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I'm considered a parental unit (to a few kids I mentor) and never considered Renny! I usually go by Bubba or Bub. What a nice term for nb parents! I hope you're having a good day/night!

I hope you are too!

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phantom parental unit I heard somewhere that Stephanie was deaf and is that true??like if so how's she gonna sing? I AM CONFUSED BLEP

she is! she didnt fully lose her hearing till she was, like, 16 i think? somewhere around there so she still knows how to talk

and even if she was deaf since birth ppl can get speech therapy and learn to talk so


Sheila Abdus-Salaam was a “trailblazing” judge in NY. Here’s why we should #SayHerName.

  • Sheila Abdus-Salaam — a judge for New York’s Court of Appeals — was found dead, floating on the Hudson River on Wednesday afternoon, after being reported missing earlier in the day. 
  • Law enforcement officials told CNN that the investigation is pointing to a possible suicide.Abdus-Salaam, the daughter of working-class parents, is the United States’ first Muslim female judge and the first black woman to be appointed into the city’s highest court. Her years of dedication to the law prompted New York Gov. 
  • Andrew Cuomo to appoint her to the Court of Appeals. Abdus-Salaam also earned the praise and respect of former Attorney General Eric Holder, her Columbia Law School classmate, who attended her swearing-in ceremony in June 2013.When news broke of her death, several news organizations didn’t mention her name in their headlines and their social media posts. 
  • “Body of US’s first female Muslim judge found in Hudson river: report,” The Hill tweeted. 
  • BuzzFeed and Fox News replaced Abdus-Salaam’s name with “first woman muslim judge in the US” and “black, Muslim judge,” respectively. The New York Post took the more simplistic approach: “Judge found dead in Hudson River.” Read more. (4/13/2017 3:20 PM)

TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

me, on my deathbed: i need to tell you something

my child, in tears: i love you

me: i love…

me: [Choreography Video] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴)-HIGHLIGHT


Karamel in 2x16 vs. 2x17

Aka, let’s talk about how much I love this parallel already.

For everyone who doesn’t have a supportive Mother figure in their life right now

I’m your mother, now. And your father. Even if you have a father figure, or if you don’t, I’m still here for you. Cheering you on. Ever need a shoulder to cry on or some advice, I AM HERE.

  • Me: Y'know what I love?
  • Anyone that's known me for five minutes: We know! You love Nicktoons Unite. You love to add ChalkZone and Bunsen is A Beast to the mix. Sophie is your biological child and Jimmy, Goddard, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Danny, Sam, SpongeBob, Patrick, Tak, ZIM, GIR, Manny, Jenny, Mr. Blik, Snap, and Bunsen are all adopted by you. You've watched gameplay of Nicktoons Unite and all the episodes of the series's. Twice! WE KNOW!
  • Me: Oh okay...
On March 8th, we strike together

This Wednesday, I will join other women at Tumblr and those across the world in striking on International Women’s Day, a commemorative day honoring the anniversary of the 1909 strike of the Ladies Garment Workers Union. With more than 20,000 women demanding better and safer working conditions in an unjust system, it was one of the largest union strikes in history.

A strike is not undertaken lightly, and many of the women on the front lines risked their lives in fighting for this deserved justice. It is crucial we acknowledge that strikes and human rights movements of the past have been predominantly led by low income women, immigrants, queer women, and women of color. They led, and are leading, the way to true equality.

For us, employees of Tumblr in 2017, a strike isn’t as risky. Tech is a male-dominated field, so a single day without women at Tumblr may simply mean a few empty chairs in meetings.

Tumblr provides good living wages, extensive health care coverage, and parental leave. In the United States, what should be human rights are instead considered benefits and perks associated with the tech elite and corporate class.

These privileges are why it’s imperative that we strike in solidarity with and for those who have more to lose.

On March 8th, we strike for women less fortunate than us. We demand public policy that guarantees equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, access to affordable health care, a safe workplace  and basic human rights for all women, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, disability, and gender preference. We strike in solidarity with low income women, native women, Muslim women, immigrants, LGBTQ+ and women of color who risk more than we do today.

We call for the male-dominated tech industry to hold themselves accountable for advocating for these policies. We urge all involved to use the power they have to pressure the current administration to advance equal rights for all women.

At 4pm on Wednesday, we’re attending the Women’s Rally in Washington Square. We hope you’ll join us.

Anna Niess
Caragh Poh
Katie Barnwell
Lily Derella
Lydia White
Davina Kim
Anela Chan
Megan Leet
Mary Cannon
Tiffany Chiu
Amelia Gapin
Bryana Sortino
Becca Bainbridge
Micaela Roberts
Michelle Johnson
Shubhra Kumar
Holly Tancredi
Margaux Olverd
Tanya Lett
Sarah Won
Jess Frank
Connie Li
Tamar Nachmany
Seda Yakamercan

  • Parental Unit: You know, if you actually got up and worked instead of sleeping all day, you'd probably have more energy to begin with.
  • My Spoonie Ass: You seem to be missing the problem here.
  • What he said: If you're buying
  • Me, having just seen the most recent episode: someone better figure out that Jughead Jones the Third is freaking homeless and has no job and therefore no more income and no parental units around to help and he's busting his butt to survive and be a good friend but NO ONE HAS NOTICED THAT HE'S ON HIS OWN SO PEOPLE BETTER KEEP BUYING HIM ALL THE BURGERS HIS LITTLE HEART DESIRES OR I'M GONNA LOSE IT