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One time Francetown got a Disnerland.  And when the global gets the Disnerland the global childs get MUNSTERS.

Look! Out!

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Want to have THE PHANTOM MENACE chest tube? Go here!

This Isn’t Goodbye - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Me (I legit have no shame for this)

Word Count: 6,893

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, It’s honestly just really sweet sex?, possible tears

Notes: So, talking to @minhosmeanhoe about doing something for the end of Teen Wolf and this is it. It’s hard to really express what this show means to me because it has changed my life. So much. So this is literally my rants, through Scott and myself, expressing what this show means to me, thanking it for everything it has done. The things I say are coming legit from me. This isn’t the end for us though. I will not stop writing for teen Wolf, for Stiles. It means too much to let it go away completely. So, just… enjoy my rant I guess. And me spilling my heart out about the show. And of Stiles. And me wishing Stiles was mine. 

PS This is unedited. And I don’t even care. So ignore all my typos because I know they exist.

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Phantom Manor

A sister attraction to the Haunted Mansions in Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Tokyo Disneyland.

The Phantom Manor tells us the tragic story of Melanie Ravenswood, only child of a well to do couple in the boom-mining town of Thunder Mesa. When she was old enough to marry her fiance planned to take her far away from Thunder Mesa, something both wanted. But her father, Henry Ravenswood, did everything in his power to stop the wedding. One day an earthquake hit the town, killing many residents including Henry and his wife.

Melanie and her fiance were finally free to marry.

Or so they thought.

On the wedding day while Melanie was preparing in her rooms, her groom was lured to the attic by a mysterious phantom figure, who then hanged him from the rafters. Melanie waited for years for her groom to come. Never taking off her wedding dress. Never leaving the manor.

The fate of Melanie Ravenswood is still unknown to this day. Visitors to the ghost town of Thunder Mesa can still see the old Ravenswood Manor. Some claim to hear a beautiful sad melody, or glimps the image of a young bride in the windows. Others hear evil laughter and see the image of a phantom figure in the windows or on the grounds.

the arc de’triomphe and the eiffel tower are old news. the hot new attraction in paris that everyone needs to see is this yoshi mosaic on the wall outside the hotel i’m staying in.

Meant To Be (Jimin x Reader)

Admin: Candi
Can I request a jimin fanfic? Where he’s blind and you fall for him you find him fallen over or have lost something etc and help him out supporting him and end up in love with him. And end up having sex and children with him or something. Hope you don’t mind 💞💞💞💞 – anon”
Fandom: BTS
Member/reader: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None, maybe cuz Jimin is blind then a trigger warning but I’m not sure?
Words: 1k
Authors note: Work and college are too much fucking hell and I have the flu lmao.

           Coming back home after a long day at work and walking in on Jimin playing with your two beautiful daughters was a sight you’d never get tired of. Work was especially hard today; your company is getting ready for a big meeting to agree on this huge sale that’s meant to bring millions in and everyone is stressed out and people are snapping out of nowhere. On your way home, you couldn’t stop thinking about getting back home to your amazing family and watching a movie or playing a board game.

           Walking through the front door of your house and hearing the playful laughs that left your daughters mouths and Jimins roars pretending he’s a monster trying to catch them warmed up your whole heart in an instant. You didn’t want to interrupt so you undressed carefully and made your way towards the cheerful sounds. After finding them in their room you stood in the door frame admiring the love that was present in the room.

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anonymous asked:

Am I the only one around here who doesn't find Sam attractive? Don't care about brawny guys in general but even without those sculpted muscles, he just does nothing for me. Okay, kill me

Maybe around here (😉😉😉) Muscly is not my cup of tea either but there are definite scenes and photos where I find Sam Vera fine, beyond attractive. The Paris battle of wills scene with Stanley Webber for instance. He also seems to have a great personality beyond the physical.

He has nothing to worry about tho clearly, he’s definitely causing many women to drool, he will survive without us lusting incessantly after him.


Read about Paris’ top astrological friendships!

