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what's the fic where dan is a lonely law student and he goes on a trip with his friends to disneyworld and his parents are really strict about how he spends his money and he runs into phil whose a youtuber and phil buys him a nerdy thing from some store?? i really loved it. at the end, they get together and dans friends had like ditched him or something and were in awe that dan had just been kissed by THE amazingphil!

Disney World MisadventuresDan, a law student with parents so strict they make him come home every weekend, gets ditched by his friends at Disney World in Florida during his short summer holiday. Alone, he runs into an incredibly attractive YouTuber who nerds out about anime with him, and even buys him a tiny Ciel figurine. Dan, meanwhile, quickly finds himself falling in love, especially after they get it on in a Disney World bathroom.


A lot of my friends are teachers, which isn’t surprising, but it’s getting harder and harder to talk about school with them. My bestie is a “twitter teacher,” the one who posts all the fabulous resources and participates in chats about how worksheets are bad and flexible seating is what everyone should be doing. I’m not knocking those people, but she teaches in a very different place than I do. Unlimited resources, motivated students, supportive parents, and administrators who aren’t worried about test scores because the kids automatically take them seriously.

But it’s hard to talk about school. I’ve run out of my yearly supply of paper, yet have one class that it’s not feasible for their computers to be used daily (unfocused, forgetting to charge, no wifi at home so online homework can’t happen - not that it matters because they don’t do homework anyway). I love my kids, but I’m drained from just getting through the day and there are honestly some days where I give them textbook reading and questions because at least they’ll sit quietly if they can listen to music. I love to do hands on, pbl type lessons, but there are days when I’ve broken up three fights outside my room and by the time the kids get to history, trying to engage them in ancient China is fruitless.

I don’t know where I was going with this but I just needed to vent. Her advice to look elsewhere for a job isn’t going to work because I don’t want to leave my school, but when we talk about her fabulous discussions with her students and the support she have to buy any resource she wants (and then to see it on Twitter), is not what I need at the end of my day. I’m just frustrated and I’m over it.

dear white male writers: DO NOT DO THIS

These horrific, sexist, racist paragraphs - screenshotted and shared for posterity by James Smythe, to whom we are all indebted - are the work of one Liam O’Flynn, a writer and English teacher. Evidently, they come from his book Writing With Stardust: the Ultimate Descriptive Guide for students, parents, teachers, and lovers of English, and are intended as examples of good writing.



Like I just. “Her virility-brown eyes -” WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN? How can you have an “Amazonian figure” ON a “wafer-thin body” when “figure” is a word that describe’s a body’s shape, and Amazonian means pretty much the DIRECT FUCKING OPPOSITE of “wafer-thin” in the first place?  What the shitting fuck does ANY of this mean, apart from “I am only nebulously familiar with the concept of women and completely at a loss if I can’t compare their various bodyparts to jewels, animals and footstuffs”?





    “Soon, Eric and Dylan would kill themselves in the library, denying any of us the chance to question them. I’d never be able to sit down across from the guy I used to throw snowballs at in elementary school and ask him why he had wanted to kill all those people who had done him no wrong whatsoever.

    The hell that Eric and Dylan would create at my high school that day would go on to haunt their families, the families of the victims, and parents and students throughout our community and the world. It would destroy my life, as comments from the sheriff would lead to accusations that I was somehow involved in the plot. 

    Worst of all, it left me struggling with the knowledge that not only were my classmates dead, they had been murdered by one friend I’d known since childhood —– and another who had let me walk away only a few minutes beforehand. And I would never be able to ask them why.”

- No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown

shoutout to the students who are in a competitive environment and feel pressured to succeed
shoutout to the students who will be the first generation to go to college
shoutout to the students with a 4.0 gpa who worked extremely hard for their grade
shoutout to the students who try their best in school and worked just as hard but don’t necessarily have the best grades
shoutout to the students who suffer from mental illnesses but still have the desire to learn
shoutout to the students with strict parents
shoutout to the students who don’t have the best resources but still want to succeed
shoutout to all students! be proud of yourself and keep dreaming!

i think y'all are forgetting the witches still in school.

student witches who put sigils on their hands, wrists, notebooks and other supplies.

student witches who do every project with intent for success.

student witches who attend class with their pockets filled with crystals and runes.

student witches who mutter curses and hexes under their breath while walking down the halls.

student witches who cast charms and good luck spells for their friends on tests.

student witches who make coven group chats.

student witches who don’t have nearly enough time to do every spell, every ritual, or every celebration that they wish.

student witches who have to hide their identity from their friends and their parents.

student!!!! witches!!!!


