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Hi sleuth! Why did the woman(disguised as a pretzel vendor) want a picture of the Baudelaires?

Good evening, @yjttdc!

For reference, this woman appears in Lemony’s recollection of the afternoon the Baudelaire family took a bath in the Fountain of Victorious Finance. This happens just a few months before the fire:

With the morning sun blazing overhead, and the sea sparkling at the edge of the coastal shelf, their surroundings seemed as far from trouble and treachery as that afternoon in the Fountain of Victorious Finance. But trouble and treachery are rarely as far away as one thinks they are on the clearest of days. On that faraway afternoon in the banking district, for instance, trouble could be found in the corridors of the towered building, where the Baudelaires’ mother was handed a weather report and a naval map that would reveal, when she studied them by candlelight that evening, far greater trouble than she had imagined, and treachery could be found just past the fountain, where a woman disguised as a pretzel vendor took a photograph of the laughing family, and slipped her camera into the coat pocket of a financial expert who was hurrying to a restaurant, where the coat-check boy would remove the camera and hide it in an enormous parfait glass of fruit that a certain playwright would order for dessert, only to have a quick-thinking waitress pretend that the cream in the zabaglione sauce had gone sour and dump the entire dish into a garbage can in the alley, where I had been sitting for hours, pretending to look for a lost puppy who was actually scurrying into the back entrance of the towered building, removing her disguise, and folding it into her handbag, and this morning on the coastal shelf was no different.
[The End, Chapter Five]

The woman disguised as a pretzel vendor seems to give her photograph to Esme (a financial advisor), who later gave it to playwright Al Funcoot (Count Olaf’s pen name).

As recalled in the un-Authorised Autobiography, V.F.D. is constantly watching the children of its members for future kidnapping/recruiment. This is important as both sides of the Schism frequently steal apprentices from one another (this notably happens in “All The Wrong Questions” and kickstarts the entire plot).

So I would argue that Olaf and Esme were already planning to capture/adopt the Baudelaire children and use them for their own ends. This is heavily implied by Dewey:

“Once there were safe places scattered across the globe, and so orphans like yourselves did not have to wander from place to place, trying to find noble people who could be of assistance. With each generation, the schism gets worse. If justice does not prevail, soon there will be no safe places left, and nobody left to remember how the world ought to be.”
“I don’t understand,” Violet said. “Why weren’t we taken, like you?”
“You were,” Dewey said. “You were taken into the custody of Count Olaf. And he tried to keep you in his custody, no matter how many noble people intervened.”
“But why didn’t anyone tell us what was going on?” Klaus asked. “Why did we have to figure things out all by ourselves?”
“I’m afraid that’s the wicked way of the world,” Dewey said, with a shake of his head.
“Everything’s covered in smoke and mirrors, Baudelaires. Since the schism, all the research, all the observations, even all of the books have been scattered all over the globe. It’s like the elephant in the poem your father loved. Everyone has their hands on a tiny piece of the truth, but nobody can see the whole thing.

[The Penultimate Peril, Chapter Eight]

The fact that Olaf ended up with the children of his worst enemies had everything to do with the organization, allthough instead of brainwashing them into his minions he seemed more concerned about stealing their money. That was his big mistake. To prepare this, he would have needed photographs of the family.


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Litha Celebration Recipes

Traditional Pagan foods associated with The Litha Sabbat are fresh vegetables of all kinds and fresh fruits of yellow, orange, and red. Fresh fruit juice mixed with 7-Up compliments any meal.

Since Litha is a time for the young and childlike play, the following recipes are geared towards teens preparing the meals. Here are some easy dishes that can be both fun and symbolic.

