paris japan expo

Final Illustration for Ahri that I’ll be selling at Japan Expo Paris ! :)

I really like foxes so it was a blast to work on it! Oh and I did the New dawn version of her costume because….because PAUL KWON did the concept and I’m a fangirl okay? xD

I hope you like it!

PS:  If you’re interested, I will put it on my society 6 store too after the event!

Working Track:

lutin-des-bois  asked:

This anon's right, I love seeing u on my dash, you're a cool, talented, sweet person and as a frenchie I'd be glad to meet you one day!

 (*´▽`*) srsly i dunno why i get so much kindness but Aah thanks a lot 8A8

I think i could meet some ppl if they wanted to. I miight plan to go as visitor 1/ 2 days at Japan Expo Paris.//winky wonk//


English ~
Here our first Pokemon badges, and our first products! We will sell them during the Japan Expo Paris. You can contact us if you want us to store some for you! =D

Français ~
Voici nos premiers badges Pokemon et nos premiers produits! Ils seront disponibles en vente à la Japan Expo Paris. Vous pouvez nous contacter pour en réserver si vous le souhaitez! =D.

Arthur Pendragon - BBC Merlin

I tried my two finished versions! >w< I just need to make the sword now.
I wasn’t sure of how the chainmail fabric would look but, with the full stuff + wig and boots, it’s better than the first time I tried it so I’m a little reassured even tough it’s not a real one.
I can even move my arm more than I thought with the armor so it’s cool! But it’s soooo warm. @.@

I’ll bring both of them at Japan Expo (Paris, july) and at the shooting in Pierrefonds >ww< *sooooo excited*.

Anyway, I’m quite satisfied. >w< I’m waiting for Merlin now! <3
I’ll make the cape later I think. ^-^