paris monument


day 10/100 of productivity. // working on a feminist law case of the 19th century and a picture I took this morning of my fav monument in Paris ✿


For the first few months after they get their Miraculous, they work alone.

It’s not really intentional so much as that it takes them that long to figure out that they’re supposed to work together.

Looking back at it, Marinette almost wants to laugh.

And also cry.

Because for those glorious three and a half months between Ladybug’s appearance and Adrien figuring out that it was her, he was in love with her.

Or, well, interested in her the way he’d never been interested in Marinette — the way Marinette desperately wished he was interested in her.

(She suspected the skintight suit was to blame; Adrien might have been the politest person Marinette knew, but she also knew that Adrien was a healthy teenage boy.

Maybe if she walked around in a catsuit…?)

But between Adrien’s ill-gotten case of lovebug and the mysterious appearance of the man who’d just brought down one of Paris’ oldest monuments, those three months were hell for Marinette.

And then, of course, she met Chat Noir.