paris flea market

HighPoint Home Furnishings Market April 2-5, 2011

As some of you may know, I attended HighPoint Market a couple weeks ago. It was really fabulous! Great new trends. As with any trend, it’s typically everywhere!! The big “in” thing right now is the “Paris Flea Market” look. Lots of mercury glass in light fixtures, candelabras and accessories. Lots of whitewash and reclaimed wood. A lot of rustic furniture and Paris this and that EVERYWHERE! The good thing is I LOVE PARIS and hope to visit there some day soon (in my dreams).

My favorite, favorite showrooms were Luna Bella, Arteriors and Regina Andrews. Makes me want to take all the stuff in my house, rent a dumpster and start chucking things out the window! Gorgeous stuff all over the place. Everything is new, artistic and fresh. Just like fashion, the new shirt on the rack seems sooo very enticing. I did shop for clients and I’m dying to show them all the great finds that would be exactly what they would have picked if they had been there with me. As always, I pick things that are an expression of your style and personality.

By the way, I had the pleasure of meeting Ty Pennington, the host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. He was just like he is on TV, really nice, random and hilarious! He gave a presentation on how he got to where he did today and what he enjoys to do in the industry of home renovations, designing furniture and being a workaholic. As many of you, I first started being a big fan in the days of Trading Spaces! He said those days started the DIY fever for viewers all over the country. The funny part is that the designers on the show were not doing things for good design and functionality as a priority but for creativity and wackiness….remember the wall of old records that Frank did? 


Fusion Paris - Furnished Apartment in Montmartre!

2 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | Cable TV/DVD | Home Theater System | Fireplace | Laundry | Terrace | Pets

Montmartre - Sacré Coeur - Paris - France

This two-bedroom apartment in Paris is the embodiment of luxury. Ancient stonework blends effortlessly with modern features - seriously, it doesn’t get any classier than this. Skylights and glass doors let in select light, creating an ethereal effect during the day. At night you can just step outside to your own private terrace for a view of Paris laid out at your feet. For a quiet night in retreat to the mezzanine study, or for a more wild evening you can draw upon the beautiful glass bar. Local attractions include the Sacré Coeur, the Moulin Rouge, the Montmartre Cemetery and the Paris Flea Market. Take a peek!

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The subtle, vintage pastel colors of these French antique billiard balls called out to me with a dozen faint voices from deep within a stall in the Paris flea market. It was all I could do to stop and honor their faded beauty with a quick, surreptitious snap before wandering deeper into the labyrinth in search of delicious treasures of the golden past.