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Awkward family gatherings

every once in a while my family from both sides will get together and host this big ass dinner party and it is always awkward af, my dad and mums side of the family are very at war with each other because my mums side are very conservative while my dad’s side don’t give a fuck.

So dinner rolls around everyone’s eating and I make a casual comment to my dad about how I’m going to stay at my girlfriends over the weekend because she doesn’t want to be home alone while her parents are away, dads like yeah cool what evs no sex blah blah blah, and my Nana (mums side) looks absolutely horrified when someone asks her about it she goes on this long winded rant about how I am going to hell for being a homosexual yada yada yada, my pa (mums side) chooses this moment to get up clink his glass and go “I’d like to make an offical announcement, Claudia, I’ve been cheating on you with your younger brother for 17 years, now if you would please shut up for two goddamn second we would like to continue our nice family dinner, also I’ve been meaning to ask for a divorce”

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Thinking Out loud/Peter Pan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

“Why aren’t you afraid?” The infamous Peter Pan asked me.

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Okie, but what about the RFA (plus Saeran if you can) reacting to a heavily tattooed/pierced MC doing her own tattoos/piercings?


  • he thinks MC is super cool
  • like a video game hero… a badass hero…
  • he’s always thought tattoos and body mods were cool but he probably never thought of getting one ever, ‘cause it would hurt
  • so seeing MC tattooing themselves and piercing themselves?
  • he has to walk out because it makes him queasy
  • but it also makes him admire them so much more


  • for her tattoos were always just. out of the question
  • she knew that most employers would turn her down if she has one
  • but when she saw MC, she realized that was just a pretty stupid ideology
  • who wouldn’t want to hire MC?? she’s sure that if she was a boss she’d want to hire MC. who cares about tattoos and piercings?
  • she’s always lowkey worried that one day MC might get an infection when piercing themselves and keeps a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the house just in case


  • he adores it
  • he is a firm believer that the body is a canvas to be decorated
  • he’d have gotten tattoos and piercings himself long ago if his acting job wouldn’t be affected by it
  • he adores to help MC coordinate outfits to show off their favourite tattoos
  • seeing MC pierce themselves and tattoo themselves is actually super interesting to him- sometimes he cringes a bit when he thinks of the pain- but in general he’s usually interested to watch


  • he probably grew up with the whole “blah blah blah tattoos are bad blah blah blah” chat that conservative parents always give their children
  • personally, he doesn’t really think so, but it’s easier to just act like that to please his father
  • until he meets MC
  • before, he’d just seen piercings and tattoos as a miscellaneous thing some people got, but for the first time, they look like art in his eyes
  • he buys MC fancy ink and piercings as surprise (he doesn’t know what type of piercing to get- he just gets a bunch of each and hopes for the best)


  • in his line of work he’s seen a fair share of heavily tattooed and pierced people so he wasn’t even phased by it
  • in fact, what shocked him wasn’t the ink or the piercings, it was more seeing MC do it themselves
  • he thinks it really looks nice on MC, and constantly tells them so
  • he always makes jokes like “are you a secret masochist?” when he sees MC working on a tattoo or piercing


  • he thinks the tattoos are beautiful, and so are the piercings
  • even though he can’t see the ink properly, he adores to touch MC’s piercings when cuddling
  • it makes MC feel more like… well, like MC
  • he’s always careful not to touch new piercings because he’s scared of hurting MC
  • with what he can see, he tries to arrange photo props to match with MC’s tattoos 
Ok but imagine if
  • Maui actually ends up living with Moana on her island and becoming like part of the family. Like her parents treat him like the son they never had. 
  • Everyone’s like wow a demigod! We should listen to him and make him chief but Maui absolutely refuses and makes them listen to Moana because she’s still the chief and has the most respect for her. 
  • A boy on the island falls for Moana and is courting her and Maui threatens to kill him if he even thinks about hurting Moana because no one hurts his friend. 
  • Maui and Moana officially start calling each other brother and sister because their friendship is so strong. 
  • They still go on adventures together and have discovered like a bajillion islands together.
  • When Moana gets married Maui does the ceremony because “with the godly power invested in him blah blah blah” 
  • Maui is the god parent of Moana’s kids and she wouldn’t trust anyone to take better care of them than Uncle Maui. 
  • Her kids call him Uncle Maui. 
  • Maui loves to dance around for all the children of the village and tell them about his adventures and shape shift for them because the giggles and awe makes him happy. 
  • Maui loves being on the island because for the first time he’s felt wanted not just by humans but by his friends and family that he cares about.  

