Earlier this year I went to Paris with PayPal and Passion Passport. My brief was simple - explore the city, meet the locals, seek out an experience which is different from the usual tourist routes - and report back! 

It was a dream assignment, and one which allowed me to wander and explore and talk with so many fantastic people. I have to say that my opinion of the City of Light was forever changed on that trip, and I cannot wait to go back…

I wrote a few blog posts (with photographs!) about my time in Paris, which you can find here and here - hope you enjoy them!


Paris, July 2015 - 2 lovely couples who made my heart melt.

The guy with the hat was taking pictures of his girlfriend, while she was asleep. He had the most genuine, tender, and loving look on his face. He was looking at her and touching her like she was art.

and in the background, these two beautiful girls kept hugging and nuzzling each other. The gestures felt so intimate, the whole world around them went blurry whenever you’d focus on them.