paris flat


This is a video to watch because it really shows different uses and organization of tiny spaces.  

Matthias dropped a heavy self-filmed part for his bike shop of choice, La Cremerie in Paris. The Flat Side of Things part 3, is a demonstration of Matthias’s unbelievable ability and he captures some new moves along the way. Always progressing, always steezy and always having fun. We love Matthias!

Check out Matthias’s signature frame, the La Bastille and don’t forget the fork!

Kendall Inspired for Paris by robinheera16 featuring flat-top sunglasses

For Love Lemons lace shirt, $46 / Rick Owens clothing, $435 / Acne Studios low top / Prada leather handbag, $2,965 / Christian Dior flat-top sunglasses, $470 / Yves Saint Laurent eyeliner / Nars cosmetic / Bobbi brown cosmetic
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Running with an Angel

When Angela gets abducted from her Paris flat and ends up in an interrogation room in the castle of a Japanese mob boss, the last place she thinks to find an ally is in the boss’s cocky younger brother, Genji. Together, the two set out to bring Angela home to her grandfather in Germany. Will they be able to reach it before Genji’s brother, Hanzo, can get his hands on them?

Chapter 1 - Paris Prey

| Chapter 2 |

Just as a general note: considering that this is a Mafia AU, this fic might contain some violence and gore, but nothing excessive. Now, on with the fic!

Angela Ziegler raised her shoulders, snuggling deeper in the large, soft scarf piled about her neck. The winter winds kissed her cheeks, bringing new-fallen snowflakes to dust her lashes. She quickened her step, snow crunching beneath her new boots.

Winter in Paris was a sight to behold. She did enjoy the clarity that summer brought to the city, but the image of the black skyline covered in a blanket of white was a thing she found most calming. Oftentimes she’d sit in the round window of her flat with a mug of steaming hot chocolate and gaze out on the magnificent view.

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