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more coming out stories I got you my dude. so I was absolutely terrified of telling my parents. my dad is a pastor at a roman catholic church. my mom is super religious and both have said some not wonderful things about gay people. I broke up with my bf because we really were better friends and it was mutual and I was crushing hard on this girl from another school. so it wasn't fair to him so I got home and they had heard (small town) and absolutely flipped their lids. (1/?)

it was so bad so I ran away from home (because i’m an extra hoe and emotional ok don’t judge). I went to the diner across town and was sitting there fuming and my mom was spam calling my cell so I finally answered it and she was like where are you, come home this instant, etc etc. but mostly why did you break up with bf (his parents are influential) because he’s so great blah blah blah. so I yelled because I was in love with a girl before I realized it and kinda froze. (2/?)

after a silence that seemed like ten years but was probably a cpl minutes she just said have you always felt like this? and I said yeah. so she said come home and hung up the phone. I was terrified but it was getting late and it was winter so I went home and she hugged me really tight and gave me a cup of cocoa, wrapped me in a blanket, and just said tell me about her. we spent all night talking about me and my stupid crush. (3/?)

That stupid crush and I are actually engaged and we get married next year. my mom is my maid of honor, and my dad is going to officiate. coming out is terrifying but I believe in you - you can do it! (4/4)


Pointless thoughts and observation #1

Many of Mogeko characters have their names somehow based on parents’ names. This is not an universal rule and it doesn’t apply to everyone, nonetheless the group is big. 

Some examples are obvious even for us (Hanten and Chikemuri, children of Gyakuten and Chishibuki, Killisaki, son of Yatsuzaki and Killie), sometimes it’s visible only in writing (Meikai - 溟海, Wadanohara  - 大海原), sometimes in pronunciation (Ivlis - Iv’urisu, Licorice - Rikorisu), sometimes it’s hidden in meanings (Gokuen and Heller, both meaning ‘hell’). An interesting case may be Siralos (sun) who named his accepted daughter Igls Unth (sunlight), however the exiled son Ivlis doesn’t share a name meaning with any of the family members.

Interesting fact number one: characters who abandoned their given names and were confirmed to use nicknames are often also those who are in bad terms with their parents. We can mention Glasses, a man who refuses to show that he is Satanick’s son, or Vendetto, who possibly started using a nickname after Ivlis kicked him out. Yet the most clear example is probably Kurotsuno. Not only she insists on using a new name, also the only person who continues to go against her wishes and addresses her as Olivia is Sullivan, a father she is… not friendly with.
Apparently in Mogekoverse a name is similar to a gift strongly connecting children with their parents. In some cases it’s a positive phenomenon; enough to mention Meikai, who in his last moments leaves Wadanohara a name. However, if a relationship between children and parents is marked by negative feelings, a gift suddenly changes into a burden and kids try everything to cut off from any signs of their parents, visible in them. 

Another thing is a situation when characters don’t have parents in canon. To be clear, I’m talking about those known to be raised without parents. Many characters do not have any family because their background is not developed or it’s not relevant to the story.
The Gray Garden girls were told to be creations who don’t have families, yet their names correspond with ancestors’ names. But look and Samekichi and Sal - Old doesn’t know that he is their father, the family bond was cut or broken, it was mentioned in the game. And what happened? Both Samekichi and Sal were using nicknames based on their species. Not having a parent is almost equal to not having a name at all, to being deprived of the gift which should be given by a parent. 

Career Day

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff & humor || 514 || more fics

summary: olicity + it’s career day at their kid school but only one parent can give a small speech (thank you, @bazingagubicorn)
a/n: this is so silly but [shrug emoji]

Felicity sat beside Oliver, legs crossed, and ready to give a speech to their daughter’s class. They were both going to give a little talk to the students. Just like the rest of the parents there on Career Day.

Their little pipsqueak sat in Oliver’s lap, excitedly bouncing, and waiting for class to start.

