paris peace accords


January 27th 1973: Paris Peace Accords

On this day in 1973, the Paris Peace Accords were signed in the French capital, ending U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. American involvement in the country went back to the 1950s, with Cold War fears of the region falling to communism leading a series of presidents to steadily increase the presence of American advisers in Vietnam. Vietnam successfully achieved independence from the colonial French in 1954, which also resulted in the division of the country between the communist North under Ho Chi Minh, and the South under U.S.-backed Ngo Dinh Diem. The two sections soon broke out in fighting, and in August 1964 the United States fully committed to the war after the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This was when the North Vietnamese allegedly fired on American ships in the gulf, which resulted in Congress passing a resolution allowing the President to intervene in the war to counter the communists. The high casualty rates of American soldiers, and tales of horrific acts of violence like the My Lai massacre in 1968, prompted mass protests against the war in the United States. This increased opposition to the presidency of Lyndon Johnson, who declined to run for another term in 1968 and was succeeded by Richard Nixon. Nixon initially expanded the war into neighboring Laos and Cambodia, but then began to gradually withdraw troops from the war that had reached an unwinnable and bloody stalemate. The 1973 settlement, known as ‘An Agreement Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam’, included a cease-fire throughout Vietnam, as well as the withdrawal of U.S. forces. U.S. Representative Henry Kissinger and North Vietnamese Le Duc Tho were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts in Paris, though the latter refused the award. However, the fighting in Vietnam continued until 1975, when Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese Army, and the nation was united under communist rule.

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"De HaD Da RusSIanS and dA cHinEsE HeLpinG Dem!" Wow . What a sore loser! Probably from having Charlie shoving a B-40 up your ass when you weren't looking! Funny that America had use the best soldiers at its disposal to fight some Marxist rice farmers. America is usually so much better at picking its battles in the Third World. It really sucks when the fight back AND win. Much love from a Vietnamese Canadian. ☭

“I don’t understand how insurgency works”

Actually the US did accomplish it’s goals and pulled out in 1973.

inb4 “b-b-but the NVA invaded again and then the US lost”

Hey google, what is the paris peace accords

“but even then they won” The war in Vietnam was much different compared to WWI or WWII, it wasn’t gauged on land captured, but body count.

1.1 million North Vietnamese died during the war, compared to 58,220 US soldiers. 

If that’s a victory, it’s a pyrrhic victory at best. 

“The US tried it’s best to win”

If you consider not attempting a land invasion, restriction of bombing zones, restriction of the Cambodian incursion, “trying the best to win” then you lack the understand of basic military operations and abilities.

The US didn’t want the annihilate North Vietnam, they wanted a Korean War situation where the South’s independence was secured. 

When it comes to the ARVN’s defeat in 1975, it was not because of the US military’s lack of ability, but because of the US Congress’s lack of action. 

>Much love from a Vietnamese Canadian

memeufacturing is that you?

Veil and Sightless(Hank x Reader) Part 1

Post Movie~ Days of Future Past.

(You are a college student finishing your last year at Harvard University studying anesthesiology and waiting to finish your master’s degree in Medicine. But you are hiding a secret, you are a mutant. You’ve been a mutant ever since you were a toddler. You can turn yourself invisible at will and can make force fields. Even though you can turn yourself invisible, you still fell like an outsider from the other students. You would get disgusted looks from them and they would call you names. But you didn’t give a damn because you were doing this for a good cause. One day you were visited by unknown strangers asking you for your help. In the future you have a granddaughter named Holden who carries your mutant gene and her codename is Sightless.)

The story will start off with your Granddaughter who looks exactly like you and is still alive in the future.

(I do not own the X-men saga or any Marvel related. That includes the songs, Gifs, actors and actresses. NONE! Only Holden)

(3rd’s POV)


That’s what the future was.



And death.

Years ago, in the year 1973, The ‘Sentinels’ project began.

A robot that can adapt any mutants power, created by a military scientist and owner of Trask Industries. Bolivar Trask.

Trask was assassinated by Mystique before he could continue the project. But she was then captured and was experimented by the influenced government that wanted to go a head with the project in fear by Trask’s assassination by a mutant.

And unfortunately her DNA finished the key that they needed to finish the Sentinels project.

For years they’ve been redesigning until finally they perfected the mutant killing machine.

And when they were released to the world, a hell break loose.

The Sentinels began to exterminate mutants. Some were bad, but most of them were innocent. The Sentinels gave no sympathy the humans that wanted to help the mutants.

The X-men tried to stop the Sentinels once, but sadly they were defeated. And so, they’re fight turned into hiding.

