May have triggering photos

So remember when ISIS attacked Paris?

This happened:

What did Paris do?

What did it cause?

Have you heard about the story of the Austrian meat truck?

71 Syrian refugees died on the way to Austria inside a meat truck by choking, the truck included multiple children and a baby, also a few women and men.

Has #prayforsyria trend worldwide?

Did Facebook change their icon to Syria’s flag?

Did the buildings of the world change their lights to the color of the Syrian flag?

Did people change their icons to the Syrian flag? 


What about Palestine? 

Did Facebook change their icon to the Palestinian flag?

Did #prayforpalestine trend worldwide?

Did the buildings of the world change their lights to the color of the Palestinian flag?

Did people change their profile picture to the Palestinian flag?


What about all the Islamic countries that people die in every day that are not recognized by anyone? What have people done to the people who are dying? Did we all forget that we are all human? That we are all supposed to be keeping each other steady? That we share this one world? If everyone is going to take sides and/or ignore other countries in need we will all fail to be human; we simply become no different than animals.

Spread love, not hate.

(sorry for my bad English, it is not my native language)


Rare and beautiful sewing kit. The carved shell lid mounted cabinet and engraved gilt engraved inside and blue silk.
It contains 8 pieces, crystal, pearl and vermeil. 5 have a thought embedded in enamelled gold (emblem luxury items sold in galleries of the Palais Royal.
Apart from instruments dedicated to sewing, this box presents two round boxes for cosmetic and a rare crystal bottle carved forming theater telescope 2 draws.
Very nice condition. A hair to die.
Dimensions: 16 cm x 13 cm
 Paris, c. 1815-1820