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This Day in Disney History

June 30, 2010:  There is a “soft opening” for Captain EO at Epcot at Walt Disney World, grand reopening is just two days later.

Captain EO has had a pretty colorful past at with Disney, having been in four different Disney parks.  Currently open at Walt Disney World in Epcot,  and Disneyland (although under refurbishment at Disneyland), it has had homes at Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland as well.

In fact, after being open for exactly four years, Tokyo Disneyland’s show is closing today.  The show was made popular again after Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, although many die hard fans of this 3-D show were clamoring for it’s return since the day it first closed.

Tarot Mucha: The Art Behind the Cards

Weirdly enough, it was the Tarot Mucha that led me to Mucha himself, and not the other way around. I wanted my first deck to stick to Rider-Waite-Smith symbolism, but in a style that pulled at my historian heart-strings. I found and bought this deck, and before I knew it, I had Mucha posters on my wall and even wrote my third year final paper on his influence on Belle Epoque advertising. So of course I was absolutely overjoyed to discover how well his works were used in these cards! Below you will find a list of which paintings inspired which cards, completed to the best of my abilities. There may be mistakes and there definitely are absences. I basically just went through his works one at a time, looking for familiar figures, so hopefully you can forgive me. PLEASE feel free to let me know if you know something I don’t and can fill in some of the blanks! In the meantime, I hope this is something to help you appreciate both Mucha and the deck’s really fantastic designers even more.


The Fool- Autumn from The Four Seasons (1895)

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Mademoiselle Bécat aux Ambassadeurs = Mademoiselle Bécat at the Ambassadeurs
Edgar Degas (French; 1834–1917)
ca. 1877
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C.

Guests and Cast Members are flooding the French Pavilion at Epcot with flowers and more, in honor of the lives that were lost and the families that are living through this terrible horror. There is so much that CMs are moving stuff backstage (image above). My heart is heavy but it is amazing to see people coming together. Love is our greatest weapon.