Sun’s Up Cobbler

1-1lb 14oz can (3 ½ cups) halved peaches
3 slices slightly dry bread (toast on light)
1 tbs. cornstarch
¼ cup butter or margarine, melted
¼ tsp. salt
1/3 cup sugar
1 tbs. lemon juice
½ tsp. ground cinnamon
¼ cup butter or margarine
¼ tsp. ground nutmeg

Drain peaches, reserving 1 cup syrup.
In a pan, combine cornstarch and salt and slowly blend in reserved syrup.
Over med-high heat, cook and stir until mixture comes to a boil.
Reduce heat and cook and stir for 2minutes.
Add lemon juice, butter or margarine and peaches.
Heat JUST to bubbling.
Pour into 10x6x11/2 inch baking dish.

Cut bread lengthwise into 1 inch strips.
Dip into ¼ cup melted butter, then into mixture of sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
Arrange over peaches.
Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes or until toasty.
Serve with cream (optional)
Makes 6 servings.

Lunchtime Cranberry Sun Mold

2 -3oz packages orange flavored gelatin
2 7oz bottles ginger ale
1 1lb can whole cranberry sauce
2 oranges, peeled and sectioned
1 83/4 oz crushed pineapple, undrained
1 grapefruit, peeled and sectioned

In saucepan, combine gelatin and cranberry sauce. Heat and stir until almost boiling. Stir in undrained crushed pineapple and ginger ale. Remove from heat and stir until fizzing has stopped. Pour into round mold. Chill until set. Unmold onto a serving dish with a layer of lettuce leaf bedding.

Garnish with orange and grapefruit sections.
Top with alternating orange and grapefruit sections in a “pinwheel” array.
Serve as salad or dessert.

High-In-The-Sky Sunny Sandwiches

4 French rolls
4 slices pressed ham
Butter or margarine, softened
4 slices salami
Several lettuce leafs
2 hard cooked eggs,sliced
4 ounces sharp cheddar cheese
French salad dressing

Split rolls lengthwise, cutting to but not through crust at back.
Spread cut surfaces with butter or margarine.

For each sandwich: Cover bottom half with a couple lettuce leafs, then slice cheese and cut lengthwise for julienne strips and add a few strips, fold slices of ham and salami and add.
Place egg slices (3) atop folded meats.
Drizzle approximately 1 tbs. of French salad dressing over each sandwich.

Makes 4 servings.

Setting Sun Taco Salad

1 pound ground beef
¼ cup green bell pepper, chopped
1 package dry taco mix
½ cup sliced ripe olives
¾ cup water
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1 med head lettuce, shredded
1 6oz package corn chips
1 large tomato, halved and sliced
1 small onion, sliced and rings separated

In skillet, brown the ground beef.
Sprinkle in the package of taco mix and stir in the water. Simmer uncovered for approximately 10 minutes.
In a salad bowl, combine all the rest of the ingredients except the chips.
Divide salad onto 4-6 plates, spoon meat mixture on top, and garnish with chips.

Bright Memories Parfait

1 23/4 oz package vanilla custard mix (no bake type)
½ tsp. vanilla
2 cups milk
1 1lb 5oz can pineapple pie filling
2 3oz packages cream cheese, softened

In sauce pan prepare custard according to the package directions using the milk.
Remove from heat.
Gradually stir cheese into hot mixture, mixing well.
Stir in vanilla.
Chill custard mixture and pie filling separately until ready to serve.
When ready to serve, spoon alternate layers of mixture and pie filling into parfait or juice glasses.
Top with some type of berries if desired.
Serves 6.

Warm Glow Applesauce

8 med apples,
cored, pared, and cubed 2 tbs. lemon juice
¼ cup sugar
5 or 6 drops red food coloring
¼ cup water

Put apples, sugar, water, lemon juice, and food coloring in blender; cover and blend until smooth.
Heat in sauce pan on low to serve warm, or chill.
Makes 4 1cup servings.

