paris pursuit

hazelandglasz  asked:

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." If you're reading this, then someone thinks you're wonderful. When you get this, name your top 10 kindest blogs. (It's time that we over shine the negatively on here and brighten the positive.)and then pass this on to 10 others who deserve to know that they are wonderful too.

ooh :) I know so many wonderful bloggers.

well, Noe, you are and will be the sweetest person this website gloriously gave me the pleasure to meet. I’ll always be grateful. As I told you from that weekend in Paris I decided to pursuit first my will to know a bit of french and now to take my cooking school class-

then the kind @ohbutitscoldoutside , I’ll always be grateful for that time you pushed the Follow bottom on my blog and from there we build something I’am very proud to call friendship.

And @bluecloudsupabove for your writing and our chat and for that speed walk with your luggage up and down the old Arezzo streets.

A special note to @sunshunes @geminico @mimocca @animateglee @tacogrande @riverance @hoshidess, you are the reason I have a blog in the first place, you amaze me and inspire me to continue with this drawing passion of mine. thank you.

uh and to @mypopculturesummer @lilyvandersteen we may not talk too much but you are my favorite blogs to keep me update on the things I love.