#GrowingUpWithStrictParents Problems Explained By Twitter Users
  • Always deleting text messages in case they take away your phone.
  • Telling your friends your parents said no without even asking cause you know it would have been a no anyway.
  • Rehearsing how you’re going to ask to go out somewhere.
  • When you’re telling a funny story, but it turns into a lecture…
  • When your mom says yes you can go out and when you come back home she starts lecturing you.
  • Standing outside my mom’s room trying to find the courage to ask her something.
  • Making sure all your friends know the story you’re telling your parents so they don’t get suspicious.
  • They complain about you being home all the time, but say no when you ask to go out.
  • Seeing someone have a sleepover with their boyfriend/girlfriend like… HOW?!
  • When your friends make last minute plans and you can’t go because it takes two business days to convince your parents.
  • Where are you going? Who’s gonna be there? Are there going to be adults there? Let me talk to their parents.
  • When you go out and your parents text you every 5 minutes to make sure you’re still alive…
  • Dating is not a thing.

There were people

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There were award shows

There were guns

  • The 27th mass shooting of 2016 left six dead in Kalamazoo, MI.

There were sports

  • The USWNT is getting ready to own at the Rio Olympics.
  • WWE. It’s always trending, but listing it means we can use the GIFs.
  • Two new Pokemons—Sun and Moon—for your ball tossing pleasure.
  • @poppunkblogger‘s very brown track jacket

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And some fun asides

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This is the punniest of families. You were like the fourth some odd person to ask me for this, so I deliver, EVEN THOUGH I think as soon as your parents wear the trend, that’s supposed to be some universal sign the trend is dead.

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IKEA The Other Letter
IKEA The Other Letter: Kids write letters to the three kings (Santa's equivalent) and their parents for Christmas - Then they choose one letter to send
When I was actively psychotic I never mentioned my desire to transition. It’s only when I’m healthy that I pursue hormone replacement therapy and laser hair removal. When I was at my worst, I couldn’t even think about my gender identity. I was too preoccupied by my fears. I was afraid harmless things, like street signs or trees, were trying to kill me. I became concerned only for my survival. I couldn’t even think about my gender identity.

My parents have noticed the trend that I only talk about transitioning when I’m healthy, and they support me in my transition. But even with my parents on my side my psychiatrist refuses to write me the letter I need. No matter how long I’m mentally stable, no matter how long I live full time as a woman, he will never approve me for hormone replacement therapy. This is why my parents and I were so stunned at my psychiatrist refusal to even discuss the matter. It doesn’t mean I can’t transition. What it does is create an additional financial barrier. This doctor was not the first to refuse to write me a letter for hormones. Every doctor that I’ve seen within my health insurance has refused. So I have to see a private psychiatrist for several months to get his or her approval. The only way around this is to take black market hormones, which I don’t want to do.

With my parents’ encouragement, I hope to share my story to help other people in my position. No one should have to live as the wrong gender for his or her entire life because they have a mental illness.

I heard from Tumblr that my blog is trending again so I guess I should introduce myself to anyone new.

I am a father of two kids (6 and 3 years old). Most of this blog is just quotes or conversations with my kids sprinkled with the weird stuff that happens as a parent. You won’t find long, inspirational narratives or debates on parenting topics but will likely find some quotes about poop or the ever popular penis carrot.

Welcome. Feel free to say hi.

Fear the Fall

Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,200
Warnings: Look, the kid is called Alfie and you know exactly why.

Summary: “He always knew Blaine would be the best father in the world. He just didn’t know it was going to be so hard for him.”
6x13 reaction. In which Kurt finds fatherhood surprisingly difficult, but he’ll be just fine. Canon compliant; Klaine.


Kurt loves Alfie.

He loves her. She is the single most precious thing in his life. When he and Blaine had brought her home from the hospital the day after she was born, still a little wrinkled and barely able to open her eyes, he was so emotional that he cried three times before they even made it home. He and Blaine had already baby-proofed the entire apartment and spent weeks picking out the perfect colour scheme for her nursery (mint green with warmer brown undertones was the final choice), and when they lay her down in her crib for the first time, they spend hours watching her sleep without saying a word.

Rachel wants to see Alfie first (and compliments them on the homage to their Broadway roots – they don’t correct her on her assumption, and figure since it’s not the name on the birth certificate then it doesn’t matter anyway), and their other friends are a steady stream after that. Kurt buzzes through the high the entire time. Alfie mostly just wants to sleep while their friends coo and sigh, and Kurt is so proud that he thinks his chest might burst.

But after maybe a month of ecstasy, things start to… change. 

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This is us!

We’re trending on tumblr again! Second time this month. This is so exciting.

So if you’re new here then HELLO!! I am Nicole, my fiancé is Brad and this is our baby boy Lucas.
We post a lot of baby spam, parenting, lifestyle, recipes and other bits and bobs.

I run a small business alongside being mummy, a care assistant in a dementia home full time and blogging/youtubeing it’s littlelucasloves and its on etsy!
I love youtube, my confidence is building in every video and with the arrival of my new camera today we filmed the Mr and Mrs challenge and it’s currently uploading online.

So anyway I am a busy bee, blogging machine and thank you for following!


SheInside is an online store that sells a wide range of clothes that are trendy and affordable! I always shop online and what I love about them is that they offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

I always find great combinations for my outfits, specially now that it’s summer where I live. Recently I’ve been loving my White Asymmetrical Skort which is the perfect summer bottom! I pair it with the Hollow Mesh Parental Advisory Top, it’s so fresh and gives that fashion rocker look. I like to add some accessories to my outfit too so I go for something like this Black Rivet Leather Bracelet that compliments my entire look. 

If you’re entering winter, don’t worry! They also have a ton of jackets and sweatshirts that will make awesome outfits, I will make more combinations for you so that you can get inspired and pull off you own trendy combos ;)

You can see more of their clothes here :)


You are too kind, Tumblr :)

If you are new around these parts, welcome!  You can learn more about us at our About & FAQ pages.  A quick scroll through my archive should give you a pretty good sense of what you are getting yourself into - trans/LGBTQ content, parenting stuff, beer, food, gardening, pictures of our faces, etc.  If you think I should follow you back, feel free to drop me a note an introduce yourself.