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Imagine the sweeter side to Poppy and Branch being parents, Branch making silly faces and voices to make his babies laugh. Poppy photographing and scrapbooking all the momentous occasions in their young lives. The two of them working together to soothe the babies to sleep

omg they’re such fuckin sweet parents I love them.

Okay but imagine the twins being super young, like just a few weeks old and Poppy hears Branch urgently yelling her name from across the house. She comes in to find the kids lying on a blanket in the living room and Branch is just leaning over, watching them intently.

He looks up at her, grinning “You missed it.”

“What’d I miss?”

“His smile, Poppy. He smiled for the first time and it was really small and didn’t last long but-but, I swear to God, it was YOUR smile. He has your smile, Poppy! Every time he smiles, he’s gonna have your smile. Imagine that, two Poppy smiles!”

Branch is just losing his shit, gushing like the brand new dad that he is. Like Poppy hasn’t seem him this excited since she told him she was pregnant.

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I really like your malec headcannons! Do you have any about them being parents?

Such a silly question, Anon! Of course I have headcannons about Malec children. (Seriously though, I’m glad you like them! They’re very fun to write.)

The child shall be referred to as “Little One” since we don’t actually know the name of the soon to be adopted Malec child as of yet and I don’t want to get attached to a name and then end up with a different one when we actually meet the kid.

  • Whenever Alec gets hurt Magnus and Little One make him huge piles of “Get Well Soon” cards, even if it’s a minor injury. Alec keeps every single one.
  • Alec and Magnus quickly discover that baby-proofing for a baby warlock is a much different and more difficult endeavor than baby-proofing for non-warlock children. If it isn’t held down by spell work it will not stay where it is for more than five minutes. Everything in the apartment must be secured. Everything.
  • Alec and Magnus’ closet becomes a no-children-allowed zone until Little One is older so that Alec has a safe place to stash his weapons and Magnus has a safe space to stash any dangerous spell-work stuff.
  • Little One calls Alec Daddy and Magnus Tata.
  • Little One is OBSESSED with Magnus’ nail polish. There is nail polish on everything now. Including Alec’s gear. Alec is quite proud of the random smudges of glittery colors, but generally has to remove them to keep himself safe when he’s hunting in the dark. There’s a few he leaves on though, if they’re on an area of his gear where it is generally hidden like inside a fold or under a gauntlet. 
  • Clary is Little One’s favorite relative because she makes art with him.
  • Chairmen Meow thinks Little One is the best thing ever. They are constantly curled up together and playing together. 
  • Magnus videotapes/photographs EVERYTHING involving Little One. There is pretty much always a camera going.
  • Little One loves riding trains. Alec and Magnus have no idea where he gets it from, but he does. The subway, regular trains, zoo-tour trains, any trains. If they go somewhere in the city and they don’t take the subway at least part of the way Little One gets very put-out.
  • Little One’s favorite movie is El Dorado. It is on a 24/7 loop.
  • Little One asks Alec to teach him how to use a bow. Not because he wants to hunt or anything, he just wants to be cool like his Daddy. Alec is happy to teach him. Magnus thinks watching Alec teach little one is the cutest thing ever. 
  • Alec has more experience being a parent, since he’s an older brother, but Magnus picks things up pretty quick. 
  • Magnus buys Little One one of those stupidly extravagant bunk beds that looks like a castle and has a slide and everything.
  • Alec reads about two parenting books before he comes to the realization that a lot of this stuff is not going to even slightly apply to an adopted warlock baby who was abandoned on the steps of the Shadowhunter Academy, so he gives up and just sort of wings it.
  • Alec makes himself get better at cooking to make sure that Little One eats well. 
  • Jace frequently buys Little One plastic weapons, nerf guns, etc. for birthdays and Christmas’. Magnus and Alec don’t really object, except for the fact that there are nerf darts everywhere.
  • Little One is ecstatic when he learns that he is going to be a cousin. He is super protective of all of his little cousins and is like a big brother to all of them. 
  • Alec and Magnus spend a week in Rio for their tenth wedding anniversary, leaving Little One at the Institute with his Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. They come back to find the Institute has been turned into a nerf-gun war-ground. Factions have developed. Each side has a cat. There was an attempted truce over ice-cream, but it went south when it was discovered they were out of sprinkles. No side will back down. Alec tries to make peace, but is pretty much instantly defeated when Magnus joins one of the factions. Alec joins another. The war lasts three more days.
The Engineer’s Guide to Dating the Avatar (pt. 6)


Sometimes, Asami would worry that she had somehow “broken” Korra.

After all, Korra fumbling with her words and getting very flustered was very unexpected. But being the engineer that she is, she takes notes on just how to “handle” the avatar the way that only she can. It’s a labor of love, really.

(One shots revolving Asami and Korra and their inevitable romance post book 4. Will get updated as I can be assed to write. May include mature content in the future. Also posted in ao3 by wegglebots. That is me. Do not be alarmed.)

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6. The avatar’s parents may or may not be equally awkward.

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was when Riley’s mom asks her to keep being their “happy little girl” for them

that really hit me and my sister because goddamn that is SO DAMAGING FOR KIDS

me and my sister went through this during the divorce, her especially. and it HURTS because all of a sudden you can’t be upset. you can’t feel the emotions you’re supposed to feel during a big upheaval, you have to be the “strong one”. I felt like this growing up, like I couldn’t be weird or abnormal because well mom and dad are already dealing with my autistic brother, they don’t need more crap from me (nothing against my bro, i love him a LOT now, but I didn’t get it as a kid). I had to grow up insanely fast so i could take care of him and my sister, and especially protect her when mark had his meltdowns. i didn’t feel like i could talk about how any of that felt, or how it felt that mom was distant from me because she was so preoccupied with mark or how dad’s depression meant his idea of parenting was just being over silly with us and shoving mormonism down our throats. I literally only had my cat Mindy to spill my guts to, and that hurt a LOT.

kids feel anger. kids feel sad and scared and worried and hurt. you work through it with them, not expect them to be perfect.

this movie is amazing.

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Hinata comes to Kageyama's house to sleep over. Hinata cracks some kind of joke to Kageyama, and he just explodes into laughter, and rolls off of his bed. Hinata thinks it's the cutest thing he's ever heard.

(can i say how much i love your headcannons, duuuuudeee please spam my inbox 5ever)

Okay, but imagine the two dorks trying to stay quiet at 3am because parents but being super silly and Kageyama being a total SUCKER for corny jokes and omfg


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