Source. –Adapted by Akasha Ap Emrys to share with all her friends and those of like mind–

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hi there - I'm currently preparing to celebrate the upcoming Solstice, but I'm having difficulties preparing activities etc for the people coming, I've found some colouring in forthe kids to do, but they're normally quite good at entertaining themselves, I'm just more worried about the adults. Out of the 20 who are attending, only 2 of us really follow the Pagan path, and she seems to think that we should jump over a fire pit - I've been on Google, but can't find anything - HELP :( <3

Hi there. This might get a bit long but bear with me.

The Bonfire
Traditionally people stayed up all night on Midsummer’s Eve to welcome and watch the sunrise. Bonfires were lit on tops of hills, by holy wells, at places held sacred, to honour the fullness of the Sun. At Litha the bonfire really represents a reflection of the Sun at the peak of its strength. The chosen wood would often be Oak and aromatic herbs were scattered into the fire. People danced around the fires and leap through them.

All herbs are reaching their peak at this time of year and thus the fullness of their healing and nurturing potency. Giving a bunch of herbs as a gift on Midsummer Day is wonderful.

All of the flower kingdom is reaching its peak, wide open, full of colour, surrendering their perfume. Pick flowers, make bouquets, arrangements or flower crowns. Give them as a gift or use them as decoration.

Have a barbeque
Invite all your family and friends over. Decorate with colors of the sun – yellows, reds, and oranges. Feast on lots of summery food, like watermelons, strawberries, and fresh green salads. Add outdoor games like horseshoes, ladder golf, and backyard volleyball. While you’re at it, set up some kind of water activities – water balloons, super soakers, a pool to splash in. All of these are great outside activities in the heat of summer, and help celebrate the balance between fire and water.

Some food and drink
Honey Cake. Bees are so special, and make that golden nectar we know as honey - a reflection of the life-giving Sun. Honey itself is full of life-giving properties, and a Honey Cake is a perfect way to celebrate Midsummer, or to give as a gift. Make it with locally produced honey if you can. But wherever the honey has come from, think of the land and blossoms and bees that made it.Ingredients:225 gms Butter
250 gms Honey
100 gms Dark Muscovado Sugar
3 Eggs, beaten
300 gms Self-Raising FlourCut the butter into pieces and heat slowly, adding the honey and the sugar. When fully melted, turn up the heart and boil the mixture for one minute. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.Add the beaten eggs to the cooled honey mixture. Sift the flour into a large bowl and beat the liquid honey mixture into it until you have a smooth batter.Pour the mixture into a round lined sponge tin and bake in a preheated oven at 160C for about 50 mins - or until the cake is well-risen and springs back to the touch.Cool on a rack and glaze with a few tablespoons of warm honey.

Midsummer Passion Punch from Hearth & Home Witchery

Leaves from 4 sprigs of mint
¼ cup sugar
4 cups seltzer water
6 cups passion fruit juice
1 lime
ice cubes

Bruise the mint leaves with the sugar in a mortar and pestle. Transfer the mix to your punch bowl. Pour seltzer water and fruit juice over the leaves. Squeeze in the juice of the lime. Add ice cubes. Substitute club soda or sparkling water for seltzer water if desired.

Fairy Nectar

2 cups milk per serving
1 tsp. honey
½ tsp. vanilla extract

Warm milk, be careful not to boil it. In each mug add your honey and vanilla. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

Bright Memories Litha Parfait from Hearth & Home Witchery

1 (2 ¾ ounce) package vanilla custard powder (no bake)
½ teaspoon vanilla
2 cups milk
1 (21 ounce) can pineapple pie filling
2 (3 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened

In sauce pan prepare custard according to the package directions using the milk. Remove from heat. Gradually stir cheese into hot mixture, mixing well. Stir in vanilla. Chill custard mixture and pie filling separately until ready to serve. When ready to serve, spoon alternate layers of mixture and pie filling into parfait or juice glasses. Top with some type of berries if desired.

These are just some suggestions. Being outside and with friends and family is already enough of a celebration. Put on some music or have a drum or dance circle if everyone wants to. Remember to include the children in your activities as well, being together is important.