1. Kim Kardashian - Libra. Aquarius is all about communication and Libra is all about networking - a powerful dynamic duo for the creation of an amazing brand. all about networking. Aquarius is all about networking as well but their networking skills are more so organic while Libra has networking skills that are practical and strategic. Although Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton grew up together, Kim noticed that Paris Hilton became a tabloid target that soon became infamous for creating a lifestyle brand out of partying and being famous for being famous. Paris Hilton was more so in the fame game for the fun and the attention, while business minded Kim Kardashian noticed this ‘brand’ could turn her into a future mogul with strategy and balance. Far ahead of the movement, Kim begins networking practically throughout The Simple Life production, creating brief cameos while she cleaned out Paris Hilton’s closet and sold the unwanted items on eBay (the internet having influence on her career - of course). Intellectually curious Aquarius snaps into reality and notices Libra’s practical strategy with basically creating a virtual online store and get’s the idea (because Aquarians are all about innovation and ideas) to start creating a lifestyle brand behind the socialite world - begins selling cosmetics, jewelry, perfume, etc - basically what Kim did but in extravagance. Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton soon become 'spotlight’ bestfriends after The Simple Life - of course two Air signs would get along they way Kim and Paris did. Refined and super posh Libra is enjoying the glamour and galore that comes with being bffs with a jetsetting socialite, the perfect lifestyle for a Libra, to be honest. Libra is all about balance like I previously stated, Kim wants Paris’ lifestyle without the trouble making, the negative notoriety, and drugs - and does this, literally releasing a sex tape with Ray J and branching into her own spotlight the same exact way that Paris did. Aquarius are very original people - Paris was the first one to originate intentionally branding off creating a sextape - so it’s no surprise that Paris inspired Kim the way that she did. Free spirited Aquarius doesn’t want anything that will restrict their freedom and precisely coinciding the Kardashian and Hilton brand would exactly do that - they soon cut off lines of communication.

2. Lindsay Lohan - Cancer. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan used to literally be best friends but there is usually trouble awaiting Paradise in most Cancer and Aquarius relationships. Cancer and Aquarius both have very hot tempers. Cancers expresses their tempers in aggressive moodiness and Aquarius expresses their temper in a 'I don’t give a fuck - I’ll do what the fuck I want to do’ manner. It’s no surprise that Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan had one of the biggest feuds in tabloid history. Constant competition and ideas clashing - the Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton beef is notoriety for the main goal being to become more famous than the next - I believe Lohan’s feelings got the best of her. Cancers emotions will boil in a toxic manner by Aquarius’ complete non-chalance towards their emotions, it’s a constant vicious cycle. An emotionally vulnerable Lindsay is in constant scrutiny via Paris through the media. Paris begins taunting Lindsay via the paparazzi and even ends up getting into a physical altercation with Lindsay at a party - she literally doesn’t give a fuck, and expresses multiple time that LiLo is 'dead to her’. The only one damaged in this scenario seems to be the emotionally sensitive Cancer, drug abuse seems to be the common escape goat for most water signs. “I only did coke 10-15 times” - Lindsay.

3. Nicole Richie - Virgo. Virgos are super over analytical, - after becoming an adult and understanding the dynamics on power within friendships - I often notice that Nicole has a subtle way of bringing Paris Hilton back down to reality with little jabs in that passive-aggressive, snarky Virgo undertone. I feel like Aquarius is a bit turned off by Virgos super keen down to earth nature, misconstruing Virgos humility with lacking couth. Aquarius and Virgo are two super communicative signs just in different aspects. Virgos use their communication skills for helping others and creating practicality, while Aquarians pretty much communicate just to communicate - I feel like Nicole Richie always felt as if she was secretly more intelligent than Paris and that her common sense makes her more attractive that Paris. I could definitely see envy growing in an Aquarius and Virgo friendship, it’s a constant battle of wits!

