paris flea markets


My stuff from King’s Day (27 April 2017).

  • I found a Poppet, Stella and Pammee plush, which is fun cus I drew them together once. (x)
  • Kei doll from the Dirty Pair was just among a bunch of barbies. I have no idea how this 80s Anime doll got here. 
  • Powerpuff Girls bag regardless if I hate PPG. I was just…emotional.
  • A Givenchy Dragonfly pendant which can move its entire body so its like a mechanical insect. Will never wear because it might lose its jewel studs!

Manhattan loft of David Seidner

A 40s French dining table with cement base and wood-grained fiberglass top, Red 40s chairs from a Paris flea market. Ceramics by Fantoni, Clement Massier and Arne Bang.


Restoration in Tangier, Morroco

Roberto Peregalli’s own house in the Tangier medina is inspired by the watercolors of Delacroix. Multiple layers of light-blue paint were skillfully applied to the walls, with the lower portion paved in eighteenth-century Moroccan tiles. In the background, a large Moorish arch leads into the library. In the center, an ancient Roman truncated column supports an eighteenth-century Moroccan fountain.  Crate upon crate of 17th and 18th century Tunisian tiles journeyed across the Pyrenees and Italy to be carried here in wheelbarrows through the maze of Medina alleyways. A mix of 16th  to 19th century details such as old doors, railings, windows, balustrades and hardware that were purchased on travels about Morocco, sojourns through Paris and London flea markets.

The Italian phrase “buttato lì” translates, roughly, as “something that seems casual whereas it is completely thought out,” the interior designer Roberto Peregalli explains. The term comes up often as he and his collaborator, the architect Laura Sartori Rimini, describe the atmosphere of their office as well as the projects that are born there.  Their Milan atelier Studio Peregalli is one of the last truly Old World interiors firms.

photo: roland beaufre / the world of interiors / trouvais