Finally, her teacher stood and spoke to everyone. “Welcome to room blah blah blah it’s going to be a great career day blah blah blah blah. Since there are so many parents only one from each family can give a short speech, blah blah blah.”


“What?” she blurted out.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Queen. We only have so much time.”

With a soft huff, she leaned back into her seat.

“Looks like I’m giving the speech,” she whispered to Oliver.

“No way,” he hissed back, “I get to do this one.”

“You already get PTA meetings, Girl Scout den mother, and all that other crap.”

“Because you don’t want to.”

“So? I want to give the career day speech.”

They whisper yelled back and forth until the teacher walked right up to both of them. “I don’t tolerate students talking in class and I’m not going to tolerate either of you doing it. If you can’t decide who’s going to give the speech then neither of you will.”

Felicity suddenly felt like she was back in grade school and she didn’t like it. Ms. Whatever walked away from them and one of the kid’s lawyer parent went back to talking. Their daughter had turned in Oliver’s lap and was glaring at the both of them.

“Embarrassing,” she whispered with a pout.

“I’m sorry,” Felicity whispered back.

She looked to Oliver and they both glared at each other for a moment. How were they supposed to decide who was going to be the one to speak? Mayor of Star City or CEO and founder of Smoak Technologies?

A light bulb suddenly went off in her head. She leaned over and whispered to Oliver.

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Something I don't get, is why current-day children's cartoons have that feeling of being half-assed? I mean, I've given cursory glances at what passes off as entertainment for kids, and it's just... jesus. The effort barely shows, more often than not. We, as a species, don't half-ass other children-oriented products, be it booster seats, toys, educational manuals, etc. - so why do children's cartoons just HAVE to get the axe like this?

I get it perfectly well - companies want money. It’s that simple. And nobody is easier to exploit than kids - purely because companies know if a kid kicks and screams, many parents will just give in. Why do you think Frozen merch is still as popular as it ever has been since it first released nearly 4 YEARS AGO?

That’s beside the point though lol, that just illustrates the rehashing and laziness behind kids entertainment companies - and for a lot of kids shows (especially for younger kids who’ll be entertained by jingly keys), they need to process as much as they can as fast as they can and as cheaply as they can to maximise profit. I’d argue the original Thomas the Tank Engine series will never get old, but the new one? Seriously? It looks/sounds/plays out cheap and shitty now and will hold up even worse in a few years. But that’s the attitude - kids don’t care, so why should they? Unfortunately that’s true, however - kids generally like whatever is thrown at them at a young age and unless you expose them to better things and explain to them why they have more effort and such put into them, they equally understand and apply that understanding to everything else they ever absorb with media (I don’t literally mean you have to force kids to like one thing and not another but there’s absolutely nothing wrong in explaining the differences between how shows are made and compare shows together etc). You need the highs to appreciate the lows and blah blah blah.

Unfortunately though lots of parents don’t have the time nor knowledge to show their kids better stuff (not even from the past but also today) - and since kids watch whatever is thrown at them - companies make cheap shitty low-effort crap on a daily basis and kids will all just absorb it, followed by begging and screaming to have merchandise from it. Nobody’s fault, it’s just whatever makes money - it’s been tried in the past lots of times as well but with the advent of Netflix, DVD and satellite TV being more available than ever nowadays it’s easier than ever to shit something out, especially if it’s remade from an already-established and cherished IP.

To My Eldest...

(You’re probably gonna see some pics of people you know, but this is how I imagined Ryan would look.) 

You didn’t cry much when you were born. I thought there was something wrong with you, that the drugs I’d so recklessly taken with your father were affecting your life. This wasn’t the first time I thought that, by the way. Come to think of it, I can’t recall a time where I’ve heard you cry more than just a few whimpers of protest. You were an easy kid; the easiest kid a parent could ask for, actually (imagine my horror when Rosie came along). The hardest thing I had to do for you was find food for you to eat that was gluten free. You smelled like babies and lavender and all the sweetest things in the world. Your hair was dark like your father’s, but you had blue eyes like mine, and your skin was porcelain. I loved you from the second I saw you and have ever since.

