pariah song

Serpent Song

Listen to the hissing
Of the unabashéd pariahs
Whispering serpent-songs
We were in the Garden –
Walking on the Aegean –
Slicing at the goat’s gizzard –
From the Oracle’s maw
We follow her behest
Tasting at the entheogens
And breathing in the poison vapors
Diving into cenotes – skyward to the mount
Into labyrinthine caves – riding on the serpent’s back
Our Gods are many – our Gods are dead
We are Death – and Life,
Walking in the Waking Worlds
And traversing the Dreamtime;
We have the power to change –
Extrospected forces from within
And when the empires fall away
We remain:

Singing the Serpent Song.

-"Happy Birthday, mi amor.."-

thesocialpariah submitted:

The next morning came, and Pariah found herself stirring a little. Not in a bad sense of course, as she was still as close as she could be to Overmind. But today was a particularly special one, and she’d already had most of what she was going to do prepared so that she could spend it all with the taller man.

So long as he didn’t mind of course.

All that aside, she crawled over onto the pillow,  and started to gently run her fingers through his hair, and gently started to place a few kisses on his face, quietly singing…

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..” She carried on, but she started to move towards his bottom lip.. “Happy birthday, mi amor.. Happy birthday to you..” Pariah finished her song, leaving the last of her kisses for the moment on his bottom lip. She wondered if this would gently wake him up and hopefully he wouldn’t have minded that either..

Overmind had been sleeping very peacefully after their night out together the previous evening, still dreaming of their kisses under the stars. Even when she touched his hair a put a few kisses on his forehead he still remained asleep, though he did smile faintly.

It wasn’t until an incredibly sweet sound reached his ears that he started to wake up. There were very few things that sounded as lovely to him as his darling singing.

He slowly blinked open his eyes just in time for her to kiss his lip, at which point said lips spread out into a smile before her. “Oh, how nice~” he cooed softly, puckering his lips to get a quick kiss on her.