#GrowingUpWithStrictParents Problems Explained By Twitter Users
  • Always deleting text messages in case they take away your phone.
  • Telling your friends your parents said no without even asking cause you know it would have been a no anyway.
  • Rehearsing how you’re going to ask to go out somewhere.
  • When you’re telling a funny story, but it turns into a lecture…
  • When your mom says yes you can go out and when you come back home she starts lecturing you.
  • Standing outside my mom’s room trying to find the courage to ask her something.
  • Making sure all your friends know the story you’re telling your parents so they don’t get suspicious.
  • They complain about you being home all the time, but say no when you ask to go out.
  • Seeing someone have a sleepover with their boyfriend/girlfriend like… HOW?!
  • When your friends make last minute plans and you can’t go because it takes two business days to convince your parents.
  • Where are you going? Who’s gonna be there? Are there going to be adults there? Let me talk to their parents.
  • When you go out and your parents text you every 5 minutes to make sure you’re still alive…
  • Dating is not a thing.
Umbilical cord burning: Age-old practice sees renewed interest

by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories In increasing numbers pregnant women are considering there’s more to dealing with the umbilical cord than deciding if doctor or dad will do the cutting honors. There’s both early and delayed cord clamping to decide on, the option to tie a string around it or have a Lotus… Read more »

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I can't believe this is still on my mind...

I worked on this all day.  Actually.  Things keep jarring my mind about this whole “baby thing”.  Today it was a list of things other cultures do differently when it comes to raising children.  It’s a whole list of things I approve of, that we don’t do in USA.

And why don’t we?  Clearly it works.  Those kids grow up healthy and independent just like American Values, but we haven’t adopted these techniques.  Why? 

In case you haven't heard, parenting is hard.

In case you haven’t heard, parenting is hard.

Jack is very, very two-ish these days, which means some days I feel utterly defeated, and other days I bow down at the chubby toes of his cuteness, with tears of love washing the dirt off those toes. He is just so yummy it KILLS me. What the heck am I supposed to with that?

Kiss him and eat him up. And then yell at him two minutes later when he decides to stomp his Goldfish crackers into the rug…

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24 cool dad tattoos honoring their children

by Katherine Martin posted in Mom Stories People get tattoos for countless different reasons, but it seems that a lot of tattoos are a way to show love. They can be a visible reminder of what matters most someone. For that reason isn’t surprising that dads are getting tattoos in honor of their children. We… Read more »

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I wish I could have one moment with my mom when she was in her 20s. Tonight at the Elton John tribute concert she was on her feet the entire time, sang every word to every song, and was the first to turn her cellphone flashlight on for “Candle in the Wind” which started a trend.

My parents are epically rad and I kick myself for realizing how long it’s taken me to see that.

i hate this trend of parents bringing their tiny children to PG-13 movies about superheroes and shit. like just because you read teenage mutant ninja turtles and superman comics when you were 10 does not mean you can bring your 4-year-olds to see Antman and the Avengers!! it’s just FANTASTIC how we’re exposing our toddlers to violent images, blood, guns, gore, explosions, and frequent slurs against women. you’re really setting the stage for healthy development there, buddy.

anonymous asked:

so I was creeping and i saw this Aquarius/Pisces pairing ask from like three days ago and I'm an Aquarius f and my boyfriend is the Pisces and everything there is extremely accurate. his parents do not like me at all 😂😂 but honestly we don't really care bc we're moving soon so oh well

Yeah, there seems to be a weird trend with parents of Pisces kids being super disapproving of Aquariuses? I know my Pisces friend’s mom doesn’t like me for various reasons. I hope things work out with you and your boyfriend at least 💜

The Baby Name Trend That's on the Rise

Gender-neutral baby names are racing up the list of popular monikers so far this year as, experts say, more parents are looking to break boy/girl stereotypes. (Photo: Getty Images) 

Move over, Noah. You too, Emma. Though these monikers topped the Social Security list of most popular boy and girl names last year, 2015 is all about the rising popularity of unisex baby names, according to a new survey from BabyCenter

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Declaring this “the year of the gender-neutral baby,” BabyCenter reveals that names being used for both boys and girls are on the rise among the nearly 185,000 baby monikers registered at the site, compared with 2014. “Millennials are an open-minded and accepting group, and they don’t want their children to feel pressured to conform to stereotypes that might be restrictive,” Linda Murray, BabyCenter’s editor in chief, writes in a statement sharing the 10 names rising fastest in popularity for both genders.

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Amari is the winner so far, with a 56 percent increase for girls and 22 percent for boys compared with last year. On her (and his) heels: Karter, more popular with girls; Phoenix, used most often still for boys; Quinn, Reese, River, Rory, Rowan, Sawyer, and Taylor. 

“Many parents want to transcend the old-fashioned feminine or masculine roles and image with names that have not traditionally been used for either boys or girls but can be used for both sexes,” Nameberry’s Pamela Satran tells Yahoo Parenting. Calling out other hot goes-both-ways labels, such as Avery, Parker, Carson, Peyton, Jordan, and Emerson, Satran notes that the newly popular names are actually just a fresh iteration of an old trend. 

“Gender-neutral names started to become popular in the 1960s with the new rise of feminism and liberal ideals,” explains the baby name guru. “Back then, you saw names like Jamie, Jody, and Terry used for both sexes. And in the 1980s, the first generation of working mothers and parents focused on professional equality picked upwardly mobile, gender-neutral names such as Courtney and Morgan, often for their daughters, while boys’ gender-neutral names went in the new ‘cowboy’ direction with Casey, Corey, and Jesse.” This 2015 version of the unisex name trend, she says, “has to do more with an ideal of transcending gender stereotypes for children of both sexes.” 

What makes a moniker feminine or masculine, anyway? “A lot of people say that Madison and Addison, two extremely popular names mostly for girls, are actually boys’ names because they have the ‘son’ ending, which means ‘son of,’” the expert adds. “But are they boys’ names if they’re used over 95 percent of the time for girls?” Fun fact: Leslie, Kelly, and Shannon were once used primarily for boys. 

“The older generation may be taken aback by gender-neutral names and think a name should announce the child’s gender,” says Satran. “But individuals college age or younger are more comfortable with the idea that gender is a fluid concept and that a name with an indistinct gender identity is more than fine — it’s preferable.” 

So when parents choose a gender-neutral name for their child, they may do so to make a statement in support of such fluidity, much like refusing to dress their kids in pink or blue. But Satran cautions that kids “often strongly identify with hyper feminine or masculine roles and objects no matter what you do.” And she should know. “My daughter’s name is Rory, and I dressed her in denim overalls when she was little,” confesses Satran. “But she insisted on wearing them with red patent leather shoes and a tutu.” 

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