parenting: they're doing it right


“I have never been more proud of you” -my dad

You have over 100 trillion cells. You crawl for 5 months after birth, then walk for the rest of your life. You use around 4,200 different words and have up to 50,000 thoughts every day. You make about 1,700 friends and meet 95,000 people in your lifetime. But it only takes a split second (0.001) for you to fall in love. You’ll share 540,000 laughs and cry 3,000 tears. And you’ll dream 104,000 times. Everything about you inspires me. To me, you are perfect.
—  Sometimes listening to the entire YouTube ad is worth it. 

One of the many reasons why Idina and Taye are one of the cutest couples today. Yay for some of the OBC of Rent. This might’ve made my day. <3

I love how Zendaya’s latest round of magazine photos show that you can be a Disney girl and still clue the world in on the fact that you’re a confident woman who is secure in herself (and yeah, that you’re really kinda hot, too) without trying to shock people, like previous Disney stars, some of whom are still immature babies who think talking about how much weed you smoke on national tv makes you an adult.