I just have so much going on right now. I am leaving for france and I am very excited but there is a lot to do. A lot of stuff. A lot. A lot. And I am freaked out. And I have been really sick and I can’T get sick again, and I am worried about the jet lag and not being able to sleep on the plane and I need drugs to help me sleep. But benadryl and other otc shit dont work because I use them all the time anyway. And I am really really freaked out. And my parentws keep yelling at me and I ahve so much school work to do. and I am freaked out. And she didn’t approve my sip project but I don’t have time to get it sorted out. And I have to keep my grades up so I don’T get my admission revoked, but I haven’t had time to keep my grades up and i am just at  breaking point. I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday God. help. me please holy shit and they took off the read more so now I am upset. And I have so much work catchup and this guy is being annoying about prom and I am not even allowed to sleep at my own house the next few days. I am so much anxiety as it is and I am worried and this is making it worse. God I wish I could help this anxiety but I don’t know what to do about it. And i need to get some sleeping pills. I am getting sick again and don’t know what to do.