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March 28th 1871: Paris Commune declared

On this day in 1871, following elections held two days prior, the Paris Commune was officially proclaimed. The Commune seized power in opposition to the election of a conservative National Assembly February 1871; republican Parisians feared that when they met in Versailles the royalist Assembly would restore the monarchy. When officials of Adolphe Thiers’s government tried to remove the city guard’s cannons as a precautionary measure on March 18th, the people rebelled. The city guard called municipal elections for March 26th, which saw victory for the revolutionaries, who established the Commune to govern the city of Paris. On March 28th, the new government held its first meeting and was formally declared. The Commune immediately set about enacting socialist policies, which included a ten-hour work day, abolition of the death penalty, end of military conscription, banning established religion and promoting female suffrage. They adopted a plain red flag as the flag of the Commune, and envisioned that the situation in Paris would encourage a nationwide revolution. The Commune’s lack of internal organisation left them vulnerable to attack, but the catalyst for retribution came when Communard soldiers killed two French troops. On May 21st, national forces entered Paris through an undefended area, launching a violent campaign of street fighting known as ‘Bloody Week’. Around 20,000 insurrectionists were killed before the Commune fell on May 28th. The government treated the surviving Communards and their supporters ruthlessly - arresting around 38,000 and deporting another 7,000. The Commune became a symbol of socialist revolution in Europe and further abroad, with their supporters lamenting the martyrdom of the Communards.


Kate dazzles at star-studded embassy reception in Paris


Rammstein in Paris - Official Trailer #3


William and Kate meet Bataclan survivors during Paris visit


• Final Fantasy XV got real in Paris Games Week!

This is SquareEnix Brotherhood ⭐️
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Elena Alice’s SPECTRA*paris project new album: news to come out tomorrow in the afternoon… STAY TUNED!!!

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travelling timespace aboard the Kirlian starship…

After Tarvek becomes the Storm King (officially) (finally) it’s in his best interests to carry around a wasp-eater, just in case there’s any revenants lurking in his court who are still trying to act on their final orders from Lucrezia

Except that there’s quite a few official breeders, now, and it would be a political affront to favour one over the other, so he has one from each breeder and rotates them daily (if he just so happens to pick the one that matches his outfit for the day, that’s all the better)

But the wasp-eaters really REALLY like him and have a habit of escaping from their cages and following him around, and it kind of becomes his Thing, to have at least one on his shoulder and another couple following him wherever he goes (and of course the Lady Heterodyne has one too, that she’s never seen without)

And the court collectively decide that if two of the three rulers of Europa have pet wasp-eaters, so must they, because it’s clearly high fashion now - obviously this is a Bad Thing for the revenants and Lucrezia’s supporters, which makes it a Good Thing for everyone else (technically, anyway)

But literally everyone at court has a wasp-eater, and it’s become one of the things the Palace of Enlightenment is known for (that you can’t go anywhere without tripping over a weasel) and it becomes so synonymous that they’re permanently associated with it

All his official portraits have a weasel in then somewhere, people embroider them on clothes and carve them into locally-made furniture and machine parts (you can buy plushie wasp-eaters in the Palace gift shop)

And they kind of become a symbol of the new Valois legacy - originally a tool to fight against the Other, now associated with peace and nobility and stability and unification because of their links to the court and the Palace

Tarvek Sturmvoraus, Storm King, direct descendent of Andronicus Valois, consort of the Lady Heterodyne and Baron Wulfenbach, Weasel King

This is his legacy

Tarvek hates it, Agatha sympathises, Gil finds it hilarious and will never shut up about it ever

Coverin’ Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb in Dresden, pt. II

Kirlian Camera-related project SPECTRA*paris live @ WGT Festival Leipzig, DE, 2008