Life for a mutant is about surviving now.

And no matter where they go.

No where is safe.

(Holden’s POV)

February 6, 2023.

It was my parents wedding anniversary yesterday. I lighted up a candle through the whole night to celebrate it.

Nana used to tell me that as long as you have love in your heart and shared it with the people you care about. You will never feel alone.

And yet I do still.

Grandpa was murdered by a group of followers of the bastards that continued the Sentinels project. They came to his and Nana's home and was drag outside only to be shot in the head.

My parents and Nana died to buy me some time to escape the Sentinels when they came to the school.

I never forgive myself for leaving them, but I knew that I needed to be strong in order to continue to fight. It’s what they wanted me to do.

Right now I am sitting on a chair. Waiting for Professor X and the others.

How long will it take for the-

“Time’s up!” Blink suddenly appeared with Warpath.

“Sentinels!” Warpath called with alarmed.

Okay, not long then.

I closed my journal and sat up quickly as I began to get ready for the upcoming battle.

“Sunspot.” Bishop ordered and began to absorb the energy created by Sunspot.

“Let’s go!” Kitty said to me as she grabbed my hand but I pulled it back.


“They’ll be fine.” She said in a firm voice and grabs my hand again and starts to lead me away from the fight along with Bishop.

She used her intangibility to phase us through metal shelves and other large supplies in the bunker.

It wasn’t long until I heard the Sentinels drill popping out from the ceiling.

War yells and angry grunts can be heard in the large bunker.

We’ve been running for about 3 minutes until suddenly a Sentinel drops down from the ceiling.

We stop and Bishop fires his energy gun at it.

After the blast it only did a small damage but it manage to repair itself in seconds.

Before it could get any closer, one of Blink’s portals appeared and Warpath jumps out in time to the Sentinel in the neck.

Blink came and waved her arm.


We turned around and run to jump into her the portal to find ourselves a great distance from he Sentinels.

We turned to a corner but then heard sounds of boulders from behind.

Another Sentinel.

“Shit!” I cried.

We ran and ran as fast as we could until one bobby came in from Blink’s portals and slide on his ice path.

I notice as we passed him, he and Kitty shared a look.

My heart ached for Bobby when I hear distant ice being shattered or blasted.

After more running and taking a few more turns we finally made it to the safe room and Kitty quickly phased us in.

“Lay down! Hurry!” Kitty cried and jump on the bed.

Jump on to the cot in the middle of the room.

I took a quick moment to clear my mind. I could feel Kitty’s hands starting to glow with energy and I began to have floating feeling.

Thank you Nana. For everything.

(Holden’s POV- 2 days before the attack.)

I opened my eyes slowly to find myself in one of the bunk beds.

I sat up and gasp as I looked around.

Everyone was asleep.

I grabbed my journal from under my pillow and opened it to a certain page.

February 4, 2023.

Two days before the attack.

I got up from my bed.

“Get up!” I yelled. “Get! Up!”

Warpath, who slept on the top bunk above me, groaned and fluttered his eyes open.

He saw my distressed state and blinks his eyes in realisation.

“Sentinels?” He asked suddenly awake.

I only nod to respond his question.

He pulled his blanket off. “Wake up!” He ordered. “Everybody wake up!”

The others started wake and most of them realized what was happening.

“We need to move.” I said. “Now.”

(3rd’s POV)

In a temple on the high mountains of Mount Heng in China.

The last of the X-men were to meet at night.

Sentinels were on guard around the globe to detect any mutants. Mostly in the most popular site seeing location everywhere.

The X-Jet came soaring through the clouds, It’s fire engine roared as it arrived to it’s chosen location.

The jet landed outside of the temple with a loud booming thud.

Bishop came out from the temple’s doors, gun in hand, ready for any attack.

The jet opens it’s hatch and Storm was the first one to come down.

Following right behind her was Wolverine, who light up a cigar without a care.

Then came Professor X, gliding down the stair with his hovercraft slash wheelchair.

And then last but not least. The last person that would join the X-men until his dying breath. Magneto.

All were entering the temple and began to look around for anything suspicious. You could never be to careful.

Warpath crawled on one of the temple’s warning bells roof as Sunspot came out from his hiding spot and Warpath jumps down.

“Professor.” Bobby called out and walk towards the elders.

Storm immediately smiled in relief. “Bobby.”

“Hey Storm.“Bobby greeted and they both shared a hug.

“Hey kid.” Logan said.

Bobby turned and smiled at the immortal.

“Professor.” Holden’s voice echoed. “You made it.”