Your hair got brighter as you grew older. I took this photo the Christmas we spent in Minnesota. At the time, Owen and I were engaged and I was pregnant, but you wouldn’t have known about the pregnancy until later on. This was your favourite haircut because it was short like Owen’s and you wanted to be just like him. You also wouldn’t have known that you were skipping a year of pre-k and going straight to elementary school next year. This was the second time I thought that I’d somehow screwed up with my drug abuse and made you autistic or something like that. Not that there was anything wrong with you being autistic but if there was something different about you, I wanted to know so I could act accordingly. But you were just always naturally smart. I was never even that smart. Education was your hobby. And I loved seeing those bitchy mothers look on in jealousy as I picked you up from school. Thankfully, Rosie followed in your footsteps in this aspect. I don’t know what I would’ve done with a rebellious and uneducated child.

You finished high school when you were 14. Everyone in your class was either 16 or 17, so you definitely stood out with your baby face but you didn’t seem to care. All you could talk and think about was going to do pre-med at this college which had specially requested you. I can’t even remember the name of it now, but you were beyond excited. That is, until we actually got there. I remember it was me, you and Owen. We left the other three with Meredith and Derek in Seattle.

You’d been unusually quiet all day, but I thought it was because of the jet lag. After we helped you unpack and we were about to leave, Owen and I asked you for a picture, to keep with us while you were away. You threw on your new college hoodie and stood in front of Owen’s iPhone and we took the picture. This was the picture. You looked so sad and lost, like this wasn’t what you wanted at all. I remember looking at the picture on Owen’s phone, then looking at you. There were tears forming in your eyes. I hugged you before they could fall and it was the tightest you’d ever hugged me back. I could feel all you felt in that hug. I remember the two of us laughing at each other when we pulled away, because we were both crying. I held your face in between my two hands and told you, “I’ll be waiting for you. Go be extraordinary.”

I took this picture of you the summer you finished college. You were 18 and looked so much like Ryan, it took my breath away. I missed a lot of things while you were doing pre-med. The summer after your first year, your squeaky voice had disappeared and been replaced with this dark, gravelly voice that I didn’t recognise. I cried in Owen’s arms that night, complaining about how you were growing up over there and I wasn’t there to see it. The summer after your second year, you’d gotten at least five inches taller. I remember hugging you in the airport and crying, and having you criticise me for doing so because it made you look ‘uncool’. Gone were the days when we’d cry together in public and laugh about it. You stopped growing after your third year, you were barely taller than Owen, and after your fourth year, you started growing a beard and I took this photo. Owen joked that you were growing more of a stubble, because there was barely any facial hair on you.

I’m sorry to say, but this is my least favourite photo of you. You sent me this photo the summer after you finished med school. I think you were in Maui with some other friends and I hadn’t seen you since Christmas. That man bun nest you had growing on your head drove me up a wall. It was messy all the time, and you abused it when you combed it. At least you were finally growing an actual beard and not that stubble you tried combing once. For months, during your intern year, I complained to Owen almost every day about it and he kept telling that it was your life and you could do whatever you wanted. But I gave you that life, and it should not be squandered on silly, messy hairstyles like that. Thank god you shaved it all off in your second year, after that crazy patient grabbed you by your hair. I remembered fighting off a smile as we sat down in front your old bedroom mirror and talked about what had happened while I took satisfaction in shaving off the horrid hairstyle. I slept like a baby that night.

You were 27 when you became a board certified neurosurgeon, making you one of around 20 of the youngest neurosurgeons of all time. I remember Owen and I were at your ceremony, and instead of doing the usual ‘I’d like to thank my parents, my teachers…” blah blah blah, you said, “I am just a man who was lucky enough to be raised right.” I’d held my hands over my heart and our eyes met each other. You said, “For being my mother and my father, when I didn’t have one.” And you mouthed, “Thank you.” We both smiled at the same time and our dimples flashed at each other.

I took this photo on the day of your first surgery as an attending. You were in the scrub room and I was on the other side of the door. You were nervous because everyone was looking at you, wanting to see if you were as extraordinary as the two Shepherd surgeons that came before you. You had your hands on the sink and you were bent over, breathing deeply. Then you stood up and copied my superhero pose. I don’t recall ever telling you about it, but there you were, doing it. I came into the room and you looked at me with a hopeless expression.

“Tell me something,” you asked me, “Anything.”

“I will still love you, even if you kill this person,” I told you. You opened your eyes widely at me but we both ended up laughing.