A.N. I’m bored and don’t want to work on my creative writing piece for class that’s due in a couple of hours.

JB: English Teacher

  • Everyone swoons over him literally everyone. The other staff members, the students, parents, the stray animals that wander into the school
  • Has his class do a book review every two months just to make them suffer
  • Gives extra credit if his students go the schools play.
  • Has the students watch movie adaptions of the books they read in class 
  • And goes on a lecture saying that the book is a million times better than the movie.
  • “The movie is decent, well not that decent but it’s decent shit.”

Mark: Art Teacher

  • After his class finishes a project he’ll put all it all over the classroom and outside the classroom too
  • Like he loves showing off what his students can do
  • Fights with the other Art Teachers saying that his students are better than theirs
  • Everyone thinks he’s a student because he looks so young.
  • “Stop mistaking me for a child, I pay bills!! I’M IN DEBT!! IM AN ADULT!”
  • Plans field trips to the museums just so he can educate his students more about art. Plus they can skip all their other classes for a day.

Jackson: Physical Education Teacher

  • No one is allowed to sit out during class, everyone has to participate.
  • Once a week has to lecture people that eating organic food is better for your body
  • Will die when he has to teach his classes about safe sex.
  • Says “IF YOU HAVE SEX YOU WILL DIE!!! Well not really but don’t do it! Boys are the literal definition of trash. Girls, you can do better.”
  • Will be the star of the student vs teacher games
  • But gets in trouble when he spikes the volleyball to hard and it accidentally hits a student in the face.

Jinyoung: Drama Teacher

  • He is one hell of a teacher and even all the kids that didn’t want to take his class ended up loving his class.
  • Loves that other teachers forces their class to watch his productions. He’s making money for his department
  • People think he’s gay cause he’s the drama teacher
  • Gives out the best life advice during class
  • Throws a fit when Mark’s field trips to the museum gets approve but not his field trip to play.

Youngjae: Choir Teacher 

  • Makes Jinyoung brag to people that he hired the best pianist for the schools musical
  • Loves seeing his kids trying their best when they get new music
  • Wins any award is possible in all competitions because of how well his kids sing
  • When the band and orchestra teachers complain about their kids misbehaving he’ll just drink his coffee and say “hmm that’s because your kids don’t like you.”
  • Is up to date with the schools gossip only because his choir president is also the newspaper editor, so he has to act shocked when he reads the school paper.
  • Screams at anyone who gets five feet near his piano 

Bambam & Yugyeom: Journalism, Yearbook and Newspaper Teachers

  • It was too much work for one teacher to do so the school hires two people
  • Boy they would regret their decision
  • These two did their work and all their students pass but because they cause so much drama in the school.
  • Bambam: “So class when I said I wanted the latest gossip for our newspaper, I didn’t mean to stalk people.”
  • All the yearbooks they work on, are always sold out.
  • Because it’s so aesthetically pretty and they make sure no one looks ugly for their school photos.
  • They approve any goofy senior quote and don’t care they get in trouble.
  • Yugyeom: “When I said to highlight the important part of hard hitting story, that doesn’t mean to highlight the whole story.”
  • No one knows what to expect each time they walk into their classroom.

so in one of my courses the other day, we were shown a picture of an impoverished little girl with a serious expression on her face, and told to come up with “her story”. The only rule was that it had to have a happy ending.

Along with this course being extremely.. accepting I suppose and a place where we all know each other extremely well, this is a predominantly female class. Female teacher, 24 female students, 5 male students.

Going through the stories was incredibly interesting. While everyones separate life experiences were somehow injected into their stories

All 22/24 of the female students wrote stories about the girl overcoming obstacles, receiving an education, working hard, going to university, having an extremely successful career, and creating a life for herself while also providing for her impoverished parents.

2/24 female students wrote those exact same stories, except the girl got married in the end as well as having a successful career.

ALL the male students wrote stories about the girl meeting a rich man and falling in love with him. Marrying him. Suddenly all her problems were solved

Incredibly interesting that to females students, for a girl happiness comes from being successful and working hard, while to male students a girl can only obtain happiness from meeting a man

Why does the snake mascot of Slytherin house mean Slytherins are sly and murderous
have you actually met a snake
my friend’s python is literally what you’d get if you took a fat spaghetti noodle, made it come to life, and gave it social anxiety
snakes are fat spaghetti noodles with social anxiety that flop on warm things, hide in themselves when threatened, lick things they’re not supposed to lick because curiosity, and accidentally get sucked into couches
THATs the dangerous clever and deadly mascot of Slytherin house

a concept i would have loved to see: a student whose parent is a teacher at hogwarts. i want cute interactions where the student calls the proffesor by their name , or they mess up once and call them mom/dad. my heart

breaking dog blog news

Last night a first-year from India was asking me about my dogs and, upon learning their origins, he exclaimed triumphantly: 

“Oh wow, I knew it. I KNEW IT. I can really tell. My family feeds about 10 street dogs in my neighborhood, and they all look like exactly like that. When I saw your dogs I kept staring, like: ‘Why do those look so much like dogs from home?’”