She, along with Colossus and Kitty, came out of the temple’s indoors. Holden notices Storm and didn’t hesitate to run towards her and hugs her tightly.

“Hey Aunty Storm.” Holden whispered.

“Hi sweetheart.” Storm smiled into Holden’ hair.

They both pulled away and Holden turned to Magneto and Logan. “Still trying to cope with each other?” She teased.

“Don’t push it.” Logan warned but then shows a half smile.

Holden smiles back and went to hug him.

(Holden’s POV)

“Whenever the Sentinels attack, Warpath spots them. And I sent Sightless back to warn us before it happens. Blink scouts the next sight. And, well then we leave before they ever know that we were there.“ 

Kitty was explain to Logan of how we escaped the Sentinels.

“Because,” Warpath said and sat down. “we never were.”

“What do you mean you were never there?” Logan asked.

“She projects Sightless back in time a few days to warn the others of the coming attack.”

Logan only nods showing that he understand half of the escape routing plan.

“So she send Sightless back in time.”

“No, just her consciousness. Into her younger self, her younger body.” The Professor proclaims.

“Well. . ” Logan says in little surprise.

“This might just work Charles.” Magneto states looking at Kitty.

“What might work?” I asked.

Charles began to explain. “The Sentinels Program was originally conceived by Doctor Bolivar Trask. In the early 70’s he was one of the worlds largest leading weapons designers. But, covertly, he had begun experimenting on mutants. Using their gifts to fuel his own research.”

I frowned in disgust. Why would anyone would do such a thing, even if the bastard is a psychopath.

“There was one mutant who had discovered of what he was doing.”

“A mutant with the ability to transform herself into anyone.” Magneto states looking at us, knowing that we knew who we were thinking of..

“Mystique.” Colossus stated.

“I knew her as Raven.” Charles said solemnly and I was surprise by this. “We met when we were children. Grew up together… she was like a sister to me.” He smiled sadly to himself.

 "I tried to help her.“ He looks at Magneto.” But only succeeded on driving her away. She hunted Trask across the world. And the Paris Peace Accords in 1973, After the Vietnam war. She found Trask… and killed him. It was the first time she killed.“

“It wasn’t her last.” Logan said.

“ But killing Trask did not have the outcome she expected. It only persuaded the government the need of his program. They captured her that day. . tortured her, experimented on her. In her DNA they discovered the secrets to her powers of transformation. It gave them the key they needed to create weapons that could adapt to any mutant power. And then less than fifty years the machines that had destroyed so many of our kind were created, but it all started that in day in 1973. The day she first killed. The day she truly became, Mystique.” The Professor explains with a sad noticeable gaze on his face

I sighed. Grandpa told me once that Mystique was once a good person. She still was, she just saw the world differently for mutants.

“You wanna go back there.” Kitty puzzled.

“If I can get to her, stop the assassination, keep her out of their hands. Then we can stop the Sentinels from ever being born.”

“And end this war.” Magneto said. “Before it ever begins.”

Everyone shared a hopeful look. If the Professor goes back in time to the day that Mystique first killed. Everything will go back to the way it was before.

I could see my family again.

“I-I could send someone back a couple weeks. . m-maybe a month.” Kitty stuttered out. “but what your talking about going back to decades. You have the most powerful brain in the world Professor. But the mind can stretch so far before it snaps.”

Great, I guess were screwed then.

“It would rip you apart. I’m sorry, no one could survived that trip.”

“What of someone has a way to snapping it back.” Logan suddenly said.

Of course.

“What if could heal as fast as they get ripped apart.” He continues.

There’s still hope Nana. You were right, you were always right.

We began to set up a battle plan.

Warpath, Strom, Bishop, Blink, Colossus and Sunspot will guard outside of the temple to buy us more time if the Sentinels arrive. The others and I will guard on the inside and protect Logan.

Logan closed the temple’s round door shut and barricaded it with a large wooden plank.

He came back to the room. It was an ancient crypt that had a flat surfaced coffin. It was perfect for the trip for Wolverine for his trip back to 1973.

“So I wake up in my younger body, god knows where, then what?”

“You need to go to my house and find me. Convince me of all of this.”

“Why, won’t you just able to read my mind.”

“I didn’t have my powers in 1973.” Professor X explained. “Logan, you’re going to have to do to me what I once did for you. Lead me, guide me. . I was a very different man back then, you’ll have to be patient with me.”

“Patience isn’t my strongest suite.”

“You’ll need me as well.” Magneto said unexpectedly.


Yeah, what?

