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Last semester, I made the transition from listening to lyrical music when I study to listening to background noise. I found that I became much more productive and engaged in my work when I wasn’t distracted by what I was listening to. 

nature noises

unnatural noises

fandom noises 

destination noises

On December 8th, LLSIF reached 10 million players worldwide!

For one week starting December 16th, there will be a special login campaign for all versions, containing love gems and a ticket.

There will also be a special poll available on all versions to particpate in: I want to go with you! Travel Girl!

Vote for your favorite girl and where you want to travel with her, the poll will be open from December 15th to January 15th and  results will be revealed on February 5th. The top ranked character will receive a special UR.

Options are the following;

  • Honoka: Definitely Hawaii! The sea! Everlasting summer! Aloha!
  • Eli: I want to visit my grandmother in Russia
  • Kotori: I want to go to the fashion capital of the world, Milan, and look at the latest trends.
  • Umi: I want to see the highest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji.
  • Rin: I want to go to Africa and race with all the animals~
  • Maki: I want to go browse the art galleries in Paris
  • Nozomi: Want to try our luck at the casinos in Las Vegas?
  • Hanayo: I want to have a picnic at the tulip gardens in Holland.
  • Nico: I’m going to leave my mark in Hollywood