4. Brandon Davis - Virgo. Hilton’s partner in crime with the destruction of Lindsay Lohan, like a real life Mean Girls - of course it’s with a Virgo - Virgos know exactly where to hit you where it hurts! A relationship with a male Virgo and a female Aquarius might actually be way more chill and compatible with two female Virgo/Aquarius. Virgo has a 'cool’ energy similar to Taurus that might be super attractive to the trendy, innovative Aquarius. Aquarius’ eccentricity and free spirited nature can be relaxing to the super neurotic Virgo. Hilton and Davis have a flirty - brother & sister relationship. They definitely value each others intellect.

5. Chanel West Coast - Virgo. It’s safe to say Paris has a thing for Virgos when it comes to the Earth signs. Paris/Aquarians love girls who know how to network their way through life, communication is key for catching the eye for any Aquarius! Chanel has managed to integrate herself into the popular reality television show, “Love & Hip Hop - Hollywood’ after co-hosting on the Ridiculousness show and has recently has made a very personal appearance on Hilton’s Snapchat - found partying and provocatively mingling, the overall vibe just seemed super chill and organic - Virgos have that cool edge although they can be very uptight mentally, they notice like - everything.

6. Nicole Lenz - Aquarius. Nicole and Paris both have that super dewy, galactic Aquarius energy. There will be a constant wavelength of attraction between two Aquarius’ hence they bond on a higher frequency than the other zodiac signs. Two Aquarians can quench each others undying thirst for intellectual stimulation and other areas as well, *wink. Nicole and Paris have showcased their very personal relationship in personal photographs - two complete free spirits! Don’t give a fuck till we die, eh?

7. Casey Johnson - Virgo/Libra cusp. Two signs that attracts Paris the most can definitely cause a dual sided relationship almost like being friends with a Gemini. On the outside, it seems as if Casey was secretly envious of Paris for stealing the spotlight that she always dreamed of. But on the inside, there were rumors of Paris stealing Caseys boyfriend and only gaining the spotlight she had because Casey was too sick to network. Either way, Casey used her super keen intellectual - Virgo/Libra networking skills to create individual spotlight through branding off her connection with being apart of Paris "Famous for being Famous” entourage.

8. Tara Reid - Scorpio. Super intense, emotional water signs are a huge turn off for Aquarius/Paris - which is no surprise that this friendship ended tragically as well as her previous friendship with another water sign that has a habit of brooding emotions - Cancer/Lindsay. Poor communication and negative energy could form within a Scorpio and Aquarius relationship. Aquarius is too care free to give a fuck about the toxic emotions that Scorpios hold.

9. Brittany Flickinger - Libra. Of course a Libra won on Paris Hiltons show, “My New Bff” - a show that revolves around networking yourself into the world of Paris. Successfully, another Libra managed to (temporarily) acquire the friendship of Paris through networking practically on a reality television set - this show being Paris of course. Brittany’s smooth communication skills are effortless beauty and Venus energy were definitely her strengths on the show. Wish they would publicly reconnect!

10. Lil Wayne - Libra. Kim, parts of Casey, her sister, and Britney - Paris loves the carefree, intellectual energy from other Air signs - and it’s obviously that Paris favorite air sign is Libra! One of the most intelligent, practical marketing moves that Lil Wayne has recently made was signing the super popular Paris Hilton to his record group - YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Business).

Can we please talk for the zillionth time about how the original cast of NDdP is entirely made up of attractive people?


