I was wanting to do a comic of LadyBug and Chat sharing a Lock on the Pont des Arts bridge, or what tourists call Bridge of Love, but doing research, it’s actually banned now, and the locks have been removed. (It was basically an all tourist thing, not many Parisians participated)

What I thought (me and My naive American self) was just a cute romantic gesture was actually harming the cultural relativity and historic landmarks across Paris, as it wasn’t just contained to that one bridge.

The weight of the locks on the bridge was breaking the banisters. With a count of 700,000 locks and the overall weight to that of about 20 elephants. That’s insane.

So if you planned on doing that in the future, or wanted to see it, it’s not there anymore, and don’t add onto it.

Be sure the respect Paris and their desire to protect it’s landmarks, even from something that seemed harmless.

The more you know, friends.