“After Mystique left Charles she came to me and I sent her on a dangerous path. Darker path. It’s gong to take the two of us, side by side at the time when we couldn’t be further apart.”

Logan gave the Professor a hesitated look but the powerful minded mutant nodded in agreement.

“Great.” He grunts out. “So where would I find you?”

“Well it’s complicated.” Magneto said simply.

Logan looked like he was to doubting Magneto’ words but then gets on the coffin and lays down.

Kitty came and sat on a chair that’s on the side of the coffin where Logan’s head was.

“Basically your body will go to sleep while your mind is going to travels back in time, as long as your back the past and present will continue to co-exist. But once you wake up. . whatever you’ve done will take hold and become history.”

“And for the rest of us it’ll be the only history we know.” I finished. “ It’ll be like the last fifty years never happened. And this war. . the only person who will remember it, is you.”

Kitty sighs.“ Alright Logan, I need you to clear your head and to stay as calm as possibly.”

“What? What do you mean?” Logan said.

“If your mind gets rocky it’ll be harder for me to hold you, you could start to slip between the past and future.”

“And what if I need to get a little rocky?”

“Think peaceful thoughts? Or try to meditate, it helps.” I offered.

“Peaceful thoughts.” He repeated sarcastically. “You have any good news?”

“Well. I mean you don’t really age so you’ll pretty much look the same.” I said crossing my arms.

“You won’t have much time in the past.” Bobby stated. “The Sentinels will find us. They always do.”

“And this time we won’t be able to run.” Kitty said. “We’ll have no escape.”

“This is our last chance.” I said. “So don’t fuck it up.”

“You really think this will work?” Magneto asked the Professor.

“I have faith in him.” The Professor said.

“It’s not him I’m worried about it’s us, we were young we didn’t know any better.”

“If there’s anything that my Nana has thought me.” I announced to the doubtful leader of the once Brotherhood. “ Is to ‘ Have faith, and find the light within the shadows. At first, it'll be scary. But in the end, it’ll be worth it.’. Also, try to be positive about this. You being in doubt isn’t really helping.“

Professor X smiled. “You remind me more and more of your grandmother. She always had a powerful sense of hope in her heart.”

I smiled gratefully and turn to watch Kitty.

“This might sting a little.” She warned.

I don’t know about the stinging but the more days it is, the more painful it gets.

Kitty glowed her hands and Logan screamed in agony and his claws came out.

Are you looking down at me Nana?

If you are, please hear me.



Grandpa, and Mom and Dad.

We’re all going to be together again.

Harvard University ~January 22, 1973~

(Y/N’s POV)

“-so when you disconnect the transportation and the second one, you scramble the interpretation. For this you don’t cut it out.”

I wrote down all the notes that I need to study for midterms which is in two weeks times.

This is my last year in Harvard and if I mess it up, then all this hard work will be for nothing.

My family back home was so surprised that I got in to Harvard with a perfect score. It wasn’t easy but I manage to keep my secret from the school board.

And that secret, is my mutation.

Ever since the incident in Cuba, rumors began to spread that powerful humans lives among the earth.

The government has been trying to locate any potential humans, or in their case ’mutants’, and takes them with no questions asked.

My grandparents were so scared that I might be discovered and be taken away. But I assured them that nothing will come to that, God gave me this gift for a purpose, I just need to find out what it is.

The bell then suddenly rang and people began to stand up from their seats.

“Remember, I want that sixteen hundred letter words essay on my desk by next Tuesday. So no slacking off am I clear?”

Some of us replied with ‘Yes sir.’ or ‘Yes Professor Donovix’

I was the last one to come out of the class.

‘You see there?’

‘The one with Y/H/C hair?’

‘She’s so weird.’

Meaningless comments and whispers can be heard from behind my back. And yet I still walk down the hallway with my head raise and straight posture.

They didn’t understand the life I have to live with.

I live a small humble life in (your hometown d country), where my grandparents lived. My parents died when I was fourteen, it devastated my family and I so much.

But we learned to move on.

Because as long as you have love in your heart and share it with the people you cared about. You will never feel alone.

(3rd’s POV)

3 hours ago, Logan found himself in a room with an unknown sleeping girl beside him in bed.

He got up and found himself naked, he looked through the window ad was shocked that the time travelling had worked.

He was in 1973.

Two guys came in the room angry and Logan, being the drunk and angered mutant he was, said that he doesn’t know them, or in his case, remembers them.

So after a moment of friendly argument, wolverine did what he did best. He kicked ass.

After the fight, he got dressed and stole one of the gangsters car keys and went straight to the Institute. where he would find Charles.

