How’s France doing these days?

, you might ask. ‘Laurine posted such alarmist stuff, police violence and islamophobia, did it all go away while everyone left for the French Riviera? Or has it become a dictatorship already?’

Well, I’m glad you asked! Just last week - and I repeat: in one week -, the French police gave a fine to: women who were wearing burkinis (those swimming suits with a veil made for Muslim women who wear a veil); women wearing shorts while in the sea, a woman wearing her veil while at the beach. When the last one, named Siam, was called out by the cops, people started to get closer, cheer on the cops, and yell nationalist and racist stuff at her. According to a witness, she probably was reported by someone, as the cops went directly toward her when they got there.

In other news, Sarkozy’s running for presidency again! You might remember The Infamous, ridiculous clown who run France already once before President Hollande, and shares conservative, homophobic, racist, high class oriented ideas with the Front National (extreme right-wing). So in 2017 we might have to chose between a left-wing that actually shares right-winged islamophobic ideas, Sarkozy, and extreme right-winged.

The Labor Law we fought so hard against for months passed thanks to the Article 49-3, which allows to pass a bill without a vote. So liberty, much democracy! Hollande said that anyway there were no real opposition in the street and that students never opposed it, when they had to close several university in the whole country, including the Sorbonne, to avoid general assemblies against the law.

And last but not least, the Manif pour Tous is back! They’re those homophobic, transphobic fuckers, often extremist catholocist, attached to gender roles, who opposed gay wedding for years. They’ll march on september again.
But hey, we’ll be there to fight.

So you might have noticed that I’m just a tiny bit angry with what’s happening in my country. France is going fascist, and we need to do something about it or it’ll end badly.

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