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10.12, About a Boy

This scene perfectly illustrates why I’m endlessly banging on about Dean not letting the crap define him and retaining his softer qualities. Dean shouldn’t have been given responsibility of his brother at such a young age. It was not okay. That’s a given. That’s not what I’m shouting about when I make gifs about Dean being caring or empathetic or embracing his nurturing side. This is what I’m shouting about. Dean didn’t have to come up with a hundred and one ways to make macaroni and cheese. He could have told Sam to can his complaints and just eat the damn food. But he was trying to make Sam happy. Just look at Dean’s face when he talks about how Sam found the fluffaroni exotic. That’s a good memory for him: making Sam that disgusting mac and cheese because obviously Sam was a fan. Sam freaking loved marshmallow fluff so much that his imaginary friend Sully brought him marshmallow nachos in 11.08. 

Dean obviously liked making his little brother happy, when all that was expected of him was to keep Sam safe. There was no make Sammy happy clause from John. He came up with that part by himself. 

The burden of taking care of Sam didn’t create the soft, nurturing part of Dean. But it didn’t take it away either, which is why I’m always yelling about soft Dean. He retained those qualities, despite all the crap he had to go through, and that’s what I love. 


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

me, on my deathbed: i need to tell you something

my child, in tears: i love you

me: i love…

me: [Choreography Video] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴)-HIGHLIGHT

Movie Date

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader, slight Stony


Could you please write a Peterxreader where reader is the youngest member of the team. One day they have a movie date in the tower and the team spies on them?Could it be in the point of view of the team?[bonus points if deadpool is in it] thanks <3            

Wade has created a chatroom.

Wade has added Natasha, Tony, Thor, Bruce, Steve, Clint, Vision.

Clint: What, Wade?!

Tony: Can we text later? You’re going to distract me!

Bruce: I need to ask, but is it not weird that us, adults, are spying on Y/N and Peter, our youngest and most loved members movie date in a very cramped up spot?

Natasha: If you don’t like it, then you can leave, Banner. It’s not weird. We are just being protective parental units/uncles/adopted android sibling.

Vision: Overprotective*

Steve: Should they be sitting so close? Natasha, should they? Maybe I should go in and sit between them.

Tony: I will kick your ass, Rogers! Don’t you dare ruin their date!

Thor: Grab him, Stark! I shall lay Mjolnir upon him so he may not move.

Steve: Try it and I will run off with Mjolnir!

Thor: You? Worthy? HA! Do not fight us!

Steve: I know you have your doubts. I know deep down you know that I was faking not being able to lift Mjolnir. Would you like to test me?

Thor: Anyone has any rope?

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Karamel in 2x16 vs. 2x17

Aka, let’s talk about how much I love this parallel already.

anonymous asked:

You ever notice how Dean always leaves generous tips? Like when he pays for things, he pulls out enough cash to cover it and then some for the tips. He doesn't really count it out, he just leaves like 10s and 20s to cover it and tip and stuff.

I sort of noticed this, the way he sometimes flings money around when he’s paying the tab at a restaurant or bar, but after searching through my gifs, I’m not entirely sure it’s just about generously tipping. He tends to throw money down without counting it when he’s in a big hurry. When Sam was all riled up in 3.11 and he had to chase after him: 

Or when he’s really eager to get to a case in 4.08: 

Or to get the hell out of a restaurant because Sam’s hell wall is caving in 6.13:

Or, when he’s almost a demon and he can’t be bothered to count out the money(or eat his cheeseburger either) in 9.23: 

When he does count out the bills, it’s hard to tell how much he’s leaving (like here in 10.07): 

Or here in 7.16

In Regarding Dean, he starts to count it out and then just tosses it all on the counter: 

I think it’s probably a combo of him often being in a hurry, and him being a good tipper, because Dean understands the plight of the working man (well, not that he has a paying job but he doesn’t have much money either so) and he’s always polite to waitresses and cashiers, etc. But I also doubt he’s a huge tipper for the same reason. Doesn’t have a lot of cash to spare. But what I do find especially interesting about Dean and his tab-paying is how it fits right in with my Parental Unit Dean discourse. When he’s with Sam, he always pays the bill. It’s never even discussed. Dean just opens the wallet and throws down the cash, much like any parental unit would. He’s with Sam in almost all the gifs above, except the one from 9.23. The Regarding Dean one is the only one Sam actually asks if he has cash which is not normal at all but it fits the tone of the episode with Dean losing his memory and regressing to a younger-like state

I wish we could have seen the dynamic when the boys are with Bobby. But although we saw them eating out together a few times, alas, there was no money involved. 

