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I was born and raised a Catholic and go to a catholic school, but I disagree with many of the church's teaching. Especially when it comes to gay marriage, divorce, and things like that. My parents are divorced (most of the ppl I know have split up parents) and my stupid religion teacher was pushing anti-gay and anti-divorce teachings and I was about to slap her but also I hate confrontation. I went home and ranted to my best friend until I was in tears. Long story short, atheism has its appeals

Wait, no! Please don’t stop believing in something because of a religion teacher! I’m so sorry she made you feel this way. Yes, she is, in my opinion, wrong about talking about anti-gay and anti-divorce, but you should not take that to heart. There are many people in the atheist community that continue to bash and insult theists, which is wrong as well. 

And I recall, if I’m not wrong, Pope Francis accepting gay people? Or am I just making that up? Nonetheless, there’s plenty of different opinions and teachings in each religion, and you should decide which ones you believe and which ones you don’t. Not many people agree with everything in their religion 100%. Please don’t let this woman discourage you from believing in God, make that choice yourself. 

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Do you think Gideon and Rumbelle will talk about why he wanted his parents to split up so badly? They never really explained that, or why Belle listened to him.

I hope so but sometimes leaving an idea with the writers is like abandoning a baby in a trashcan and hoping it will come back a well developed adult.  In this case literally.

Skam has covered the following topics in just 30 episodes:

- Friendships
- Romantic Relationships
- Cheating
- Lying
- Bullying
- Drugs and alcohol
- Sex
- Violence
- Religion
- Sexuality
    - Self discovery
- Rape
- Child pornography
- The law 
- Feminism 
- The refugee crisis
- War
- Body image
- Self importance and self belief
- Parents splitting up (briefly)
- Teen pregnancy (briefly)
- Prostitution (very briefly) 
- Mental health (possibly more throughout series 3)

Most British and American shows don’t cover all of this entirely through the shows airing time and Skam has covered it in 30 episodes.

Kudos to you, Norway!!

“The happiness I found after that wasn’t because I could outrun a jet or even that I was trained by my idol. It’s because I didn’t have to wait for the summer to visit aunt Iris anymore. I could run from Blue Valley to Central City in less than a minute. And when my parents finally split up, Iris and Barry became my real family.”
- Wally West, DC Universe: Rebirth

I think I have newfound respect for the artists of the Flash and any other comic with speedsters in it. It takes skill to draw people running every two panels without doing the same pose again and again. Seriously, how do they do it?

side note: anyone know what’s up with Bart in rebirth? i vaguely remember a trial in the future and him helping Cassie and Tanya catch Superboy in n52’s Teen Titans but then what? Did he vanish?

Arrow Family / Batfamily / Green Lanterns / Amazons


I’ve been thinking. If my parents split up, can Iegally file for full custody of myself? And is motioning for only supervised visitation with Kris an option?

A few years ago, some parents rang me up and they said that their teenage son had run away from home after he had been caught smoking weed and they wanted me to speak to him and tell him to come back. It took a very long time, but I managed to locate him and speak to him. He was about 13 years old and he spoke to me about how he began smoking weed and doing other things like drinking because he was sick of seeing family problems in his home.

He said that his parents were fighting, splitting up and getting back together. He said that he saw abuse, anger and resentment, and what hurt him the most was that nothing which he learnt in Madrassah was ever seen in his home. There was no praying, no one opened the Qur'an and no one gave salam. There was just jumm'ah and suhur/iftar in Ramadan. He called it hypocrisy and he preferred to being a complete chiller than to be a hypocrite. Anyway, I managed to get him back home and things remained stable.

Dear mum and dad, the home is the greatest madrassah. If you don’t put the prayer mat down yourself then don’t expect your kid to do it. If you want your child to memorise and learn then you have to memorise and learn with them. Your job is not just to slave in the dunya from 7am to 6pm to feed your families. Allah is the Razzaq. Your job is to also give time to your children and teach them who your Lord is. We are living in dangerous times and If you don’t know Him then how do you expect your child to?

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam
I realized after a while that my teachers are not so often right, my parents lie, my friends do too
I don’t think they love me any less, although I don’t know why my parents split up and why my teacher called me a room with nothing in, because I am a lot of things, all black, all yellow 
It’s hard figuring out what people are trying to say when they stare at you in silence
—  First year of spilling paint - Knight
Chris&Eva #10 (Skam)

Hello, I promised to post something to day and I kept to my promise. I hope you enjoy reading this nonsense! 



It was one of those nights. One of those scary yet wonderful nights. One of those night, when walls that Chris built around himself slowly started to come down. On those nights Eva and Chris were lying on her bed, her head on his chest and her hand drawing lazy circles across his torso. On those nights she felt like they were the only two people in the world and sometimes she whished that they were, little did she know that Chris wished for the same thing.