When he arrived the school was mostly covered in vines and the lawn was basically a jungle.

When he parked the car in front of the school. He got to the door and bang it.

Who answered it wasn’t someone he was expecting.

It was Hank. Also known as Beast.

Hank asked what Logan wanted.

Logan asked what happened to the school which Hank answered that the school had been shut down for years.

Logan then asked who Hank was. When Hank gave him his full name, Logan was surprised that it was actually Beast.

Beginning to feel uncomfortable, Hank kindly asked him to leave.

But as he was about to closed the door shut. Logan holds it opened with his hands and asked for the Professor.

But tired of this antics, he pushed the door with all his force and stomps inside.

Hank tried to stop him but got punched in the end.

Logan began to search for the Professor again and stated calling for him.

Meanwhile Hank started growling and began to turned to his natural blue furry form.

Beast attacked Logan after finding him roaming in one of the halls.

Logan so was surprised by the unexpected that he was thrown into the air for a couple of times until he was thrown on the table of the entrance room.

Before Hank can do anymore damaged. He was stop by Charles, who came in to see what was the commotion about.

Logan sees Charles in shock that the once crippled man can walk.

They began to talk.

Logan said he was from the future.

Charles was confused of how Logan knows all off his secrets.

But when Logan asked for his help to stop Raven, Mystique, Charles got cold and said that he would like to wake up.

He walked out of the room and Hank slowly turned back to his human form and asked Logan what kind of trouble Raven was in.

That got them to start talking.

They talked about the Sentinels and the war in the future.

They all agreed that Raven was a very unique mutant to have her blood turned into a weapon.

Charles begin to stutter that even if he agrees to help. Raven won’t listen to him.

Her heart and soul belongs to a certain mutant.

But when Logan mentions that they need that certain mutant to do the job.

Charles manically laughs and said that Magneto is where he belongs.

So when he walk out of the office, Logan said that the Professor he knew wouldn’t turn his back on the people he loved.

Charles got annoyed and angry and tells Logan to ‘fuck off’.

Logan asked Hank of what happened to Charles.

Hank said that Charles lost everything. The school, his legs, his sister.

Hank explains he developed a serum that could keep his mutation in balance and get Charles his legs back. But Charles takes to much.

But then later, in the study room. Charles returned with a change of heart.

He said he’ll help, but no for Logan, not for the mutants and humans in the future. But for Raven.

Logan didn’t disagree.

Charles why do they need Erik and why would they need him. Logan then explained that he and Erik send him back together.

(Now… … … in 1973)

“The room they’re holding him in was built in the second World War when there was a shortage steel. So the foundation is pure concrete and sand no metal.”

Hank tells the details of Erik’s prison which is the Pentagon. The most secured prison in the United States.

“He’s being held a hundred floors beneath the ground in the most heavily guarded building on the planet.” Charles said.

“Why is he in there?” Logan asked.

Both Charles ad Hank shared look. “What? He forgot to mention?”

“J.F.K.” Hank says.

Logan blinks. “He killed. . ”

Charles lets out a laugh. “What else explains the bullet miraculously curving through the air? Erik’s always had a way of guns. You sure you want to carry on with this?”

“This is your plan not mine.” Logan said, obviously talking about future Charles.

“We don’t have any resources to get us in.”

“Or out. It’s just me and Hank. It’ll take a miracle to get us in without being seen or leave a trace.”

Seen? Logan thought. “I know someone, actually make that two.”

“Yeah they maybe a young now, one of them lives outside of D.C. while the other lives somewhere in Canada.”

Logan laughs. “One of them is a young man, can be a pain in the ass sometimes. But he could get in to anywhere. Just don’t know how the hell we can find them.”

“Well Cerebro is out of the question.” Hank said but mostly to Charles wo gave an obvious look that said ‘no’.

“We have a phone book.“ 

It took them hours, but they manage to find Peter Maximoff’s name and address. 

A few more hours later, they found his home and asked the mother if they could see him.

In fact, when they told him that he gets to break in to the most secured building in the planet. He was interested, yet hesitated. Asking if he could trust them.

Logan revealed his claws and the next thing you know, they’re in front of a door in a house, in (your home town and country).

Logan rang the door bell and moments later, a mid-aged woman answered the door.

“Yes?” She asked.

Logan eyes widened when h first saw her . “Y/N?”

He didn’t know how, but the woman who was standing right before him looked exactly like future you before you were murdered by the Sentinels.

“No,” The woman chuckles lightly, “Y/N is my granddaughter. Can I asked why you are here?”

