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#AU 1 with 정Hannie please? ♥️

Arranged Marriage AU (Request from this list!)


Ok love (I still need a general name for you guys or something), this is different than my other arranged marriage AUs, because they way “arranged marriage” was taken is…different…I hope you still like it! ALSO OMG SORRY FOR DELAY WITH ALL THESE SCENARIOS BUT I FINALLY GOT HOME FROM MY TRIP AND MY PC MAKES EDITING EASIER THANK GOD

  • You and Jeonghan
  • Friends in middle school
  • You weren’t necessarily best friends at the time, but this incident brought you guys closer
  • First of all Jeonghan wants to be your close friend
  • He thinks you’re nice, but it’s kind of awkward for you to be together all the time
  • One day you were having a small chat during passing period
  • People in the hallway were teasing Jeonghan for liking you
  • He’s tired as usual he just wants to take a nap tho he just ignores them
  • Classic sleepy Hannie
  • Except you see it as an opportunity
  • So a lot of these guys like you and have obvious (annoying) crushes on you
  • So you just say
  • “Yeah he’s nice to me, we’re getting married at 22 if we don’t get married to anyone else. He wouldn’t want to be on my bad side”
  • Yeah just nonchalantly bring up marriage
  • People are stunned
  • But you just drag a smirking Jeonghan to class
  • “So you’re my future wife now?”
  • “I mean sure, lol it was a joke but why not?”
  • Chillest way to announce a marriage
  • Now obviously since you guys are in middle school, most people don’t take it seriously but got what you meant, so the guys who liked you stopped being so nagging
  • Except your friend who was ready to get you both on a date but that’s not important
  • No but you guys promised she would help during the future ceremony so she is on this relationship too
  • But Jeonghan is kind of in the middle of his feelings
  • He’s happy he gets to spend time with you without being judged, but does he actually have a crush on you or does he just want to stay friends?
  • Like he wants to be friend zoned so he can find a better guy for you and like make you look good for only the best suitors
  • Low-key the non-gay gay friend
  • At some point people thought he actually was gay bc he was close with this other guy but he looks like he likes you
  • But anyways you guys keep this promise until senior year of highschool when you gained a boyfriend
  • No, it wasn’t Jeonghan, but Jeonghan’s friend who he introduced bc he thinks you go well together
  • Everyone is fine I am NOT FINE but the people from your middle school were asking “I thought you were set with Jeonghan?”
  • So after high school into college
  • Jeonghan is in a different college than you but you guys are still best friends, so you visit each other and 2 other friends+your boyfriend (one is that girl that ships you lol)
  • Now important detail your boyfriend is also in the same college as Jeonghan
  • Now one day, he has a late class/test and Jeonghan is sent to give you food and just tell you that he’s busy
  • But as you talk with Jeonghan, he keeps looking to your face and how pretty you look
  • Brushes it off for the most part
  • Fails miserably really
  • Except he feels an emptiness in his heart
  • It sounds cheesy but he feels like he missed a chance to be with you
  • But he wants you as his friend bc that’s what he likes about you
  • You’re caring towards your friends, and though you can Burn the Haters™ you always care for your 4 closest friends
  • That’s what he loves about you
  • Wait what did he say love or…
  • nEVeRmiNd
  • But at one point in your college life, rumors spread Jeonghan had a girlfriend out of college and was visiting her after school
  • Jeonghan definitely wasn’t with you, so maybe he finally found someone
  • Now you feel that same kind of empty
  • You love your boyfriend, but Jeonghan always had your heart, y'know?
  • You were going to approach him about it on the last day of college, to see if the rumors were true
  • But on the last day…
