Jack Gilinsky imagine

I sucked my stomach in looking in the long mirror on the back of my room door. I pulled the long sleeves of my shirt down, covering up my bruses. I cheeked the time on my phone. Spinning the door open, I ran down stairs, almost tripping over the empty bottles on the stairs. The sent of strong liqueur and coke filled hit me like a wrecking ball half way down the stairs.

I began to clean the living room, stepping over the almost dead like bodies in my living room. The stench was so bad my eyes begane to water. Checking the time again I almost tripped over my own feet as I heard the door bell ring.

I opened the door to reveal my best friend. “ jack” I almost streaked
I Hadn’t seen jack in almost 2 weeks, because of magcon. We lived next to each other for about our hole lives. I Been though everything for him, and him for me. We, were so close we promised is we both weren’t married by 26 we’d marry each other. Be I didn’t really think that would happen.

I rapped my arms around his neck as he chuckled, then rapped his arms around me. After a few seconds he let go.“ Come on we’re gonna be later” he hissed at me. I stepped in the door grabbing my pink backpack from the coat rack. I smiled at the picture of my dad. And ran out the door slamming it, probably waking up my stepdad and mother.

My step dad’s name was Edgar. My mom had married him about two years after my father died in Iraq. Somehow mr. Mrs. Gilinsky had convinced me that it would be good for her, boy were they wrong. Most of the time when jack was home I spend dinners over ther, and sometimes when he wasent. My mom didn’t clock much. Somehow somebody convinced my mom It was my fault my father died in Iraq.

I pulled the door of his black range rover opened. The Radio was blasting “lil” Wayne. I quickly pulled out the cd that was in my book bag. And popped in. Jack began to drive to the other jacks house. When we arrived the other jack looked hert I was sitting in the front.

“ yeah get in the back Johnson” I stuck my thoung. He oped in the back and popped his head phones in, seeing in as how we diddent like the same music.

I diddent see the guys again until lunch, Johnson was with his girlfriend god knows where. “ Jamie asked me to winter formal ” he said sitting down at my table.

“You should go with her, you don’t get asked out much you ugly duckling” I joked with him. The other at our table chuckled

“ what am I ?” Jack asked giving me a chance to redeem my self, but I being the stubborn girl I was wasn’t going to take it.

“ I said you are and ugly duckling” I said pointing to his chest" his fingers impede styling began at my rids witch had marks on them so it stung. I chuckled, “stop jack your hurting me” I blurt out. I squirm around trying to get away from him I flail my arms around. As I flailed my arms my sleeve began to slip down.

He saw it. He quickly stopped tickling me. I pulled my sleeve down as fast as I could. We went back to specking to the rest of the group. I had next period with jack.i knew I was going to get yelled. Or a note written in all caps. I was bracing myself. When the bell rang I quickly walked of of the cafe not waiting for jack like normal.

I walked into my chem classes, and sat at the double desk me and jack shared. Jack walked in the room at the last possible second. He was carrying a chem book that we wasent before, and I knew he had been to his locker.the lesion begane I wasent really paying atenchion, thinking about what was I going to tell him. My butt vibrated. I pulled out my phone and read the text form under the desk

“ WHO DID IT (y/n) ” I wanted to say “I’d dosent mAtter” or that “ I wasn’t hurt” or even “ it only happen once ” but we both knew that ether one would have been a lie. I didn’t say anything I dident text him back I diddent want to he couldn’t make me. ….

“ we haven’t done a project this unit, so we will do” as usual projects are 35% of you grade, and no you do not got to pick partners, you will be partnered with the person next to you" he had though of everything didn’t he.

“ how are we suppose to due a chem project at home? My mom doesn’t let me use deadly acids at home” a random kid closer to the back blurted out. The hole class chuckled, even me, who quickly stopped because of my sides hurting. Jack noticed

“ figure it out Simon ” mr. Nicks groaned back at the boys stupidness.“ You have the rest of class to talk about the project. No side tracking ” ’ he announced to the hole class. I mentally face palmed. Jack scooted his chair towards mine. Pulling up my sleeve suddenly

The boy gasped seeing them go up my hair. “(Y/n) who” he whisper yelled. I tried my best to fight the tears, but one by one they started to fall. “Who?” He whispered

“Edgar” I said quietly, nut just loud enough for him to hear. I barrier my face in his chest as he hugged me then the bell rang. I gathered my tears up and walked out of the classroom pulling my sleeves down so no one could see my arms. I didn’t see jack for the rest of the school day. And I knew the conversation wasn’t over.

At the end of the day, I waited for jack by my locker just as I always had. Jack raved at my locker. Embarrassing me in his arms. Not saying a word. He walked me to his car and I hopped in.the car was filled with aka-ward scilenc. Our silence before had never been aw akward. Just nice.

He stopped the car at his house. And got out I hopped our and started to go to mine but he stopped me pulling me in the direction of his home.“ No!” He spoke I listened. We went to his house his parent weren’t home. Jogging up to his room, I saw jack go into the kitchen. I walked into the space I had been in millions of times, but this time it just felt weird. I said there awkwardly. I heard the door lock and locked up to see jack walking towards me. I stood up when he reached me not knowing what I should have done.

He pulled my sweatshirt off and laid it on his bed. I was wearing a short sleeve white t-shirt and dark blue skinny jeans, and dark blue converse. I tried to cover the bruises up and down my arms. He pull them away from each other. He looked mad. I’d never seen him this mad. “ are there any more ” he asked in a whisper, looking into my eyes. I didn’t answer he could make me “do you have anymore(y/n)” he reframed himself. I looked down

“ yes” I quietly spoke. I didn’t want this I didn’t do anything to disperse this, or at least that’s what I thought at first. Not now .

“ where?” He questioned. I wiped a from my eyes, but soon they where falling like Niagara. He hugged me. Tight it hurt. But I didn’t want him to let go.

“ everywhere I whispered in his ear” I just healed on for dear like it might have been the last thing I would have held on to.

Part 2 tomorrow :)