Hank cleared his throat. “Yes, we need to see Y/N Y/L/N?”

“She’s not here.”

“Oh, that’s fine, uh when will she come back?” Logan asked awkwardly. It was weird for him to talk to your grandmother who looks exactly like you in the future.

Your Grandmother crossed her arms.“I’m sorry, I think should’ve give you more details. Y/N’s not in (your home town) anymore.”

“What do you mean she’s not here? Where is she?” Peter asked.

“College, in the States. She’s actually in her last year now. That girl is always working so hard.”

Charles frowned. “Which college?”

Your grandmother smiled proudly and simply said. “Harvard.”

Charles and Logan shared a look before turning see Hank with a surprised look on his face.

Hank noticed the looks they were giving him. He sighed and said. “I’ll make a call.”

~February 8, 2023~

(3rd’s POV)

Holden watched as Kitty continues to keep Logan’s conscious in.

“What do you think he’s doing right now?” She couldn’t help but asked.

She was sitting on the ground with a blanket wrapped around her.

Damn China’s cold. She thought.

“Hopefully he’s breaking me out from the Pentagon.” Magneto said.

“You were in the Pentagon?“ Holden asked.

He nodded simply.

She turned her attention back to Kitty and Logan. “Nice.” She muttered.

Professor X studied Holden, she looked exactly like you when you were her age. He couldn’t help but think back the good old days when you were still alive.

You were an interesting girl. That was the first thought he had when he first met you.

You were a bit shy, but tend to be a spirited girl.

He guessed that’s what made you take an interest in Hank.

He remembered how Hank was around girls, fearing that his mutation would make them think him differently. Or worse, afraid of him.

But you didn’t mind his mutation. You thought that his mutation was a beautiful and unique gift.

Plus blue was your favourite colour.

You gave the courage that Hank needed when it was time that he didn’t need the serum anymore.

It was the most bravest and wondrous thing that the Professor had the pleasure to witness Hank walking freely and unafraid in the halls of the school in his true for the first time since the children came to the school.

To bad that he had to remember it in the most low keyed time of all time with what’s left of his students and the X-men.

Then he had an idea.

“Holden.” He asked to the girl who was about to turn 21.


“Won’t you please sing? I think it has been a while since I heard your lovely voice since. . when? The talent show?”

Holden chuckles and said. “I don’t think anyone wants to hear me sing right now.”

“Actually,” Kitty began.“I wouldn’t mind some music right now, it would help me relax a bit.”

Holden looks at her for a moment then looks at Bobby, who was leaning on the wall beside her.

“I would kill for some Beatles ‘bout right now.” He admits.

Holden sighs then thinks for a moment. She then remembers a song that you used to sing to her when she was a kid, and to her father when he was a kid. She opened her mouth.

Oh Darling,

please believe me.

I’ll never do you no harm.

Holden’s voice echoed the temple. Bobby sighed and leans back again into the wall.

The Professor looks at Holden with admiration then looks back at Logan.

Logan, you must hurry. They’ll be coming soon. Please. He prayed to anyone who is listening.

Magneto was lost into his thoughts as he listens to Holden’s singing.

Believe me when I tell you,

I’ll never do you no harm.

Kitty then begins to relax a bit but continues to hold Logan’s conscious.

Holden’s voice can be heard slightly from the outside of the temple.

The team continues on with their patrol, but some of them were a bit less tensed and started to relax a little. Happy to hear Holden’s singing again.


Harvard University ~January 23rd, 1972~

(3rd’s POV)

“Can I just say again, how good it is to see you again Mister McCoy.” The President of Harvard, who was an admire of Hank’s work when he was a student at Harvard, greeted the guests in his office.

Logan decided to walk around the room a bit while Hank and Charles were sitting on the chairs. Al of them in their best clothes.

Well, Logan was a bit more of a casual which is a dress-shirt with pants, while Charles and Hank are in simple suits. Charles even gelled his hair for the moment.

“Yes, yes it’s good to see too Mr. Michealson.” Hank smiled at his old President. Strange for him to return to his old college in a grown man.

Or grown mutant.

“Please, call me John. We’re all friends here aren’t we?”

Though the Dean looks at Charles and Logan wearily but manage keep his smile for the sake of one his favourite students.

Oh who was he kidding, Hank was his only favourite student.

“So,” He said. “what brings you and your colleagues here, back in Harvard.” He empathizes the word Back.

“Well, that’s why I wanted to talk to about in person.” Hank began. “You see I run into an old friend of mine,Orson Donovix,-”

“The anesthesiology teacher?”