“When my parents split up, I decided that I would never get married,” Eva said looking at her hand on Chris’s torso,”I was convinced that as soon as two decide to get married, their relationship is doomed. I know it sounds stupid, but I was 10 at that time and… I don’t know… Maybe I just wanted…” Eva didn’t really know where she was going with this, but it was just so damn easy to talk to Chris. He didn’t judge her or laugh at her. Ok, he did laugh, but not at the important things. That’s what many people didn’t realize about Christoffer Schistad, he listened and he cared, maybe so much so, that he choose to hide this  vulnerable side of him and only share it with the people he trusted. 

“Something to believe in?Something to blame?”He asked quietly, she felt him playing with a strand of her hai,r gently twisting it around his finger, he knew that it calmed her.

“Maybe bit of both? I guess, I just wanted some reasonable explanation, because I couldn’t comprehend, how two people who,for the majority of my childhood, looked at each other with adoration in their eyes  one day just decided to get a divorce,” she said with a sigh, it felt like a terrible weight was being lifted of her shoulders, a weight that had been there for so long that she had forgotten how easy it was to breathe.

“It’s not your fault, you know that right?” Chris asked, his  left hand cupped her chin and turned her face up to his. He could see the pain in her eyes and it made his heart ache for her, for this girl, who was not just beautiful, but a girl who was both brilliant and brave, girl who had so much kindness and compassion, a girl who chose to open her heart to love and to care, despite having her heart broken at such a young age. 

“What are you thinking about?” Eva asked, her gaze was curios, any previous indication of vunerabilty ereased from her face. Just like Chris, Eva masked her true feeling with such an ease that would make any Hollywood actor envious.

“I think that you might be one of the strongest people I know,” he said kissing her forehead.
Eva let out an abrupt laugh.
“Me? Strong? That’s hilarious. I can’t even throw a decent punch,” she said and playfully pinched his torso.
“I am not talking about physical strenght. What I am saying is, you are strong because even after  seeing your parents getting divorced , you didn’t close your heart to love, to  showing affection, to caring about other people. That’s true strenght,” he replied, pulling her closer to him.
In that moment Christ felt tied to Eva Mohn in a way that he couldn’t explain, but  sure as hell wouldn’t change.
“You’re strong too,” she replied and suddenly punched him in a gut, he barely felt it,”You know how to take a punch.”

“How would you know?  You can’t throw one,” he said with a laugh.
“True, but I am very good at tickling,” Eva replied at straddled his lap.
“You wouldn’t.”
“I think we both know that I would,” Eva said and started to tickle his sides.
After a few minutes they were both out of breath, Chris pulled Eva closer to his chest and they both fell asleep listening  to Eva’s vinyl player quietly playing “There is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths.

My stepsister was a real bitch

When I was 15, my parents split up. My dad was already living an hours commute by car away from his work, so me and my brother stayed at our moms while our dad moved considerably closer to his work. And, a mere year later, a new guy and his daughter who was two years younger than me moved in. And guess what - she was a real bitch. She would never clean, she always expected someone to clean up after her, we had limited amount of warm water in the shower, but she would use it all up, forcing the next person to either take a really cold shower or wait an hour until there were enough to take a quick shower. She was also constantly rude to everyone, if my mom had made something she didn’t like for dinner she would loudly complain, yell and generally just be a bitch. Like she always was.

Anyways, I need a shower in the morning, so I always got up pretty early (by my standards, anyways) so I could do everything I wanted before leaving for school. My stepsisters school started a half hour later than mine at the earliest. But eventually, she begun waking herself up even earlier than me so she could snag the bathroom before me and occupy it until I had to leave for school. This was very annoying, to say the least. And, the reason she did it, was because, and I quote; “the light is perfect for applying make-up”. She wasn’t even planning on taking a shower. She would occupy the only room in the house with a shower, when she could literally apply make-up anywhere else. She even had a big makeup desk or whatever in her room! When I realised she was beginning to do this every day, I tried reasoning with her, but she always just replied with, in a really smug voice; “too bad”.

I was pissed to say the least. This meant I had to either get up even earlier, or not take a shower at all. But here comes the revenge; on a Friday after gym class I come home and slag about for a while before taking a shower. And as I’m about three minutes into the shower, my godzilla of a stepsister knocks on the door and starts shouting about how I need to get out of there, because she is going to a party with her friends and needs to get ready. Her clothes, make-up and everything is in there. Hmmmm… I think this shower might be a long one.

