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Has any of the cast or crew of supernatural seen your art?

Hi anon!

Thanks a lot for your message ♥

Yup, it already happened several times.

- People bring my art to cons to have it signed (they ask me first in general and I say “yes” but only for GEN artworks) so I guess that a good part of the cast saw my art by now particularly this one.

- Osric Chau reposted one of my artworks from Journal of a Man of Letters on his FB page and it was also retweeted by Lauren Tom on his Twitter.

- I worked for Misha on his Serpessence project and his staff had a look at my Deviant Art page before contacting me and making their decision.

- I drew portraits of Richard, Sebastian and Mark (Sheppard) when they came to the Paris Apocalypse Con about 3 years ago and I had them signed.

Voilà. Otherwise, I try to stay in the fandom, away from the cast. I hate it when people tag the actors when they repost my art. I find it bizarrely embarrassing.^^;;

Voila, you know everything! ^^ Time to go to bed now :3

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