pariah song

Serpent Song

Listen to the hissing
Of the unabashéd pariahs
Whispering serpent-songs
We were in the Garden –
Walking on the Aegean –
Slicing at the goat’s gizzard –
From the Oracle’s maw
We follow her behest
Tasting at the entheogens
And breathing in the poison vapors
Diving into cenotes – skyward to the mount
Into labyrinthine caves – riding on the serpent’s back
Our Gods are many – our Gods are dead
We are Death – and Life,
Walking in the Waking Worlds
And traversing the Dreamtime;
We have the power to change –
Extrospected forces from within
And when the empires fall away
We remain:

Singing the Serpent Song.

Made a small but pretty important change today to Ahri’s skin tone.

It might not seem like a big deal but this change is a huge weight off my shoulders and I’m very happy with it for a lot of reasons.

(Really, her hair should be white/light blonde but I’m kind of attached to the pink haha.)