First I use up all the warm water, dry myself very thoroughly with a towel, and perhaps I need to clip my toenails? I think I do! Oh look, the clothes in the washing machine is done, would be a shame if I didn’t hang them up to dry, wouldn’t it? I did everything I could think of doing to stall the time, all the while she is at the door constantly knocking and shouting obscenities, saying she’s gonna be late, etc. I sure took my sweet time :-) she was not pleased when I finally opened the door.

Oh also, the very following Monday, I woke up early as fuck, got in the bathroom, put all her makeup outside the door, locked it and got in the shower. Ever since she stopped getting up super early to occupy it from me.

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For the J-sibs- it sounds like Juni was raised by her mom and John by his dad, so... did your parents split up? Or was it like- John you mentioned your dad was old-fashioned. Was he the kind who thought daughters were useless and just... left? And took you?

You are correct in your initial observations. Father and I have never met so I could not answer those…and…John doesn’t seem to like talking about it.

…At all…I hate it when he does that..honestly.
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His parents split up, as parents do. But he got over it: still bitter, still annoyed, still using sarcasm to deflect human emotion, but he had bigger worries. Because now–nine years later–Henry is faced with the impending nuptials of his mom and her new boyfriend, Killian Jones. And no matter how much he torments the bastard, he’s sticking around, like stubborn mold.
It gets better, though: because Neal is moving back to town, and Henry doesn’t want to get his hopes up, but he’s SURE he can see sparks flying between his parents again.
But nothing can happen until this Killian situation is remedied…

I’ve actually tried to have a relationship but it just didn’t work out. I’ve been away for six months… I was kinda seeing someone for about a year and I worked it out and I’d actually been with them for about two months out of that year.
—  Ashton Irwin (on his relationship with Bryana Holly)

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I really hope that Dick and Shawn don't split up after they have the baby. Not that I ship them or anything (they're okay together, I guess) but parents splitting up is absolute Hell. If they do, even if it means the baby won't be a part of Dick's life, it should be before it's born so it doesn't have to go through that. My parents are going through a divorce right now and it's constant screaming at each other, and even sometimes blaming me for it all. It sucks. :(

What I’m hoping will happen is that Dick and Shawn will come to an understanding about it. They’ll realize they’re wrong for each other and break up, (either before or after the baby is born), but they’ll stay good friends. They’ll be professional about it, agreeing that their kid shouldn’t have to deal with parents who hate each other, but who still will be on good terms even though they aren’t romantically together. I think they’ll come up with a deal that gives each equal custody and they can pursue their own romantic interests, but they still stay friends for their child and so everyone is on good terms with each other and there are no sacrifices and that’s it the end. But at the same time, knowing DC and how much it loves to toy with our emotions, the writers will probably make Dick make a choice about what to do and end with him staying away with his kid’s best interests in mind or something equally heartbreaking just for the fun of it, which will definitely make me cry so…  

I dreamt that Garden Girl walked into my house with her face painted scarlet and a white stripe down the middle. It was sloppily done, but she still looked great.
“You look great,” I said.
“Thanks! It’s for the Oregon Rancheros,” she replied. I spent the next part of the dream trying to figure out whether the Oregon Rancheros were a sports team, a band, or a kind of food.

Later, I dreamt that I did a shit ton of LSD and discovered a murdered body with Lisa Simpson. I could hover three inches above the ground and was constantly pursued by three neon colored snakes. My parents split up and my father died soon after, because he was a jellyfish.

season 6 spoilers

the evil queen doesn’t come back to storybrooke. in fact, one summer, she decides she wants to experience the stereotypical american life and signs up to counsel at a camp. the charming family, wanting regina to breathe some fresh air after all the shit she’s been through, sign her up to counsel at the same camp. there, regina meets the evil queen and realizes that their parents split up after getting married on a cruise and took one of them to rais

i picked a url !!! i don’t know if anyone remembers the o.g. story behind savannah, but. i tweaked it.

she’s the youngest of five kids. and, when she was six, her parents decided to get split up. there were ‘irreconcilable differences’ that she was too young to understand. her mother wanted to move, bringing her design company back to her hometown. her father wanted to stay in new york, climbing the ranks, within his law firm. ( it was only when she was older that savannah could see the irony in a wedding dress designer and a divorce attorney ever trying to make it work. )

her mother had a new life to set up. so, for the first year, they’d stay in new york. after the school year, they’d travel to spend the summer with their mother. then, it was stipulated, they would figure out what to do about the kids.

it got pushed back. her sister went off to college.

then, it got pushed, again. her brothers started picking sides.

soon enough, savannah was flying by herself. sooner still, she was the only kid left to ‘figure out’. her brothers were away at college and savannah spent the next six years as the sole thread connecting their game of tug-of-war, pushed and pulled until her eighteenth birthday. it was only then that she got ‘figured out’, putting herself as far away from the two of them as she could.