  • Your boyfriend came to your dorm to tell you something urgent had happened
  • Now you were scared something had happened to Jeonghan bc he and Jeonghan were close
  • Wait a minute why do you care about Jeonghan more than your boyfriend…anYWAYS
  • But nope™
  • Your boyfriend had lost romantic feelings for you
  • He was asking to breakup
  • He still wanted to be friends but he was moving, and didn’t know how he could handle a long distance relationship
  • You wanted to try and handle the relationship, but this guy couldn’t take it
  • He was heartbroken himself tbh
  • You’re a depressed mess and ask him to leave
  • Only person who is available to comfort you right now?
  • Jeonghan.
  • This boi is ready to fight his friend, but you assure him through tears that it wasn’t really his fault (it is tho man you could’ve tried)
  • Jeonghan at this point
  • So close that he doesn’t care you look horrible and can’t do things
  • So for the rest of the year you just crash at his place
  • He’s trying hard to take care of the person that he got engaged to in his teens
  • Even after you come in good terms with you ex-boyfriend, Jeonghan still has to visit you to check up on you
  • One day he comes home and panics bc you’re coughing hysterically and turns out you had an overdose on pills for suicide
  • He had to call your friend who ships you to help get you to the hospital immediately
  • When your friend is outside discussing your condition and working out getting your family out to see you, Jeonghan sits silently next to you, holding your hand, asking why (Tell me whyyyyyy wae mami mami jakku heundeullini…)
  • “There’s no point in living anyway…I’m too depressed to care for myself, I don’t want to be a burden to you” (idk if you actually have depression in this story don’t kill me if I write this without ever mentioning it again)
  • If you weren’t in a hospital bed he would be squeezing you to death
  • “Why this?! Why would you do this?!? What would I do without- What would our friend feel if she never got to go to the wedding of her best friends because her friend died?”
  • That’s what really hits you.
  • This guy agreed to marry you but you almost left him- no, you are slowly leaving him bc these pills are still in your system and your organs are slowly failing
  • When your parents visit later in the week, you’re still in bad condition
  • But one night, when everyone’s asleep including you, Jeonghan plants a warm kiss on your forehead and prays you get better
  • Miraculously, you start to pull through from your weak condition and your body starts up normally again!
  • You’re still stuck in the hospital but your family has to leave to go back home
  • They trust Jeonghan with your life (and kinda pressure him to make sure you’ll be taken care of)
  • Damn he loves you
  • And he finally tells you this
  • “Oh I know”
  • “What.”
  • “Kind of obvious. Also kisses”
  • “YoU wERe awAkE”
  • When you’re finally cleared from the hospital, Jeonghan makes you stay home and get lots of rest
  • Yea no he just sleeps so much but keeps you stuck in his arms you can’t escape bed
  • “Jeonghan. We’re going to miss lunch.”
  • He gets up lets you go bc you need to eat
  • What could go wrong when you’re with him?
  • Jeonghan makes sure you don’t feel uncomfortable or start crying again; he hates to see you cry
  • I mean on your 22nd birthday you break down in tears again
  • When Jeonghan gets on one knee and proposes to you
  • Let me just say that your shipper friend is like the reason behind this relationship
  • And he proposed to you when you were all together
  • So when he’s putting the ring on your finger
  • You’re crying with your hand over your mouth in shock
  • The people at wherever place you are at (bc this guy is definitely making this public) are crying bc it’s so cute and sweet
  • Your friend is at the side crying bc her friends are *cough* finally getting married
  • And since it was a promise by 3 middle school kiddos
  • “Arranged”
  • You gotta love this guy who loves you lots