“Yes.” Hank lied. He actually had a few friends from outside the institute who gave him entails on Harvard to help the search for you.

“We talked about talk and try to catch up on each other over coffee and he mentions about a student that catches my interest.”

“What kind of interest?” Michealson asked.

“Well, you see I have a very classified case to work on back at work that involves with the subject and I heard how much one of Orson’s students excels in it. I was hoping if maybe it was possible for this student to come with me to aide me and maybe study this case for some… extra credit for per say. If that’s okay with you of course.”

“Oh my, well, I must say that sound interesting, but it’s not gonna be easy. Midterms are coming in in two weeks and you know how Harvard’s main focus is for our students to study their best for theses exams.”

“I know. which is why I am asking you to give this student a… leave of absence.”

Michaelson stutters a bit and clears his throat.

“I don’t know if that’s possible, but with the student’s permission and for returning a. . certain favor. I could give the student five or maybe a week. But that’s all I can offer.”

“A week is fine.” Charles said in a fake smile.

“Good, now that that’s settled, which student is the lucky winner of this fine opportunity? No wait, let me guess. Is it Johnny Carson? Or better yet, is it Michael Stalon? Always a perfectionist that young man is.”

“Y/N Y/L/N.” Logan said

Michaelson’s smile immediately drops and was replace with a frown. “Y/L/N?!”

“Yes, is there a problem?” Hank asked slowly.

Michaelson let out a small scoff. “No, it’s just that. Y/L/N is a bit. .  anomalous.”

The three mutants shared a quick look. “What do you mean?” Hank asked.

The old man looked hesitate. “There have been claims and reports from other students and teachers that she hasn’t been. . studying normally like other students.”

“And what kind of anomalous are you describing? John.” Charles questioned with a slight annoyed frown on his face.

Michaelson sighed. “Rumors has been spread that she would just go outside of campus and reads books that are not assigned for any school work related or would just lie on the grass. Some say that she mostly locks herself in her dorm room and doesn’t come out until one of her roommates either bangs on the door or calls for security. There are even students claiming that she might’ve even cheated to get here.”

“Did they find any evidence?” Hank asked.

“None, we even checked twice. It got me a killer headache for talking with the board." Michaelson rubbed his temple.

"Is there anything else that we should be concerned about?” Charles asked.

“Well. . it’s silly really.”

“What?” Hank urges.

“About a month ago. A teacher came to me, saying crazy things.”

“What kind of crazy?” Logan asked.

“He said. . when he was delivering some assignment that he forgot to give to Y/N, which she asked for, he went to the Girl’s dormitories and went in, opens the door to her room, and . . saw a book flying on mid air, on top of Y/N’s bed.”

He laughs. “He tried to convince the other teachers that it’s some kind of new theory of quantum gravity and when they didn’t listen and claims that he was crazy. He blamed Y/L/N for making a fool of himself. And the next thing you know, he gets suspended for showing signs of insanity and close harassment to a student.”

Michaelson sighed in thought. “He was a good man though. And I’m not talking about work related too. He has a good life, a wife, two kids. How’s he going to support his family if he’s in suspension?”

There was a moment of pause. It was no surprise that the three mutant men were thinking the exact same thing.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault for having unique abilities. They just don’t know how to deal with it until they found a way to control it.

Michaelson clear his throat. “Well, enough of that, when will you need Miss Y/L/N to depart.”

“Tonight.” Charles said.

“Tonight?” Michaelson says in startled. “Gonna be very hard for a girl to pack ‘til evening you know.”

“Don’t worry, she only needs to pack light.” Logan said.

“Well, okay then.” He reaches for the rotary phone on his desk and turns the dial. He waits for a moment. “Yes? Yes, uh can you please send Miss Y/N Y/L/N in the President’s office please?”

(Y/N’s POV)

Why am I drawing instead of taking notes?

Oh right, because there’s no point of taking them if I already know the lesson since last year thanks to the books in the library.

Donovix needs to up his game.

“Shock Wave Lithotripsy, also know as (SWL), is the most common treatment for kidney stones in the U.S. Shock waves from outside the body are targeted at a kidney stone causing the stone to fragm-”

Suddenly there was a knock on the door an a women om a work dress came in with a clipboard.

“Excuse me?”

“Yes?” Mr.Donovix asked.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but the President needs to see a. . "She looks down at her clipboard. "Miss Y/N Y/L/N?”

Whispers began behind the room. Mostly behind my back.

’-She’s going to the presidents office-’

’-is she in trouble?-’


’-they must’ve found evidence-’

’-did they found out how she cheated-’

I rolled my eyes.

