybug. The hero that suffers the consequences and deals with the aftermath even if it isn’t fame and glory. The hero that saves the life of the girl that ceaselessly bullies her and her friends.
Ladybug wasn’t mad that there was a new hero. She was mad that this new hero would take her spot. And remember, she doesn’t want a solo act. She’s got Chat. She loves protecting Paris. It’s part of who Mari has become and will continue to be.
I’m siding with Marinette on this one. Was her jealousy professional? No. Was it understandable. Yeah. Was she right to say those things to Lila? No. But did she do everything in her power to right her mistakes and apologize to Lila? Yes. Does she make mistakes and do things that aren’t always professional? Yes. But she’s a sophomore with two lives and she saves Paris on a regular basis asking nothing in return.
I think Mari deserves to be a heroine.


While in Paris, why not enjoying the view at a nice park? – Month in Paris – HAVANA CLUB GAP YEAR

There are so many things to see and do in Paris, that people only visit the main spots, missing out the other side of Paris, the Paris of the regular people, away from tourist groups. But the thing is; these other places are Paris too. Take yourself some time and relax for a while at ‘Parc des Buttes-Chaumont’ I’m sure everyone would enjoy some time walking around these gardens, or sitting down on the grass at the hill.

An amazing overview of Paris, that makes it worth going away from the tourist path. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is located near Buttes Chaumont, Laumière and Botzaris metro stations.

- Julián-

The Love Letter. Jean-Baptiste Mallet (French, 1759-1835). Pen, brown ink and watercolor on paper.

Mallet was a pupil of Pierre-Paul Prud’hon in Paris and a regular Salon exhibitor between 1793 and 1827. Mallet established his reputation with gouache genre scenes, such as the present picture, depicting fashionable figures in elegant interiors or park settings.