Hope this helps you a bit.


“Here, say ah~” I lovingly say to my partner as I scoop a sizable portion of parfait from her glass with the intention of feeding it to her.

“̘͙̝͓̭̬̗ẠA͇Ą͚̗̖̠̥A̬͙Á̲̖̙̪A̧̫͈͇̦͍̯A͙͖͡AͅA̪A̹͉̩̪̘͇͓!͚̝͢!̡̣̗̭̮͇̞ͅ!!̞̩̮͕̙͓̕"̀ screams Tiamat, endless gallons of black, cursed mud pouring from her every orifice as her shrill shriek commands the legion of primordial horrors to do her biding.

MAYEM: The Sinner In Me Pt. 3


[Archive] [Cast]

It was funny how being a slime had ceased to be an insult, and started to be an excuse.

Gaster lived a few blocks away from the school in a small apartment building. Nothing especially fancy. Nothing bad looking, either, though. It was homey inside; a well-worn couch in front of a TV set. An open kitchen that looked rather unused with a melted MTT Parfait glass on the counter.

A refrigerator covered in childish drawings.

A wall and bookshelf full of photos of a pair of young skeletons. The most recent were in Snowdin from when Gaster had evidently visited them for some special occasion–Sans was holding a roll of paper declaring both himself and his brother to be sentries, grinning his usual grin.

The only strange thing was that.

Sans holding the scroll, rather than the person who should’ve been most excited.

It had been a long journey of acceptance for Goop over his years with Kid. At first he had hated it. Being called ‘goop’? His entire form? Being able to shift and feel nothing? Some of these things still bothered him, but a lot of them didn’t anymore.

It was nice not to worry so much about his appearance.

Goop smiled at the inside of the apartment, venturing over to the pictures of Sans and Papyrus in particular. The one of Sans holding the acceptance slip caught him a little off guard though.

“… Sans and Papyrus both sentries?”

They had been in his world too, but Papyrus was the one who wanted it the most.

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Breakfast from today! :)

Caramelized Cinnamon Banana Toast (403 calories)

-½ C Plain Greek Yogurt (70 calories)

-1/3 C Vanilla Source Yogurt (35 calories)

-½ tsp. Chia Seeds (10 calories)

-½ medium banana (52 calories)

Fry Together:

-½ tsp. Coconut Oil (20 calories)

-½ medium banana (52 calories)

-¼ tsp. Cinnamon (1.5 calories)

Topping on Bread:

-1 piece of Rudolph Bread (100 calories)

-¼ tsp. Cinnamon (1.5 calories) (or a little bit less)

-3 pecans (33 calories)

-4 almonds (28 calories)

Top the prepped yogurt mix on top of the toast (I kept some of it in the parfait glass and just ate it after the toast so it wouldn’t be too packed onto the toast) and top with the caramelized bananas, cinnamon and nuts! So good - combination of warm and cold always makes for a good breakfast!



Parfait tights & Parfait skirt
These beautiful tights and skirt feature delicious-looking tall and slim parfait glasses filled with fruit, chocolate and fresh cream. Enjoy looking stylish with this superbly sweet and cute design.

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STARISH and Quartet: how would they react after finding out their gf was once in an abusive relationship and is afraid that they will hurt her~

Natsuki - His eyes widen in shock, but he tried not to put the surprise into his tone. Instead he spoke calmly, placing his hands over his heart. “〇〇 is like a fairy to me. Too precious and delicate to harm. When we cuddle I might not want to let you go, but I won’t hold you against your will, either,” Natsuki proclaims.

Tokiya - The flinch she made when Tokiya moved to caress her cheek filled his heart with sadness. Lowering his hand, he sighed softly. “It’s alright. I won’t touch you if you don’t want me to. Time heals all wounds, and I hope someday you’ll let me help you heal them,” he speaks with great sincerity, gazing into her eyes with a loving look.