Profiles in Choice: Volume 2

School choice is an illusion.  It is not a universal possibility. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to take into account far more variables than they are currently considering.

You know what makes it possible for some students to choose schools outside of their immediate districted area and makes it impossible for others? Transportation.

Some students have cars.

Some students have parents who can drop them off and pick them up.

Some students can afford to Uber or Lyft to and from school every day.

And some students do not have money for the bus.

Do you see the difference?

Some cities have free transportation to and from school for students. I salute the excellent people who worked so hard to make this a reality. But far too many still do not. So, students have to pay, walk, or be transported. Spoiler alert: this really limits their choices.

At my school there is a charming brother and sister pair who used to ride to school on matching bikes every day. But one day the brother messed up his tire en route. Without the money to fix the problem, he has had to stop riding for the past couple of months. Now they take turns on one skateboard and one bicycle. She is older, so sometimes he holds onto her shoulder and she pulls him. They are tardy with increased regularity. I called their mother, a caring, hard-working woman. You know what she told me? “Yeah, I worry a lot about them out on the roads, too.”

You know what she doesn’t have? Another choice. She can’t drive them; she has to work instead, in order to be able to continue to feed them. So this is how it is for now.

One girl in my speech class has a protective father. He does not like her getting home by herself after dark. So, this good man picks her up every day. When he gets out of work. Sometimes as late as 7 p.m. At least she can get her homework done.

“Ms. S, can you lend me a dollar for the bus?” is almost as common a question in my room as, “What are we doing today?” or, “What page are we on?”

Many of my students can’t afford even a reduced price bus pass. I imagine for Mrs. DeVos and her friends this doesn’t seem like such a common occurrence. To them it is probably unimaginable. But she probably never had to go without eating so that her children could eat either, as one of my student’s “Personal Hero Speech”  revealed had been the case in her family.

Mrs. DeVos probably never had to spend a chunk of her minimum wage salary on splitting Ubers with her three friends just to get to school in the morning, or walk over a mile in the rain just to get back home. Mrs. DeVos probably does not understand that not everyone can just make a choice and a magic money fairy appears to make that choice a reality.

Ms. DeVos only knows that, “…public schools are not succeeding. In fact, let’s be clear, in many cases, they are failing.”

And she also knows she is just the right choice to ride in and change all that.

on loving sharks

Chris can’t remember not loving sharks. His parents aren’t totally certain where his first stuffed shark came from—none of his relatives remember buying it, and his parents, being graduate students with a newborn, weren’t exactly getting enough sleep to make clear memories at the time—but Sharkie is in all his baby pictures, and his grandparents (who were getting enough sleep) claim she was his favorite from the beginning. She remained his favorite for a long time, even as he acquired books about sharks, and nature videos about sharks, and what seemed to his parents like half a million shark toys. 

If he’s being completely honest, Chris doesn’t really remember becoming a Sharks fan, either, but he does know the story.  Shortly after he’d turned three, the Graduate Parents of Samwell had rented out Faber for the afternoon for an end-of-semester parent-and-toddler skating session. Pretty much all of the grad student parents who’d finished their grading (and a few who hadn’t, quite) were there, and Chris’s parents took the opportunity to invite several of them to a (somewhat belated) party in honor of Chris’s third birthday.  A Canadian PhD candidate in mathematics (who had two kids and looked like he hadn’t slept in a month) asked Chris’s mom what kind of stuff Chris liked these days. She’d tried to tell him not to bother getting a present, but the mathematician had insisted, and Chris’s mom eventually said something along the lines of “well, he’s really into sharks…” 

Two weeks later, half the Graduate Parents of Samwell (along with associated spouses and children) showed up to Chris’s birthday party bearing gifts of San José Sharks merchandise.   

A couple of months after that, the same mathematician friend invited all three Chows over for a grading-and-babysitting party, and put on a hockey game for background noise.  Chris was, according to his parents, utterly enthralled by all the people skating around the TV screen “wearing my Sharkie shirt!” And that was that. 

Falling in love with playing hockey, however, is something Chris remembers very well indeed.