paris blend

PARIS - “What’s this?”

RORY - “Luke’s Diner.”

PARIS- “Diner! Okay, good. Good.”

*Paris sits and picks up a menu*

RORY - “What’re you doing?”

PARIS - “Trying just to blend in. Fade away. Observe.”

*Luke approaches*

LUKE - “Hey, Rory. Coffee?”

RORY - “Thanks, Luke.”

LUKE- “Who’s your friend?”

RORY - “Angelo Lamsbury.”

LUKE - “Oh.”

PARIS - “You’re the owner here?”

LUKE - “Yep. Want some coffee, Angelo?”

PARIS - “No thanks. So, you own a diner, huh?”

RORY - “Oh, boy.”

PARIS - “You get a lot of truckers through here?”

LUKE - “Truckers?”

PARIS - “Yeah. Y'know, guys on the road for weeks, lonely, looking for a little pick-me-up, things like that.”

LUKE - (to Rory:) “What’s she talking about?”

RORY - “Your guess is as good as mine.”

PARIS - “It’s pretty common knowledge that diners are breeding grounds for prostitution and drug dealers.”

LUKE - “What?”

PARIS - “Have you ever seen anything like that going down here?”

LUKE - “Have I ever–?”

PARIS - “What about that guy over there? What’s his story?”

LUKE - “Reverend Nichols?”

PARIS - “Reverend Nichols, huh? What is that, like, Dr. Feel Good?”

LUKE - “Rory, how much do you like this person?”

RORY - “Do what you gotta do, Luke.”

*Jess comes downstairs*

PARIS - “Hey, where’d he come from? What’s up there? Is that where you keep the girls? Got yourself a little cat-house up there?”

JESS - “Wow, I think she got you, Uncle Luke. You better give up now.”

LUKE - “Do not add to this insanity.”

JESS - “An innocent boy like me should not be raised in an atmosphere like this.”

LUKE - “Jess.”

JESS - “I wanna be good. Life’s just not letting me.”

LUKE - “Rory, get her out of here.”

RORY - “Okay. Let’s go.”

PARIS - “Why do you need me to leave? What have you got to hide?”

RORY - “Paris, let’s go!”

Ratatouille is an underrated movie. The true gem of Pixar. Yes, comparing it to Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Incredibles, I believe it’s one of their best. If not the

It’s fine culture, historical references, art design, clever story, atmosphere, amazing setting, time periods, cuisine, cinematography, Paris and it’s all blended to represent something far more then just a children’s movie.

As a person who appreciates visual art and the work form of creating an atmosphere the viewer gets wrapped in. Ratatouille does an exceptional job at portraying this life style. 

The worst part it how unmarketable this movie was. Ratatouille was such an artistic movie that it alienated child viewers. But as an adult/teenager being able to appreciate the visual works. Which is why this movie isn’t getting more praise because it doesn’t rely on cheapness to keep it entertaining. It’s too good to be a childrens movie

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How about a miraculous ladybug drabble about a rain Strom?

Request drabbles here!

a/n: Why not? ^-^

Sunlight travels through the raindrops until the light is so bright it blinds all those who see it. Sunshowers are not phenomena for the naked eye, but rather those who wish to see nature in all it’s perplexing beauty. 

But can those eyes truly appreciate the sheer intensity when they’re hidden underneath a mask?

“…My mother always loved the rain.”

Chat Noir removes his mask, and Adrien remains. Ladybug keeps her own mask wrapped tightly around her closed eyes, but places an ungloved hand on his shoulder. 

The water drenches her hair until each black strand looks like it could be weeping. “And you?”

Adrien chuckles. Casts his gaze over the water streaked cityscape of Paris. All the colours blend together like an oil painting. Not a distinct shade but the rain.

“…I just loved her.