Cecil - Originally Cecil had planned on holding her close to him, but upon noticing that this made her very uncomfortable, he released her. “Is a pat on the head okay, at least?” he tilted his head. Stroking her hair, he smiled down at her. “You’re like a cat, 〇〇,” Cecil jokes, his eyes then becoming more serious. “To think that someone could hurt you…I’ll do everything in my power to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

Ren - He mentally curls his hand into a fist, wary of doing it in reality as not to scare her. If only Ren had met her sooner and gotten her to fall in love with him faster, perhaps then she would’ve been spared of the pain that would forever leave a scar. He exhales slowly. “I’ll work hard to make it so that someday, you won’t feel the need to give me permission to touch you,” Ren guarantees. 

Ittoki - It pains his heart now knowing that the person he loved had suffered so much. He puts it aside, showing her a warm smile. “There’s a reason you chose to go out with me, right? Deep down, you believe that I definitely wouldn’t hurt you. And I won’t. Is it okay…for me to hug you?” Otoya shyly inquires, waiting to gain permission before slowly wrapping his arms around her, giving a gentle hug with minimal squeezing.

Syo - “Some people in this world really make me sick,” Syo hisses, looking away from his girlfriend to mask the disgust he felt towards her former partner. However, turning back to her he tried to maintain an expression that let her know the one he was angry with wasn’t her. “It must’ve been hard when you realized you liked me, but I’m honestly happy you still moved forward. And I swear to you, I will never be like that coward,” Syo nods.

Hijirikawa - Masato does his research, looking into information on her ex and digging whatever he can. He keeps it in a folder, prepared to pull it out if that person ever tried coming into contact with her again. He knew that internally she was still suffering, but he held an overwhelming amount of respect towards her for facing her demons. “I don’t take embraces very lightly, so don’t worry about having to do those sort of things yet,” he mumbles in slight embarrassment.

Ranmaru - “Do I look like I’d be the same as that guy?” Ranmaru quietly mutters beneath his breath. “Hey. Every person in this world is different. Some are similar, some aren’t. I am not that guy, nor will I ever be,” he points out. It’s a bit irritating to deal with at first, but he puts everything into being patient for the one he loves.

Reiji - “What’s a perfect day without a bad day to make you realize its goodness?” Reiji philosophizes, holding one finger up to appear smarter. He flashes a goofy grin, “Let’s spend the rest of our days together doing things that bring joy, okay? The only time you’ll ever cry with me would be during a movie, or from being too happy!”

AI - Placing his headphones over her ears, he maintains a short distance between the two. Silently, Ai scrolls through a list of songs on his iPod before deciding on something soothing. “I can’t erase your memories of that monster,” he began, “but I can help make it easier to bear.”

Camus - “How unforgivable,” Camus shakes his head, not wanting to imagine the atrocities committed against his lovely girlfriend. He abandons trying to hold her hand tightly in his, and instead pushes forward his parfait glass. Scooping some of the sweets onto a spoon, he gestures for her to take a bite.

cutthroat kitchen au: porridge time (pt. 3)

