Stan Lee @ A Panel Quotes

Person at the mic : Thank you for my childhood.

Stan Lee: “That’s all very nice, send me money.”


Person at the mic: Who’s your favourite of your children?

Stan Lee: “Spiderman!”


Stan Lee:“Jack Kirby was simply the greatest. In fact I gave him the nickname, Jack "King” Kirby.“


Person at the mic: Out of all the characters you’ve made which one best represents you?

Stan Lee: "Tony stark of course, he’s handsome, intellegent. No, they all represent me I made them up damnit! Especially the hulk…”


Stan Lee: “Comics should represent all people. They’re should be overweight, skinny, bald…”


Stan Lee: “I’m going to prove to you what a bad memory I have. You may have wondered why all of my characters have the same initials for their first and last name, like Peter Parker, whatever…because if I could get the first name then I knew the last started with the same letter!”


Person at the mic: Are you a watcher?

Stan Lee: “I don’t like an ordinary civilian to probe with a question of such magnitude. I am not permitted to give you a direct answer, but let me say, in no precise way, you’re on the right track.”


Stan Lee: “I have never thought I write stories for any special group of people. I like to think in writing stories for me…Its easier to please yourself - if you get that excited about what you’re writing the chances are that your readers are going to get excited in the same way…When you write please yourself, write something that you are interested in, and the chances are you aren’t that unique, there are going to be a lot of people that think and like the same things.”


Stan Lee: “I would never try to change what another writer writes.”


Person at the mic: What do you feel about the captain America hydra arc?

Stan Lee: “CAPTAIN AMERICA WENT TO HYDRA!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING? I don’t read the books anymore either, because my eyesight is going, why did he do that?”

Person at the mic:So I take it you disapprove?

Stan Lee: “YES.”

Mod:“Stan Lee is officially pissed off!”

 Stan Lee: “Yes.”


Stan Lee: “If you were writing the the word comic book how would you write it?
A lot of people would write c-o-m-i-c space b-o-o-k. THAT IS SO WRONG. comics are not a funny book, and if you write comic space book, you mean a funny book, and Batman is not funny.”


Person at the mic: What do you feel is the best message to tell the kids today?

Stan Lee: “Read Marvel. *laughter* Well I actually have a cause that I’m espousing right now, I’m starting something called respect and it’s a black hand shaking a white hand in an expression of solidarity.
      Whatever religion you belong to or don’t belong to, the most important thing tthta human beings can live up to, and it’s only one sentence and ten words, and life would be paridise. Do unto others as you’d have others do unto you.


Person at the mic: Any words of encouragement for creativity?

Stan Lee: "Everybody does things his or her own way. There are no secrets, I don’t know what advice to give people…reach the point where you become a good judge yourself…If you reach the point where you can become a good critic of what other people do, then when you go to do it you can do well because you already know what to do and what not to do…I just fell into it, I was making comics and they decided to make them into movies, and suddenly I’ve become the words most famous cameo star.”


Person at the mic: Are you going to be doing a cameo in infinity war?

Stan Lee: “If they ask me to, I certainly will. I love doing them…I was in North Carolina recently, and I did four cameos for four different movies and I don’t even remember, but if it’s a movie I’m probably in it.”


Stan Lee (on Cap’s shield in the First Avenger): “I HATED THE TRIANGULAR SHIELD, I MADE THEM CHANGE THAT TO ROUND.”

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Alien Covenant Poster & Illustrations; Chaos watches as the Rebel Angels are thrown into Hell & Michael Casts out all of the Fallen Angels by Gustave Doré from Paradise Lost by John Milton

Paradise Lost is about Adam and Eve–how they came to be created and how they lost their place in the Garden of Eden, also known as Paradise. It’s the same story you find in the first pages of Genesis, expanded by Milton into a very long, detailed, narrative poem.

Alien Covenant’s working script name was titled Alien: Paradise Lost 

The description of Hell as a geographical place has physical properties that we find in our own world, and we will later find in the description of heaven. There are mountains, valleys, rivers, and seas. I will be covering this theme in the next post.

The difference between Hell and Earth, and especially Hell and Heaven, is that Hell has the worst of nature. Milton emphasizes the awful, inescapable smells of Hell, the raging “perpetual storms,” the rivers with their “waves of torrent fire.” By drawing Hell as nature gone wrong, Milton also attempts to answer the age-old question of why, if God created this beautiful earth, does it sometimes seem to go against us. 

Why is there famine, flood, and fire that kill and destroy? Milton demonstrates that these events are nature perverted, nature not as it was intended to be. These events were caused by the creation of Hell and evil after Satan’s Fall.

Just as David’s Hell was created after he dropped the Black Ooze onto the Engineer planet.

The Gates of Hell is a monumental sculptural group work by French artist Auguste Rodin that depicts a scene from the Inferno, the first section of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. It stands at 6 metres high, 4 metres wide and 1 metre deep (19.7×13.1×3.3 ft) and contains 180 figures. The figures range from 15 centimetres (6 in) high up to more than one metre (3 ft). Several of the figures were also cast independently by Rodin.

I thought I’d include this because the Gates of Hell have been likened to the poster as well. They are based on the Inferno section of The Divine Comedy.

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