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Dysneland Paris. by roxbi

Awesome to see PSG get so much support hosting the second leg vs Bayern. Well done, Paris! Fantastic match and turnaround.

PSG 4 - Bayern 0 (4-1 aggregate)

3′ Delie
13′ Cristiane
41′ Cruz
51′ Cristiane

“Le Château de la Belle a Bois Dormant” Frank Armitage, 1991

Taking much visual inspiration from Eyvind Earle’s legendary pieces from Sleeping Beauty, this art by artist Frank Armitage sets the stage for Disneyland Paris’ beautifully ornate castle. Designed to add a fairy tale-esque aesthetic to separate it from real-life European castles, Le Château is 1/3 smaller than Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle, and features stunning stained glass windows that depict the story of Sleeping Beauty. Inside are two shops, a gallery space, and La Tanière du Dragon, the cave dwelling of a massive, sleeping animatronic dragon.

Art ©️Disney