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*me nervous if this will do good* I had to rewrite this twice and now I’m finally happy with how it turned out

The Scare

Scott McCall X Reader

Imagine: May I have A Scott McCall imagine ( we are together) where I think I’m pregnant and I talk to Lydia about it, But I’m not. Will you make it emotional. Sorry if this sounds weird.

Author’s note: Don’t worry it doesn’t sound weird my precious darling.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve written, my lovely

Thank you so much for the request!

For: ddylannobrien


You open your eyes just barely. The sun is shining through the window warming your naked shoulder.

“Good morning babe” Scott murmurs, kissing your shoulder.

“Good morning, Handsome” You reply, turning to face him.

He takes your hand in his and kisses your knuckles. You smile at him. His hair is a mess and he has slight claw marks on his back and shoulders from last night.

He opens his mouth to say something when you hear his Mom’s car parking outside.

“Shit!” You exclaim jumping out of bed and putting on your clothes, faster than you thought humanly possible.

He sits up looking nervous.

“Hurry up, come on!” He hisses, standing up and helping you out his window just as his Mom walks into the house.

You turn back to him giving him a quick peck on the lip before leaving.


It’s been 2 weeks since then and you’re beginning to feel awfully nervous. Your period is late and you can’t shake this bad feeling you have.

What if I’m pregnant?

I can’t take care of a child!

What am I going to do?

You can’t stop thinking about it and you’ve already cried so much.

You don’t want to tell Scott because what if it turns out you’re not? You don’t want to make him worry but you need to talk to somebody.

So you pick up your phone and call your best friend, Lydia.

“What’s up Y/N. I’m doing my nails though so-”

“Lydia, I need to talk to you, Can I come over?”

Hearing the desperation in your voice she says yes.


Lydia drags you to her room and you both sit on the bed.

“So what’s wrong?” She asks, staring at you.

You twiddle your thumbs, scared to say a word. What if she thinks of you differently?

You open your mouth but no words come out. How do you tell someone like this? Especially since you’re not even sure if you’re pregnant or not.

“Come on, you can tell me” She encourages you.

“I-I-” Tears beginning falling from your face and Lydia holds your hand scooting closer to you.

She begins rubbing your back as you break down, wrecked with tears.

“Sh sh, it’s okay breathe” She shushes.

“I just- I’m so scared. Lydia I think…. I think I’m pregnant”

Lydia freezes and stares at you, wide-eyed.

“W-why do you think you’re pregnant?”

“Why else Lydia? I slept with Scott and my period is really late!”

“I know I know, that wasn’t a very intelligent sentence on my part but- We don’t know, Y/N”

“But what if I am Lydia? I don’t know how to take care of a child! What will Scott think?! How would my parents react?! What about my future!? I can’t have a baby now! What am I going to do…?”

You feel the tears coming back. You’re breathing is deep and labored.

You feel light-headed, like the walls are closing in on you and you can’t breathe. You’re holding your left wrist so tight your nails are digging into the skin.

Lydia grabs your hand and forces you to look at her.

“Listen to me. We are not going to freak out okay?”

You nod, sniffling, trying to stop the tears. Lydia lets go of your wrist, slowly, not letting go of your eye contact.

“We should call Scott” She says.

“What!? No!”

“Sh, it’s okay, He deserves to know what’s going on. You two have been dating for almost a year now, you should tell him what’s going on and then we’re going to go buy some pregnancy tests to see for sure, okay?”

You nod, reluctantly.


You called Scott and told him to come over to Lydia’s house, saying it was important, while Lydia left to go to the drug store and get what you needed.

You hear a knock at the door and run downstairs to answer it.

You open the door to see Scott standing there.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” He asks, before anything else.

You pull him inside and you both rush back up to Lydia’s room.

You turn to face him, rubbing your arms, nervously.

“Please Y/N. You can tell me, whatever it is”

“Scott….I think I’m pregnant” You blurt it out, fast like ripping off a bandaid.


You see his face fall with dread and that just does it once again for you. You start crying again, trying to hold back the tears the best you can.

“No, No Y/N-” he starts, wrapping you in his arms.

He pets your hair whispering to you, soothingly.

“If you’re pregnant, I’ll stay with you. It’s okay. I’m right here”

Just as he says this Lydia walks in.

“You guys are cute and all but we have to find out if this is for real or not before you get all sappy with your promises and what not”


You decide to take three tests just to be sure.

The first one comes up negative and you feel your muscles relaxing.

Though, it’s not over yet.

The second one also comes out negative.

You sigh, only one more.

You take the third one and wait for the results to become clearer.

You walk out of the bathroom looking at the test.

Lydia is pacing the room while Scott is on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands.

They both look up at you and at first you don’t say anything.

“So what the hell does it say!?” Lydia exclaims.

A smile spreads across your face and you turn the test towards them.

“Not pregnant!” You cheer.

Scott hollers out in joy and Lydia’s arms go up in the air and she runs towards you, hugging you so tight you can barely breath.

Lydia lets you go just in time for Scott to hug you and kiss you.

“Thank god- I mean- uh. Not thank god. It wouldn’t have been that bad having a baby with you- I mean-”

“Just shut up McCall” You chuckle, kissing him.