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yeah xD v v close to it. my parents made bets with both my brother and i when we were born- with my brother, dad said if it was a boy he got to name it, and if it was a girl mom got to name it. day comes, brother pops out, dad gets to name him. kind of. dad wants to name him fester, mom said no. my brother is named bryce instead (though i wish he’d been named fester. woulda been interesting to see how he’d turned out- angrier or actually humble or nice.)

anyway, cue five years later when i’m the bun in the oven and they make the same bet. mom bets boy, dad bets girl, winner gets to name. i pop out, grandma (dad’s mom) looks at my face and says “THATS A GIRL”, dad almost passes out (true story, he grew up surrounded by women 24/7 since he was like 12 or 13, he knew what was coming) and so dad wins the bet again. he wants B’elanna but mom said no star trek. then he says Lucrecia (great aunt’s name, also to confuse teachers) and mom says no again. so… I wound up Alanah. i don’t actually know where it came from. but.

i was very close to being B’elanna just because of a bet my parents made while i was in the womb lmfaoo if mom hadn’t have said no, i would have been uvu



Hidden in the hills of Moravia, it would be easy to overlook KRAS. For a long time it has been the centre for low – profile recreation, locals from the nearby city of Brno go to KRAS to pursue various activities both underground and above. Its karst topography is the epicentre of limestone climbing
and caving – it’s no wonder Adam Ondra, arguably the best rock climber in the world grew up climbing those formations.

But there is more to KRAS than those slippery holds that can destroy your rock-climbing dreams. There is the network of narrow roads intersecting beautiful canyons and valleys. There is the gullies that hardly ever see sunshine but also the meadows getting plenty of it year-round. For those who seek the freedom from the saddle of their bicycle, this is the Shangri-la.

The caves and sinkholes are big, the wind is crisp, the descents fast and the climbs crushing.

It’s real. Come and ride with us.

Director: Tomas Franta
D.O.P: Martin Kacvinsky
Rider: Jirka Parizek
Driver support: David Cadik
Music: Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa - W Boru Kalinka (intro remix)

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As a gay male, I would just like to apologize to the world for the trash that is Perez Hilton. He is a disgusting excuse for a person and exploits the gay community to be a sexist, racist, predatory, thing with no dignity, respect, class, or common sense. He is literally the Westboro Baptist Church of the LGBT community and for his existence, I am sorry. He in no way represents us.

a list of things i’d rather have leak than celebrity nudes:

  • Mockingjay trailer
  • 3 hour footage of adorable puppies and kittens
  • Bastille’s next five albums 
  • codes to get free things
  • the tires on Parez Hilton’s car
  • anything that doesn’t dehumanize another person on this planet