pre-game | round one auction

  • if any of them thought that the normal kitchen experience came anywhere close to the cutthroat one
  • well they’d never had one of their arms tied to a woman half (or twice) their height
  • or their stoves replaced with a bunch of wood in a pot
  • chef carter tries not to let it get to her but at least they could have given her two campfires
  • this is just inefficient
  • or just had to work in the same kitchen as shaw i mean even that is a stressor in itself
  • shes like a tiny angry lintball
  • chef reese doesnt know whether to worry about stepping or her or being bitten on the calf
  • not to mention the way that harold finch is wandering around the kitchen
  • finch is enjoying the way that he can make chef reese freeze in place just by looking at him
  • no one’s ever had a crush on him before
  • at least, no one that he knows of (but then again he’s never seen the html shrines devoted to him on the cutthroat kitchen fan forums)
  • (which is probably for the better)
  • chef reese’s only sabotage is the camp stove, and his own failure to pick the right ingredients
  • (and his aching, burning crush on harold finch)
  • (loser)
  • originally he was going to do a coffee oatmeal with a bruléed banana topping and whipped cream
  • unfortunately his bananas are currently tumbling through the cutthroat kitchen laundry service
  • the oatmeal will still work on the camp stove, though. he just needs to figure out a topping
  • and to stop getting distracted by harold’s eyes
  • they’re so blue
  • why did he think this was a good idea
  • chef carter is making a polenta
  • and its going to be the best damn polenta that the judge has ever eaten in their life
  • shaw really wasnt thinking when she gave the military cook the ability to make a campfire i mean that IS part of training, shaw!! what were you thinking!!
  • she can’t help but brag
  • “good thing i spent all that time in basic training, right, chef shaw?”
  • her voice is like when you suck on a hard candy for too long and it cuts your tongue open
  • sweet. but sharp
  • shaw looks over
  • carters campfire is roaring in a cartoonish way
  • like she literally just breathed on it and it erupted into magnificent flames
  • what the fuck
  • shes like a dragon
  • an absolutely gorgeous, talented, dragon chef
  • put the feelings away, shaw. its time to cook
  • “i was hoping all that time in your state of the art kitchen made you forget your roots.”
  • that’s a lie and everyone knows it
  • “forgetting my roots isn’t in my nature, shaw”
  • “isn’t in mine, either”chef root throws in
  • reese and carter snort
  • shaw is speechless
  • if theres one thing more confusing than someone with a crush on her its someone with a crush on her who makes puns
  • she does the best she can to ignore root while literally tied to the woman
  • carter is making a ham and cheese polenta with a herb garnish
  • and shes not going to make a single mistake, mark her words
  • okay except when she just used paprika instead of red pepper flakes
  • it was red ok
  • she wasnt paying attention
  • no one needs to know
  • good thing harold is too busy staring at reeses ass when he bends over to notice
  • she has her shit together
  • and despite his near-constant blush, so does chef reese
  • which is in stark contrast to chef shaw and chef root
  • first off, the closer shaw gets a look at root’s basket, the more it becomes clear that the woman has no fucking plan
  • there’s oats. there’s definitely oats
  • a lot of chocolate. some fruits
  • there’s also.. tilapia?
  • and are those… quail eggs?
  • root’s dragging her over to the sink for water before she can look any closer
  • “i guess i can’t just stick the taser in here, can i?”
  • a metal pot of water
  • on a metal table
  • on a metal floor
  • this isn’t how shaw wanted to die
  • “don’t you dare, root.”
  • “have it your way, sweetie”
  • shaw wishes she’d stop batting her eyelashes
  • especially when they’re so pretty
  • it’s hard to remember she’s competition
  • she drags root over to her side of the station so she can start preparing her own shit while root tries to figure out how to warm her food
  • (she ends up burning a loaf of bread in a pot, and holding her other pot on top. finch lets it happen)
  • (probably because he hadn’t thought about that whole “electrocution” thing before filming)
  • (even geniuses have their off moments)
  • shaw was GOING to make a cream of wheat-fresh fruit reduction swirl
  • but lucky charms =/= cream of wheat