Forever regrets, man. Forever regrets. 


So I’ve been weirdly and wonderfully inspired by the work of @nicktoonsunite and a bunch of those awesome artists on here and I’m totally totally obsessed with my nostalgic buddies again. The headcannons of some tumblr folks… just yes… This follows up on a comic drawn so deliciously by nicktoonsunite, go check their blog out asap if you’re a nerd like me

And uh

I need a life too

Can anyone get me one of those

(or let me draw danny again hehehehehe)


13.04, The Big Empty

Okay, so bear with me for a minute, and excuse my muddled thoughts because I am still sorting them out, but I think I’m on to something. After watching this scene, I was the first one to ask what in the world Sam was thinking saying the drill sergeant thing worked with Dean, seeing as John’s way with Dean actually caused a massive amount of harm to Dean. And even though I think Sam doesn’t understand Dean entirely, because of the years Dean spent being his parental unit, and not sharing the dark things, I couldn’t help but think that there’s no way Sam is this unaware of the damage John’s parenting did to his brother. 

But while I was talking to @soluscheese, I had a bit of an epiphany while we talked this scene over. What if that’s not what Sam meant? What if Sam saying John’s drill sergeant method ‘worked’ with Dean doesn’t have anything to do with Dean’s mental health, but instead Sam is actually talking about ‘working’ in the context of his own belief that he went down the dark path because of the darkness placed into him by the demon blood? That he, Sam, went down that path, in part, because John drove him away with his drill sergeant ways? 

As in, Sam is saying that John’s drill sergeant ways didn’t put Dean on the wrong path because, as we know, Sam believes in the inherent goodness of his brother so the drill seargent thing, in that context, was okay for Dean (it couldn’t put him down the wrong path because Dean is inherently good and nothing can change that). We also know Sam doesn’t believe the same about himself–that he’s inherently good. And we know Sam is seeing himself in Jack, and harbors some of those same fears that Jack will go bad without the proper guidance (hence, the that’s not how we’re gonna get through to Jack comment). So maybe what Sam is actually saying is that John’s parenting (his drill sergeant ways) is what set Sam, himself, down the path of darkness. Not that John’s parenting was good for Dean, or benefited him in any way. The more I think about it, the more I think Sam’s comment doesn’t have anything to do with Dean, really, and it’s actually a comment about how John’s parenting messed Sam up. 

This City Never Sleeps

Word Count: 3421

Pairing: Eventual Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Requested: Nope

Warnings: Light cursing.

Summary: You learn Peter’s secret, and it doesn’t take long for him to learn yours.

Note: This is really reader-heavy. but I really felt that in order to move on in this verse I had to develop that character and her relationships with the other characters. So, sorry if you wanted more Peter, but I promise there will be more of him in future installments. Also this is the most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever written in my life.

“(Y/N)! Has Peter told you about his new internship yet?” Ned asked excitedly, sitting down at your usual lunch table. Peter wasn’t there yet, but that wasn’t abnormal. He had chemistry before lunch and had recently taken to spending some extra time in the lab before coming to eat.

“No,” you said. “I haven’t really seen him yet today.”

“Oh, man, I don’t want to spoil it for you but it is crazy!” Ned said.

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  • Me: Y'know what I love?
  • Anyone that's known me for five minutes: We know! You love Nicktoons Unite. You love to add ChalkZone and Bunsen is A Beast to the mix. Sophie is your biological child and Jimmy, Goddard, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Danny, Sam, SpongeBob, Patrick, Tak, ZIM, GIR, Manny, Jenny, Mr. Blik, Snap, and Bunsen are all adopted by you. You've watched gameplay of Nicktoons Unite and all the episodes of the series's. Twice! WE KNOW!
  • Me: Oh okay...

u kno jin could’ve easily grown up to become a spoiled dependent rich kid who couldn’t fend for himself but jin is p much? the opposite of that?

like he has proven himself to be so responsible and self-sufficient (often cooking for himself and the other members, always cleaning up after himself, literally the only member to not lose anything in bv season 1 sjdkdl, i could go on) and yea idk i just,,, i just really respect jin for that