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ok but grantaire who is Always Ready To Help but doesnt quite get it. enjolras encourages him to "spread their message" but you see, enjolras has a LOT of messages and after the second bottle they all sort of blur together so R ends up running around the streets of paris pinning up posters that read ambiguous shit like "DONT YOU THINK THIS KING SUCKS" and "STOP EVERYTHING 1K832" bc he doesnt Know What The Message Is but they all have incredible sketches of enj alive with passion so its ok


Honestly I love the hc that the Amis’ goals are all over the place. Their ultimate aim is true equality but that’s such a broad topic? So a meeting will start, and (assuming this in modern AU) Jehan will bring up, I don’t know, the wage gap or something, and everyone gets super heated about that. Then Bahorel will angrily talk about some shitty anti-queer law that just got passed in the US since that happens a lot. And everyone gets heated about that.

And then there’s Grantaire off to the side like I Signed Up For This but once he gets drinking it’s a lot harder to separate the issues that are talked about on any given night and yep the poster thing happens

Here’s the thing: the posters actually work. People start showing up like “yeah I saw that ‘DOWN WITH BAD PEOPLE’ poster and wanted to know more” and all of the Amis are just kind of like. ???? And Grantaire’s wondering what exactly he did right since he never does anything right, there must be some kind of loss of communication here (hint: the sketches helped). But no one’s more confused and pleased than Enjolras who was ehh about R helping them out since he doesn’t actually believe in The Greater Good.

Grantaire believed in Enjolras from the very beginning, but that’s when Enjolras starts to believe in Grantaire, too.  

Psychedelic Party “The Ball Of Baron Alexis De Rede”
Brigitte Bardot and Serge Lifar at the Hotel Lambert, Paris, December 1969. Photo by Jean-Claude Deutsch (Paris Match)

Marianne Faithfull At The Flea Market In Paris in March 30, 1966. Photo by Jean-Claude Deutsch (Paris Match)