  • she throws the cereal in the food processor, loads it up with whole milk, vanilla, and melon chunks, and hopes for the best
  • there are no words to describe the dish that root is making because it doesn’t fit with any idea of a porridge that shaw’s heard of
  • the girl can chop, though. even with one hand
  • root’s technique is good
  • but everyone has to wonder if she has a little help behind the scenes with the concepts usually
  • after the 20 minute mark, even root and carter are too focused to make comments
  • 30 minutes is over too soon
  • except for shaw, for whom 30 minutes could not have come faster
  • she was seriously considering gnawing off her own arm just to have a free range of motion again
  • she thinks she probably could have finished the next two rounds before bleeding out
  • probably
  • “chefs? i believe your cooking time is over. if you could just step away from your stations…”
  • finch gets a good look at the food before the judge comes down
  • he’s actually… impressed
  • chef root’s bowl may look a little like a baked bowel movement, but everyone else has actually done quite a good job with what he gave them
  • he smiles a little, to himself, when he looks at chef reese’s dish
  • (that smile makes reese feels like he just won all 25k)
  • finch tries to convince himself not to favour the man too strongly just because he has such beautiful cheekbones
  • and such rugged hands
  • and such a pleasant disposition
  • and- well. finch tries to keep his thoughts civil
  • the judge comes down from the tower- lionel fusco, world renowned cookbook author/food critic. finch smiles when he sees him, and hopes that he’ll be able to catch a longing look from chef reese in the final cut of the episode
  • “what do you got for me today, glasses?” fusco says, clapping finch on the shoulder
  • fusco is a large man
  • finch is not
  • if he werent steeled for it the shoulder clap might have just sent him face first into a bowl of oats
  • reese doesnt notice, though, of course he doesnt, hes too busy watching the way that finchs fingers are tapping gently on podium in front of him
  • “hello chef fusco. i was thinking, if you were amenable, we might record an episode of cutthroat kitchen?”
  • carter snorts. she thinks she might get along with this guy
  • if it werent for the whole “food preperation based torture” thing
  • though she could probably get over that too.
  • carter can get over a lot of things
  • “yeah, very funny, big guy. what am i tasting today?”
  • finch chuckles. “porridge, chef fusco. after you.”
  • “chef carter, please tell chef fusco what you made.”
  • she has a bowl of yellow, creamy polenta. a smaller bowl than she anticipated, though- most of it got burnt to the pot
  • don’t tell chef shaw
  • it’s garnished with some fresh, green herbs, and paper-thin tomato slices
  • “what i made for you today was a smoky, cheesy fresh summer morning polenta, topped with a tomato salad”
  • fusco smiles back at her. she likes this lady  
  • he grabs a tomato slice with his fingers, pops it in his mouth. takes a spoonful of the polenta
  • he nods and sticks out his bottom lip in acknowledgement
  • “i like whatcha did here, carter-”
  • he says her name like “cah-ta”
  • it reminds her of her childhood. she likes it
  • “polenta? really good. tomato salad? really good.”
  • she beams
  • “the aftertaste, though? sorry to say, but it crosses over from “smoky” to “burnt”. overall, good dish. just be careful with that seasoning”
  • “yes, chef”
  • that isn’t a bad start at all
  • especially not compared to
  • “chef root, tell us about your.. creation”
  • it really does look like a turd in there
  • nestled in the plate like… in a toilet
  • “hey, lionel,” shes smiling with all her teeth
  • like she knows something he doesnt
  • “this is a chocolate-starfruit, um, fried oatmeal? it has a side of fresh cream, too.”
  • reese snickers. who the hell puts chocolate with starfruit?
  • fusco tries to break off a part with the spoon
  • its rock hard.
  • he keeps trying for a comically long time
  • ends up picking it up and taking a bite out
  • anyone whos seen the show knows that face
  • “chef root. you trying to poison me?”
  • for a second everyone worries that she actually is
  • “if i was, lionel, you’d know.”
  • finch frowns at the same time that chef shaw smiles
  • “this thing’s like tropical fruit hardtack. couldn’t eat another bite of it if i tried. and the presentation….”
  • “plus- that ain’t porridge”
  • cut to interview with root
  • “maybe lionel didn’t like my oatmeal biscuit. but sameen still had that cereal. i wasn’t worried”