“Thank you,” you said. Then I smiled at you and pulled out my phone. I took this picture of you right before you put on your scrub mask. And, although the patient had died, I had never been prouder to stand in the same OR as the child I gave birth to all those years ago. You have never disappointed me, Ry (except when you grew your hair out). Happy Birthday, from your #1 biggest fan.

Voltron and Atlantis au (Spoilers to the movie btw)

I’ve heard some stuff about this and some fan art but I wanted to contribute lol (Also, you should probably see the movie in order for what I say to make sense because I ramble a lot.) This is not a fanfic thing, I just go into major detail on how I imagine it. It is basically a shitty summary of the movie but with different characters lmao. I think it is kinda interesting though.

(Keith is a lot more bad ass than Milo, I mean Milo is like a clumsy little dude. Keith has the same personality as well, Keith.)

(Lance is a lot more carefree and funnier than Kida. Like He is really chill unless something bad happens.)

Baby Lance (Kida) is a prince that is running with his parents, when his father gets chosen blah blah blah. The beginning part where it shows Atlantis and what happens to the people there.

First things first. Same as the movie, it is set in 1914. Keith (Milo) works at a museum, in the weird boiler room that Milo spends his time in. Keith wants to find Atlantis. His father (Kinda like Milo’s grandpa) told him all about Atlantis, and when his father died he felt like he needed to you know, follow in his dads footsteps and shit like that.

Nobody believes Keith and thinks that he is an idiot for even thinking that Atlantis is real, and that only makes him want to search more. When he goes to his apartment and goes to find his cat, Red, he sees a woman sitting in his living room, which in the movie she is Helga, but in this au she is Haggar or Nyma (Couldn’t really decide :/)

Nyma or Haggar takes Keith to Mr. Whitmyers mansion, where he is told to find Atlantis and that stuff. Mr. Whitmyer is oF COURSE- Coran

Keith and Coran talk about the plan and stuff like that. Then next thing you know Keith is on the ship thing. There he meets the commander, which in the movie is Rourke, but in this case he will be Zarkon. 

Then he meets Mole, which is none other than my boy Hunk . And then there is Dr. Sweet, which is Shiro because they are both strong and very dad like :)). Audrey will be Pidge. I mean the personality is sort of similar? Smol girls that are good at fighting and being cool I guess. Jebidah… I thought maybe he could be Coran, but I dunno. Whatever you think Coran would work the best with. Also, that old lady that talks into the speaker thing on the ship, I think her name is Mrs. Packard, yeah that is gonna be Prince Lotor. Don’t ask why. I just think that I would be the happiest this way.

Okay, and I know these two personalities are not the same at all… but I thought it would be really funny if Allura was the dynamite guy. I think his name is Vincenzo. I thought it was hilarious. 

And those are the characters, which I hope I am not forgetting any.

They do some boring shit- until Keith goes out of his tent one night to play around with his knife and look around the cave. He then notices that little bugs are setting things on fire, he wakes every one up, they escape with the camp in flames. When they are trying to escape, they fall off of a bridge thing. Keith gets injured, and that’s when Lance comes into the story.

Keith is bleeding, and while everyone is looking for him, Lance approaches him. He grabs his crystal and heels him. Keith sees Lance only for a moment before the others find him and Lance leaves. 

Keith and the rest follow Lance, only to find Atlantis. Lance approaches Keith, and you see, Lance thinks that Keith doesn’t know how to speak Altanian, so this is how their first convo goes.

If I were a stop light, I’d turn red every time you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.” Lance says with a smirk.

“Thank you?” Keith blushes. Lance turns red too, because he did not except that to happen.

They eventually find out that Lance can also speak other languages, but they all settle on English.

Lance walks all of them through Atlantis, chatting away with Keith the whole time. They then meet Lance’s father, who is of course the King in the move. I forgot his name. Oops.

The King tells them to leave, but Zarkon and Lance somehow convinces the King to let them stay a night. 

Of course Lance and Keith then get closer, Keith finds out that Lance is like 8,000 to 9,000 years old and then responds with the fact that Lance is “Lookin’ good’ for his age.

Then the iconic swimming scene where Kida takes her skirt thing off (Lance does the same thing but more in a suggestive way because he is trying seduce Keith lmao)

And when they figure out some shit they go back above the water to Zarkon and the rest of the team waiting. They force Keith to tell them what they learned or else they would shoot Lance.

