April 14th 2015

We’ve had Hamish for a week now.

We went to the park today, Sherlock spent most of the time deducing passers by, and Hamish, well….. Hamish adores him.

I admit, I thought Sherlock would be somewhat out of sorts with a baby around, but he just keeps astonishing me, he’s really taken Hamish in his stride, he’s wonderful, he’s amazing, he’s…. perfect.

They both are.

They are everything I’ve ever wanted.

“Oh!” said Molly. “Wait! Before Oliver makes a mess of himself, we should get some pictures.”

“Yes,” said John, firmly, because he didn’t think they had nearly enough pictures. “Sit down,” he told Sherlock, who looked inclined to shrink away. Sherlock obeyed, settling on John’s chair, and John picked up Oliver and dropped him on Sherlock’s lap and then perched on the arm of the chair. “Smile,” he commanded, smiling himself.

Commissioned by lovely Amanda aka u2zgr8 ! :)

It is a scene from “Nature and Nurture“, it’s Oliver’s birthday and Molly takes several pictures of the happy family.