  • when chef shaw describes her dish as a “marshmallow melon cream of wheat,” every muscle in finch’s body twitches
  • “unique. i like it”
  • fusco takes a dainty sip out of his spoon
  • “marshmallow, you said?”
  • “yes chef” shaw grimaces. she hates it when people question her
  • even celebrity chef lionel fusco
  • “yeah, i’m not tasting marshmallow. the melon ain’t bad, though. and you don’t see a warm melon dish that often- and you got me wondering why, now. it’s good”
  • holy shit. thats high praise
  • he takes a second spoonful and shaw feels like flipping off the rest of the contestants
  • “easy on the sugar next time, tiger”
  • “thanks, chef.”
  • “what do you have for chef fusco, chef reese?”
  • he’s served his coffee oatmeal in a parfait glass, swirled together with whipped cream
  • topped with a couple of espresso beans
  • he thinks it looks classy, at least
  • “this is a coffee & cream oatmeal parfait. thank you.”
  • hes such a quiet person compared to the other three
  • fusco dunks the spoon in, takes a bite
  • his eyes widen
  • reese looks at the other contestants for support
  • two -_-s and a ovo
  • thats not support
  • “ya weren’t kidding when you said coffee, were you?”
  • chef fusco regains his composure
  • well, what composure he usually has
  • “not bad, don’t get me wrong- it’s just strong. lemme take it with some of the cream”
  • he takes another bite. his expression is less dire this time
  • “great flavour development, though” hes nodding as he says it “definitely warn a guy next time, starbucks. all in all, it ain’t that bad”
  • “thank you, chef.”
  • director zoe speaks up from the sidelines
  • “reese. you have to stop whispering”
  • “thank you, chef” he says a little louder
  • its weird to hear him speaking at a regular volume
  • she gives him a thumbs up
  • the cameras stop rolling for a moment while harold and lionel eat some more of each dish, walk behind their podiums, chat a little
  • zoe counts them in
  • “so, chef fusco. the time has come for you to eliminate one of our contestant, here. sad as it may be.”
  • “yeah, glasses, i’m weeping over here. for my teeth, at least- chef root, i’m sorry to say, but the crispy fruit cacao puffs just aren’t doing it for me.”
  • close up on roots face
  • she doesnt even look disappointed
  • shes just.. there
  • its obviously unsettling finch. he clears his throat
  • “i’m going to need that 22,000$ back, chef root. i hope that your purchase was well worth the price.”
  • root walks up with her cash, turns around and makes sure her hair flips over her shoulder as she does
  • “wouldn’t change it for the world, harry”
  • shaw
  • shaw has no idea what to say
  • root winks
  • “see you in the green room, sameen”
The old woman recently lost her husband. That’s what the waitress tells me. I used to see the couple together in the cafe around four in the afternoon. Both of them handsome, well dressed, obviously happy in each other’s company. They talked a lot and you often saw them laughing at something the other said. You could easily tell they’d had a nice long life together. He would have coffee and some kind of sweetie– a slice of chocolate cake with a side order of whipped cream, or the wonderfully sinful cremeschnitte. In contrast, his wife always had just a cup of tea. I remember that because the first time I saw her alone (before he died I never saw either of them alone in the cafe), she was eating a big ice cream soda. Now whenever I see her there she is eating that same ice cream bonanza in a parfait glass. I asked the waitress if she always orders this now.The waitress looked at me a brief moment, understanding completely what I was asking, and then smiled sadly. I think both of us were silently wondering why the widow had waited until he was gone to do this.
—  Jonathan Carroll
Twenty-One | Meet the Tuckers | Part Two

Onyx |

Because I wanted to make a good impression with Ms. Tucker, I decided that I’d make some breakfast. I knew Tremaine wasn’t gonna fix it ‘cause he made it well-known that his mother was responsible for every meal of the day. He missed her cooking tremendously but, it’d be best if mama’s boy waited until tonight for his home-cooked meal. “What to make, what to make?” I sang, biting on my fingernail. I didn’t want to make a meal that was 


 lavish or, 


 basic. Impressing a parent was challenging and I loathed this part of being in a relationship. I dealt with it a total of three times and hopefully, Tremaine’s mom would be the last time.

Hint, hint


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