Then sneaky ol’ Zarkon and the gang go and attack the King, which pisses Shiro off because he didn’t want to hurt anyone. So Shiro decides to help heal the King instead of following Zarkon.

They go to the King, and they try to find what the heart of Atlantis is. Which was that cool rock circle thing. Zarkon, Haggar/Nyma, Lance, and Keith all go down to the heart of Atlantis. Lance has a mini little meltdown thing, and when Keith tries to help him Zarkon starts to get impatient, and commands Lance to do his magic shit thing. When Keith tries to go after him, Zarkon says “Hold on, lover boy” (One of my favorite scenes in the goddamn movie idk why).

Lance then rises into the air and does that super epic thing that Kida did in the movie, and he goes back to the ground, and scares the living shit out of all of them. Zarkon and the rest of them then lock Lance in a metal box.

As they are leaving, Keith tries to negotiate. But… Zarkon punches him. 

“I hope that you will now have enough money to open that second garage with your brother Pidge.” Keith says, defeated. He turns to Allura. “And maybe now you can open that flower shop. I am sure your family will be proud.” Allura and Pidge both look down shamefully. 

Pidge feels guilty, and goes to Keith. Allura does the same. Then Lotor gets out of the truck with a cigarette and goes “We are all gonna die”. Hunk goes with them too. 

Zarkon and Haggar/Nyma laugh because they think that they are all idoits for not going with them to get the money. Boy they were wrong. Zarkon leaves, with Lance imprisoned with them. Keith tries to run for them but is pushed down by Allura, who tells  him to wait. When Keith looks up he sees that the bridge is exploding. “Okay you can go now.” Allura informs him.

Keith goes to the King. Shiro tells him there is nothing else he can really do. When Keith talks to the King, he gets that super cool crystal that he saw Lance had. Sadly the King dies in that scene tho.

Shiro is able to convince Keith to keep going, and he does. He tells the gaurds in Atlantis how to fly those car things with their crystals, and the rest of the team learn as well. They fly after Zarkon. 

Zarkon is trying to escape, even trying to get rid of Haggar/Nyma because he wants everything to himself. They then get into a fight, which causes Haggar/Nyma to fall off of the air balloon. 

They try to get Lance and kill Zarkon, but they start to run out of time. The fights are just really messy and as much off a bad ass he is, Zarkon is stronger. Keith then loses his shit and stabs Zarkon with a crystal, causing him to turn to this stone like thing and crumble. Haggar/Nyma shoots the balloon from balloon, causing it to plummet to the ground. The team tries to get Lance, but the volcano that they happen to be fighting in was about to arrupt. Luckily they are able to get out of there and back to Atlantis, but lava is flowing towards it, causing panic.

Lance is let out of the metal box, and still in his magic daze, he floats the freakn’ sky and does some cool magic shit again. He makes these stone guard things and everything is super cool. They make a force field that protects Atlantis from the lava. Lance goes back to the ground, as him normal self, where Keith catches him. 

“Keith?” Lance hugs him.

When it’s time for the team to say goodbye, they take pictures for a memory. Keith stays in Atlantis with Lance, meanwhile everyone else goes back to America.

When Coran asks them what happend, they say that everyone besides them died.

Coran opened a letter from Keith, that talked about how he now has proof. In the letter is a crystal. Which is all that Coran needs.


World's Best School Psychologist.

When I was twelve, I came to the conclusion that everyone in the world, including my own family, was against me. I was never a problemed child, but my parents sure treated me like one.

For example, I used to need to be home by 5:00pm every day. This clearly restricted my amount of “play time” outdoors. I wasn’t allowed to have friends over to play at the house, nor was I allowed to go over anyone else’s. I had to finish homework directly after I came home from school, no matter how long it took. My parents refused to buy me video games and forced me to read books and then write a book report on them to prove I actually read it!

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What really burns me is how many diagnoses that I am just now getting diagnosed with, especially considering I asked for help with symptoms a LONG time ago.

My step mom waived it off, saying, “Stop trying to find things wrong with yourself.”


There is nothing wrong with being disabled, but I was ASKING FOR HELP.

Now I am too poor to fix them on my own, and I still have to deal with them.