In Love , 2001

2 Color Videos on DVDs, (diptych), 3 min. 28 sec.
Courtesy of Jack Tilton/Anna Kustera Gallery, New York

“Chang examines the territory of the primal, parental connection in her work In Love (2001). In this dual-channel video, two separate scenes of the artist with a parent are juxtaposed. Chang faces her mother and, in the adjacent frame, appears face–to–face with her father. Simultaneously both images show the artist’s and respective parent’s faces pressed together in what at first appears to be a deep kiss. Gradually it becomes evident that the video is running in reverse time, and that they share not a kiss but rather an onion from which they both eat. They bite into it slowly, pausing as they take turns offering it to each other, as if it suggests the proverbial, forbidden fruit. Parent and child swallow before they take additional bites, blinking hard to hold back tears from the onion’s sharpness and pungency. However, in the video’s reversal of time, the onion is reconstituted and the tears disappear—wholeness is thus regained.”



‘50 students at Dade Middle School in Dallas had fathers who couldn’t attend the “breakfast with dads” event at school.

Fearing there would be a shortage of fathers, school leaders took to Facebook. Administrators pleaded with the community for 50 additional men to stand in their place.

“We were asked to help get some extra guys to stand in as surrogate fathers and mentors for the kids whose dad’s couldn’t make it or don’t have a dad in their life,” said Dade SBDM Board President, Donald Parish.

Standing proud on Thursday morning, nearly 600 arrived at the school. They were eager to enjoy the first meal of the day with a student that needed a positive male presence. Men from all walks of life turned out. Regardless of color or creed, Dallas represented well. Dads across the city came out (including men from local law enforcement, public officials and community organizers).

Each man exemplified why positive male presence is essential for children in Dallas, and the greater America. Some men taught students how to tie a tie. One auctioneer taught students how to auction like professionals. Other men provided general guidance and advice.

Teaching, leading, guiding and providing are the natural foundations of a real man.

“Words cannot describe the impact mentoring youth can have on both you and your mentee,”said Jason Rodriguez “Powerful to see a community of fellow men and fathers come together to wrap their arms around our young men. Thank you for having me out,” he added.

Looking to keep real men involved, the school is coordinating more events with the local community for weekly and monthly mentorship opportunities.

“This turnout is a testament to show [what happens] when a school and a community come together,” said Principal Tracie Washington.

This news is heartwarming and encouraging. In the later part of 2017, Former first lady, Michelle Obama asked men to step up. Breakfast is essential to executing daily task. Eating breakfast with dad, can be essential to the life of a child.’

via: The Source