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Art request for @diva-gonzo

Harry and Ginny, with Ron and Hermione, when Ginny is in St. Mungo’s and Harry first gets to hold James Sirius and is completely broken emotionally - because he’s now a dad but he’s got his found family all around him and he’s so full of love and can’t contain it under the gruff Auror exterior.”

Hope you enjoy!  Aww Harry’s a daddy. :) 

listen up, kids, sky’s here to tell you something:

it’s okay to have interests that you don’t necessarily want to pursue at a higher level even if your parents think otherwise/think it isn’t ‘worth so much time’

so, you wanna write a book, but you don’t wanna get a degree in english literature? go for it! you wanna get a chemistry set and blow up some shit and learn from it, but you don’t wanna be a chemist? go the fuck ahead! you wanna figure out what the binomial theorem is at the age of thirteen, but you don’t wanna become a maths professor? by all means, knock yourself out!

you can learn from a whole range of different things, but that doesn’t mean you have to make it your life’s work or get a degree in it.

you’re young, you’re curious. try new things. dabble in different areas. it doesn’t matter if you have sixteen things you like doing, or just six. it’s all okay.