parigi roubaix


Ah…sometimes the really good races are the most frustrating to make videos for. This was a great event but when stuff effectively never stops happening, there’s not a lot of room to have fun and pull out the little threads that run through a race. 

Plus Hayman had no consistent behavior that lead to his victory—until around 40k to go, he was putting quite a bit of effort into making attacks and following moves that made sense for a guy in the break, but not for a potential winner. 

And for all EQS’ early work making the split stick and Vanmarcke’s cobbled brilliance to repay his repeated teammate bailouts, exhaustion (or the lack thereof) and not tactics really seemed to be the final selector. So a general recap of the action took up most of my attention. Which—to me, anyway—always feels a little off.



via | Milano Manetta