paris pursuit


Kid Cudi & Lissie perform “Pursuit Of Happiness” & “Hands On The Wheel” in Paris.

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Steve and Tony go driving, and Tony expects Steve to drive like a grandpa but NOPE! Steve drives like a professional racer and swerves in and out of traffic like a boss and Tony's just like "HOLYSHIIIIIIT!!"

I forgot to post this! Hilarious!

They’re on a mission and in pursuit in Paris. Steve swerves in and out of traffic, cramming the car into narrow alley ways, looping around winding roads, and at one point driving entirely in reverse. All this and he still somehow manages to avoid crashing into civilian cars, as well as innocent bystanders.
Tony’s heart is racing, his stomach is swirling, and he is white-knuckling it all the way because he is probably going to die in this car on the Parisian streets of France, with Captain America by his side. They survive, though, and end up catching the bad guy. As soon as the guy is in custody, Tony pukes his guts out. After that day he refuses to get in a car with Steve for a very long time, and when he eventually does, it takes even longer for Tony to let him do the driving. Flying around in the Iron Man suit is safer.