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AU: Papa Agreste, Marinette, and Adrien
  • I want Papa Agreste to absolutely adore Marinette; maybe take her under his wing in the fashion world. 
  • His first birthday gift to her is her first fashion show with her designs, and she tears up. She actually starts crying when she realizes Adrien is modeling her favourite designs. 
  • I want Papa Agreste to be 100% in agreement when Adrien tells his him he wants to date Marinette. 
  • Maybe there’s a fashion show for young designers in Paris, and Marinette attracts all the attention because the paparazzi nicknamed her ‘Gabriel Agreste’s daughter.’ Adrien, of course, looks stunning as he models all her designs, and the paparazzi go head over heels for the story behind the ‘power family of Paris.’ They call her something silly, like the ‘the Agreste princess’ or something, leading to Adrien calling her ‘princess’  as a joke.
  • One night, when Marinette is about to be driven home by Adrien’s bodyguard/driver, Papa Agreste invites her to take over one of the free rooms in the Agreste mansion, so she can stay over and doesn’t have to go home so late. Nobody mentions how the room is next to Adrien’s. 
  • Adrien being so happy that he’s getting to spend so much time with his father and the love of his life. Especially when they begin working on the ‘Adrien collection’, a collection inspired by Adrien’s looks and interests. One of the designs even has gold threads and expensive bright green fabrics which match his eyes perfectly, while another is a design inspired by his fencing gear, which Adrien absolutely loves. 
  • After years of her working under Papa Agreste, and falling deeper and deeper in love with Adrien, Marinette gets told by Papa Agreste that he deems her worthy on continuing his fashion empire after his retirement, and wants her and Adrien to inherit his entire company. 
  • Papa Agreste is pleased when Adrien finally proposes, and has pretty much never been less surprised about an answer than when Marinette said yes. Marinette designs her wedding dress, but asks papa Agreste for advice about certain choices she made. 
  • Papa Agreste feeling pride when she becomes Marinette Agreste, his new daughter.


captacorn  asked:

OK, since. as far as I'm aware, I'm the creator of this ship, I'm sure no one else will ask: Tom Paris and Lwaxana Troi.

And you should get a prize because it’s delightful. 

Tom Paris is canonically attracted to older women (and Lwaxana out-Sandrines Sandrine by a league), and certainly appreciates both powerful and colorful personalities. He would be mesmerized by a brightly colored matron with a short story of titles after her name, an abundance of gaiety, and an absence of propriety. And she would find him charming, especially if he were to play along with a flirtation. Tom, be a darling and fetch my feathered fan. Yes, ma’am, which would you prefer? Oh, I don’t know, which do you think makes the best statement. Well, the silver accentuates your dress, but all eyes will be on you regardless. They always are. Oh, stop you silly boy. Yes ma’am. (hands her the silver feathered fan, she poses) Perfect. (she beams)

If they wanted to actually move beyond playful banter and the occasional kiss on the cheek, they would have to deal with their friends and family. Most of the Voyager crew would simply super side-eye the pairing but Harry would literally pass out. And lol forever at the idea of Owen Paris and Lwaxana Troi even in a room together, forget about in some kind of meet the parents scene. Add in Deanna (and Will!) and it would be a wonderful terrible dark family comedy probably involving law enforcement along the lines of the old film Flirting with Disaster (also that should be their ship name). 

So it should really only happen in the interlude in between Tom’s disgrace and prison. He’s cut off from family, self-destructive and empty, with no sense of purpose, doing whatever odd jobs he has to to get his next drink and maybe fly again. She’s on vacay and Mr. Homm broke his ankle and she needs a replacement valet yesterday. She’s desperate and he’s available, he’s desperate and she’s available. They take a train together because they both appreciate the past and they start to roleplay a little. They land on the Duchess and the young con man who wants to seduce her for her fortune. It’s so fun it’s addictive. They start turning heads. Boundaries are crossed but it’s all the game, it’s not their fault they’re so good at it. At some point truths start leaking out. He’s been unloved too long, and she’s been so lonely. Neither can tell where the fantasy ends anymore but then maybe it doesn’t matter. They’re happy. 

Eventually they have to return to reality. But with Lwaxana Troi in his corner, Tom’s life vastly improves. She gets him hired into the Betazoid Space Fleet and he rises rapidly through the ranks. He gets in touch with his sisters and his mother and when he’s captain of the Federation Ambassador’s ship, his father invites him home. With Lwaxana’s urging, they mend fences. He never goes to prison, never gets lost in the Delta Quadrant, is an adopted uncle to any little Riker-Trois, and has a beautiful Betazoid wedding of his own (probably to a shipmate). 

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it and/or write a scenario