paris eifel tower


Photo, Airline - Life Magazine, 1963, T.W.A. Hostess Story in Paris by Jim

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<br />Life magazine article photo.

Light moods over Paris

May 2017, Paris (France)

Here I want to share with you some more Paris photos from last weekend. The first image is a panorama of 5 landscape exposures, I really like this one, it’s 50mpx big, it can be printed very large and would look amazing on a wall. I probably will print this for myself in the future. The second photo is very good as a mobile background, it looks already very cool on my phone :-) The third one was a little bit difficult because the headlight at the Eiffel Tower was moving around and I had to try many times to get the light in this position, to shoot a sharp picture was even not so easy (a girl next to me jumped every second on the ground and moved my camera). The forth is a cool light over Paris to complete this collection.