That Paris Hilton prank was so unbelievably unacceptable. I don’t care if it was a joke or who you’re “pranking”, making somebody believe they’re going to fucking DIE for the sake of a laugh is absolutely disgusting. That poor woman. Regardless of who she is, I want to give her a hug, and I hope she milks them for more money than she already has because that is complete and uDDer bullshit.


For those who havent heard yet: Paris Hilton was pranked into thinking her plane was crashing and that she was going to fucking die. If you ask me ‘prank’ is the wrong fucking vocab here. This is a forced near death experience with potential emotional trauma following. Yet she has to laugh it off as a public person / selfmade brand/entrepreneur. This shit can scar you for life. I wouldve fucking lost it.

If you ever think about pulling of this kind of horribly disgusting bullshit, do us all a favor and reevaluate the choices you make in life. Grow the fuck up.