Am I ever gonna let that down?

“Is there a problem?” Donovix asked.

“I don’t know, he didn’t say much, only that it was important.” The woman said. “May she be excuse?”

“I don’t know, we were in a middle of a very important lesson-”

I cut him off. “SWL describes a nonsurgical technique for treating stones in the kidney or ureter, a the tube going from the kidney to the bladder, using high-energy shock waves. Stones are broken into "stone dust” or fragments that are small enough to pass in urine. lf large pieces remain, another treatment can be performed.“

By now I can feel everyone’s eyes on me.

‘You can’t read that off an arm.’

I heard somebody whispered, making me smirked a little then drop it and drop it to smile kindly at Donovix, who’s jaw was down to the floor but then shakes his head a bit and clears his throat.

"Well… Miss Y/L/N you can go. But be back for tomorrow’s class.”

I smiled and nodded. I grab my notebook and my less classy book bag as I went down the stairs to go with the secretary.

“Oh!” I gasped silently in realization.

I turned quickly as I pulled out a document from my bag and hand it to Mister Donovix.

“Here, I almost forgot to handed in.”

He looks down at the documents and up back to me. “This isn’t due 'til next Tuesday.”

I shrugged shyly. "I got bored.“

He looks at me in dubious but accepts the document by nodding.

I smiled and look at the waiting secretary.

"You ready?”

“Yep.” I said and followed her out.

Whatever the wanted from me, it can’t be bad. As long as I don’t get expelled or anything.

That’ll give a large heart attack to both my grandparents.

And God knows if their spirits will haunt me.

But what I didn’t know.

Is that when I reached to the President’s office, and that door opened.

My normal life was gone.

And frankly, I’m kind of glad it did.

Okay, Loong.


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Even though it is long as ass.

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January 27th 1973: Paris Peace Accords

On this day in 1973, the Paris Peace Accords were signed in the French capital, ending U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. American involvement in the country went back to the 1950s, with Cold War fears of the region falling to communism leading a series of Presidents to steadily increase the presence of American advisers in Vietnam. Vietnam successfully achieved independence from the colonial French in 1954, which also resulted in the division of the country between the communist North under Ho Chi Minh, and the South under U.S.-backed Ngo Dinh Diem. The two sections soon broke out in fighting, and in August 1964 the United States fully committed to the war after the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This was when the North Vietnamese allegedly fired on American ships in the gulf, which resulted in Congress passing a resolution allowing the President to intervene in the war to counter the communists. The high casualty rates of American soldiers, and tales of horrific acts of violence like the My Lai massacre in 1968, prompted mass protests against the war in the United States. This increased opposition to the presidency of Lyndon Johnson, who declined to run for another term in 1968 and was succeeded by Richard Nixon. Nixon initially expanded the war into neighboring Laos and Cambodia, but then began to gradually withdraw troops from the war that had reached an unwinnable and bloody stalemate. The 1973 settlement, known as ‘An Agreement Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam’, included a cease-fire throughout Vietnam, as well as the withdrawal of U.S. forces. U.S. Representative Henry Kissinger and North Vietnamese Le Duc Tho were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts in Paris, though the latter refused the award. However the fighting in Vietnam continued until 1975, when Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese Army, and the nation was united under communist rule.

Treaty of Paris

Treaty of Paris usually refers to one of many treaties signed in Paris, France. It can refer to:


 Link (thanks, stuffthings!)

Consider, for example, how the course of the war in Vietnam affected gay male and transgender community dynamics. (…) The countercultural hippie style popular among both gays and straights–with its bright, flowing fabrics, long hair, and love beads–represented a deliberate reversal of the gender conventions of militaristic masculinity and signaled political opposition to the war. (…) It should not be surprising that the period when male-to-female transgender people made their most significant political gains overlapped with a period in which public gender transgression by nontransgendered men had the broadest and deepest sense of political urgency. Significantly, however, when major U.S. involvement in Vietnam began to wind down, after the 1973 Paris Peace Accords, the gender coding of men’s clothing styles simultaneously began to shift. In gay male culture, 1973 was the year that the masculine “clone look” of denim, plaid, and short haircuts replaced radical hippie/fairy chic, signaling the return of a more gender-normative expression of male homosexuality. At the cultural level, it is possible to trace the current “homonormativity” of mainstream gay culture (an emphasis on being “straight-looking and straight-acting”), as well as the perceived lack of meaningful connection to transgender communities among mainstream gays and lesbians, to the shifts of 1973.
—  Susan Stryker, Transgender History (p. 95)