paris blend

PARIS: “What’s this?”

RORY: “Luke’s Diner.”

PARIS: “Diner! Okay, good. Good.”

*Paris sits and picks up a menu*

RORY: “What’re you doing?”

PARIS: “Trying just to blend in. Fade away. Observe.”

*Luke approaches*

LUKE: “Hey, Rory. Coffee?”

RORY: “Thanks, Luke.”

LUKE: “Who’s your friend?”

RORY: “Angelo Lamsbury.”

LUKE: “Oh.”

PARIS: “You’re the owner here?”

LUKE: “Yep. Want some coffee, Angelo?”

PARIS: “No thanks. So, you own a diner, huh?”

RORY: “Oh, boy.”

PARIS: “You get a lot of truckers through here?”

LUKE: “Truckers?”

PARIS: “Yeah. Y'know, guys on the road for weeks, lonely, looking for a little pick-me-up, things like that.

LUKE: (to Rory) “What’s she talking about?”

RORY: “Your guess is as good as mine.”

PARIS: “It’s pretty common knowledge that diners are breeding grounds for prostitution and drug dealers.”

LUKE: “What?”

PARIS: “Have you ever seen anything like that going down here?”

LUKE: “Have I ever–”

PARIS: “What about that guy over there? What’s his story?”

LUKE: “Reverend Nichols?”

PARIS: “Reverend Nichols, huh? What is that, like, Dr. Feel Good?”

LUKE: “Rory, how much do you like this person?”

RORY: “Do what you gotta do, Luke.”

*Jess comes downstairs*

PARIS: “Hey, where’d he come from? What’s up there? Is that where you keep the girls? Got yourself a little cat-house up there?”

JESS: “Wow, I think she got you, Uncle Luke. You better give up now.”

LUKE: “Do not add to this insanity.”

JESS: “An innocent boy like me should not be raised in an atmosphere like this.”

LUKE: “Jess.”

JESS: “I wanna be good. Life’s just not letting me.”

LUKE: “Rory, get her out of here.”

RORY: “Okay. Let’s go.”

PARIS: “Why do you need me to leave?” What have you got to hide?“

RORY: "Paris, let’s go!”

—  Gilmore girls: “Richard in Stars Hollow” (s2e12)