parents made of awesome

George deValier, oh my george, u gave me so much happiness and so much sadness like no other.

I’ll wait ‘til you return from war, a thousand years.

The best compliment I have ever received came from a child...

Yesterday was a no make up kind of day at work. It was constantly busy so I was a little flustered. So, I was walking by and he was with his mother and grandmother. He couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6. As I walk by, he just blurts out “OH MY GOD Mommy, She’s so beautiful.” When I came back out to check on their table, he looks at me and says “Are you a princess.” It’s sad a child can stop you and give an honest compliment, but a man expects you to take his vulgarity as a high honor.

birthday surprise ♥ grayson

–requested by anon

It was 8:00 in the morning and you lay away in your bed, scrolling through you twitter feed.

Today was your birthday, you’d think you’d be doing something fun or eating an awesome breakfast made by your wonderful parents but no one had come up to even say happy birthday…which was unusual.

You groan and get out of bed, taking your phone off the charger and walking down your stairs slowly.

“Happy birthday!” Your mom sees you coming down the stairs and you jump,

“Oh my god, don’t scare me like that.” You say, placing your hand on your heart.

“Sorry!” She says with an excited smile on her face and glances at your dad who is also strangely happy.

“Um, what’s going on?” You ask and they look at you, looking confused which makes you sigh,“Right, why didn’t anyone come up to my room to sing happy birthday?” You frown and they laugh.

“Sorry honey, we were making you breakfast!” They say and nod towards the table making you smile.

When you look at the table you see pancakes with whip cream and sprinkles, along with some ice cream on the side.

“Yay!” You smile and skip over to your seat, digging in as they watch you eat with grins on their faces, “Okay seriously, why are you looking at me like that!” You ask with your mouthful and hear a quiet laugh come from behind you.

“What the?” You say and turn around slowly, seeing your boyfriend Grayson behind you with flowers, “You’re here!” You shout and jump into his arms, causing him to drop the flowers.

“Y/N! You made me drop the flowers!” He laughs and you roll your eyes,

“Whoops.” You smile sheepishly and look towards your parents, “You guys did this?” You ask, your eyes narrowed.

“We just picked him up, he’s the one who made the plans,” They smiled and you grinned, giving Grayson a small peck on the lips and hopping off of him.

“I’m very glad you came.” You tell him and he grins,

“I’m also very glad I came.” He replies and you laugh, quickly eating all of your breakfast, “I got you something!” He says, obviously excited.

“What is it?” You ask skeptically, twisting your body so that you’re facing him.

He pulls out a small box and opens it so that you see a ring that has a tiny heart on it, with a jewel to fill it in.

Your eyes widen as you look at the ring and he quickly responds, “It’s not an engagement ring, Y/N!” You laugh and let out a relieved sigh.

As much as you loved Grayson, you definitely weren’t ready for marriage.

“It’s a promise ring…if you accept it it tells me your mine…and that maybe one day we can get married.” He smiles and you tear up, a huge smile on your face.

“Oh my god Gray, you’re so sweet!” You gush and nod your head, “I accept your promise ring!”

“Seriously?” He says, relaxing a little bit, “Thank god.”

You laugh and he places the ring on your finger, and you notice he has one similar to the one you had, except without the heart.

You smile and look at him, happy that you get to spend your day with the best boyfriend ever.

a/n – worst ending ever but i hope it was good!! loved the promise ring thing lmao….made my ethan side blog….you should follow that. have a wonderful night!!

Ok I’m already too deep into this PTA Sans hell I might as well go all the way.

I noticed there seems to be a lot of horrible parents but no awesome teachers to balance it out so I made one up based on my high school physics teacher.

His name is Tim and even his students call him by his first name. He’s been at the school for so long the 40 year old chemistry teacher used to be one of his students and they have a friendly rivalry around that (and their drastically different views on cats). He always starts the class with a cat video he found online and has a whole list of sayings like “When I become the ruler of the universe…!” or “I’m sorry I’m late I was at a Lady Gaga concert.” After midterms he always posts a picture of his cat sitting on his folder with the caption, “The real reason I haven’t graded your tests yet.” He loves his students and does his best to understand their problems and help them. He was one of the only ones to try to stand up to Linda at the PTA meetings before the monsters came but really wasn’t able to get anywhere until the monsters started putting Linda in her place. He’s great friends with Sans and they make so many physics puns. SO MANY!