paris most wanted


Bangalore Days warm fuzzies 2/∞

Gatecrashing the first night for one last picture

(2 Years of Bangalore Days)

Can we just take a moment

to acknowledge Tom Hiddleston and his fabulous face?

I mean, look at him

Like seriously

How could you NOT love his face?

It is the most beautiful face


for herotypes - emma/killian + french affair

Light and people dance through the ballroom,elegant swirls of silk and starshine splashing across the golden walls. Outside in the streets of Paris, the evening grows chilly, and Emma leans over the balcony of the ballroom, watching the city of love sparkle beneath her. Cliché, perhaps, she thinks to herself, but beautiful all the same.

(The thing about never really having a home is you end up falling in love with every glittering city you come across.)

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