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it would be so touching and so great for girls who get scoffed at for enjoying star wars like little girls can watch it with their dads and be included in the story its not just little boys and their dads girls can be the skywalker hero too they get this wonderful heroine to look up to and the rocky-turned-strong relationship she has with her dad who loves her more than anything in the galaxy and also !! also !! through ben and leia you kinda get a contrasting mother-son relationship too a strong mother who’s actually alive so little boys can take their moms with them to see the movie even better if leia plays a big role in ben’s return to the light a mother’s love for her son a son’s love for his mother a father’s love for his daughter a daughter’s love for her father these are two dynamics we’ve never had before in star wars and i am 100% here for them

This is the star wars I am here for

happy pride month especially to those who can’t be open offline and to their friends and family due to choice, personal safety, etc. i love all of you and i hope you have a wonderful pride month 🌈🌈🌈


“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone believes in the goodness in people.”

Roy T. Bennett

now, I don’t understand. Supernatural set Castiel up to be a father figure for Claire, right? That was the whole point of Claire’s storyline, to give Cas a sense of his own family etc etc

But then, supernatural also set up Dean as Claire’s father figure? But they didn’t do the same with Sam.

Like, that is something spn did ON PURPOSE.

they literally made Cas and Dean Claire’s dads.

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Their baby is an adopted baby girl, who they named Jinora Riko Mccree Shimada. She’s very spoiled with cowboy themed clothes and toys, which Hanzo disapproves of, but secretly loves the smile on his daughter’s face when he see’s her grin when Jesse gets her a pony of her own. The pony’s name is Isabel.

So I was rewatching The X files and I realized how much I wanted a superbat au of it. 

yeah but imagine zuko and katara having three children and like one is a firebender and one is a waterbender and their third kid is a nonbender but, like, zuko makes absolutely sure that their third kid gets absolutely the same love and respect as their other kids and teaches them how to be an absolute ninja BADASS who can actually go toe to toe with their bending siblings in a fight and they all spar together as a family and the kids come up with combined attacks on the sly to impress their parents and it’s just AAaAAAAAAaaaaaaa