parenting award of the year

OHMYGAHD! THEY ARE SO EXTRA. I’m cringing from secondhand embarrassment.

Definitely, the winners of the best parents of the year award (LEARN FROM THEM TRASH DAD). The things they do for their smol son Yukine.

That’s it, I’m using this for a birthday greeting card.

(P.S. Incidentally, does anyone know Yukine’s birthdate? I read somewhere that Yato found him sometime in late November, but is it stated anywhere what the exact date was?

*Edited: Apparently it’s on November 29. Thanks @fast-moon!)

(P.P.S. We need a Yatorine week guys. We definitely do.)

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Wait, why is England the worst? He isn't THAT bad of a father is he?

I don’t know. He did a lot of crappy things such as:

Forgetting who Canada is. Even though he took care of him after the American Revolution and fought with him in war.
Dumped Australia on New Zealand and said good luck
Child neglect much, England?
Gave almost everyone he raised terrible eyebrows
Hong Kong then:

Hong Kong now:

Sealand. Just Sealand. 
Gave America a bad taste in food. 

Ruined Davie’s life goal and didn’t get the flowers on time to Davie before he died. How does it take 50–60 years to get an effing flower?! 
Leaves really young kids home alone. 

I may add more to the list. This is just off the top of my head. I don’t know. Spain MAY be worse than him, since he was apparently harsh to everyone but Romano. But since we haven’t seen him with most of his colonies, we can’t judge. So England gets the crappy parent award this year. Happy Father’s Day. You tried. 

i know this is an unpopular opinion but: jack and maddie are not abusive parents.

they’re not going to be winning parents of the year awards by any means, but they are not abusive. they are involved in both of their children’s lives but know not to push into their privacy. they trust their children to make good decisions and encourage them to pursue their interests even if jack and maddie aren’t interested. they don’t talk down to their kids when they’re arguing and speak to them at an age appropriate level. they aren’t emotionally or verbally abusive - even when danny is being disciplined, they are reasonable. they’re pushy when they’re concerned for his safety, but you can’t blame them when you see how dangerous amity park is.
it’s clear that they made sure that both jazz and danny knew the functions and operations of the lab, the ops center, and the home security system and that both of them knew the safety rules of both. they trusted their children not to abuse the equipment and to follow safety procedures (which danny did not do on multiple occasions).

do they have a violent and harsh approach to ghosts? yes, but ghosts that come through the portal are mostly violent and powerful. they are technically fighting a war - an invasion of poltergeists and mostly alone too. they are working to defend their family and city from a mistake they made. also, have you noticed that a lot of the weapons that they make only weaken and contain ghosts? that they haven’t actually made a single weapon designed to completely destroy a ghost? yes for the most part they have no empathy for ghosts, but they’re not out to destroy them. i do think that they put on a façade that makes them look harsher on ghosts than they really are - if jack hated and distrusted ghosts so much, he wouldn’t have released danny in million dollar ghost.

and yes, both jack and maddie get sucked into their projects, but they make sure their kids know where they are and will stop what they’re doing if jazz or danny need them. the only times they were shown as being completely neglectful is during the christmas flashbacks when they were so wrapped up in their arguments that they forgot their children (but also remember those were told by tucker/ghostwriter who are BOTH dramatic). they have both shown themselves to be more than willing to spend time with their kids and they were excited for it.

the fact that they don’t push into danny’s life when he is obviously wanting privacy isn’t abusive or completely neglectful. they make themselves available to him, spend time with him, and will do things in his best interest. they trust and respect their son and they keep an eye on him. the reason why they know so little about his problems at school are because danny doesn’t reach out to them. they have shown themselves open and willing to protect him, but danny internalizes his problems and refuses to talk to them. jack and maddie do try to have conversations with him and when he gets uncomfortable, they let him leave.

danny also knows all of this and he knows that they’ll love him no matter what (he even said so in bitter reunions and confirmed this in reality trip). there are a lot of reasons why he doesn’t tell his parents about his ghost powers (doesn’t want them worrying, doesn’t want they thinking they half killed him, doesn’t want them to accidentally reveal his identity, etc) and i think it’s the combination of those fears along with the worry that they might be scared of him/hostile towards him that stops danny from talking to them. even if you know something to be true (like your parents loving you unconditionally), there is always room for doubt and danny definitely suffers from that.

so no, i don’t think the fentons are abusive parents and i don’t think it’s right to try and label them as such.

A Teacher’s Envy: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Innocence

On paper, he was her student and she was his teacher - a simple sentence that anyone could dissect. We have our two subjects, two objective pronouns, a verb, two direct objects, an indirect object, a preposition and a conjunction. But if we focus in and read between the lines of this grammatical hoo-ha, we find three words making up a sentence that rings louder than any old high school bell itself: She was his.

And boy was she…

It’s a Wednesday: the savior of the week, the promise of the end of the week and most of all, when Freeman High School’s finest English teacher, Ms. Amari Harper, gets to see her friends.

Ms. Amari Harper was no ordinary teacher; she was the best in the county and the state. She repeatedly won the English Teacher’s Association award easily each year and was adored by parents. These people would pay to have their students moved to her class. She stood 5’ 8” in her heels, which she wore periodically, mostly for fashion, never for comfort. Thick brown waves cascaded down her back with auburn streak running through it like a winding stream. Her toasted almond eyes shined like embers right through anyone who caught her gaze.

“Ugh, how can a person do such a thing! And to their student?” Ms. Harper spoke to her friends in disgust as they huddled around her computer screen in the teacher’s longue. Her brown eyes glared at the large bolded letter jutted out from the screen.

Virginia public school teacher charged in the sexual assault of her 16 year old male student.

“I mean, how could you betray a child’s trust like that?” she fumed from her chair.

“What are you ladies fussing about? Not about that poor teacher being dragged about on TV and now online?” Mr. Tony Vega, the computer science teacher, trudged to the ladies’ small table.

He had a firm build for a man in his mid 30s and was relatively trimmed, but that was always hidden under thick black frames, his cream sweaters, gray creased slacks and dress shirts he was famous for sporting on a daily basis. If there was a geek of the week award, it was always his.

But of course his style was all a show to one day grab the attention of Ms. Harper, one day.

“Poor teacher?!” Maria exclaimed.

“Yes, I said it, Maria.” Mr. Vega stood defiantly; his body language challenging the younger science teacher to a duel.

“What about that poor adolescent boy?” she wrinkled his eyebrows in suspicion.

“Who’s to say the kid didn’t seduce her? If you’ve been doing your research, you’ll find her exact testament here.” He pulled out his newspaper, opening it and shoving it in the defensive teachers faces, hiding his face so that the only part of him visible was his short sandy brown locks. He tapped twice to the spot on the page. “Paragraph six.”

Leyla snatched the multi-shade gray paper from his hands, digging into the section labeled VA Pubic Schools too quick to judge? “Of course she’d say that! She’s saving her tail!” The underclassman history teacher uttered in distaste.

He pulled his paper back in his grasp. “I tell you, these high school kids are Slick. Little. Frisky. Eels.” He emphasized dramatically. “You’d have to chop their heads off before they catch a break.” He waddled across the room waving his hands in and out to mimic the slippery sea creatures.

“But she still made the choice to accept his advances. If that were me, I’d squash it right there.” Ms. Harper stated firmly, cutting her hand in mid air to mimic Mr. Vega’s flare for the dramatics.

“Well, Ms. Harper, not every teacher is as responsible and well-minded as you.” He flashed her his best smile.

“Yeah, Amari, let these kids know who’s boss!” She shook her fist in the air.

He cut his eyes at look at her, “Right Vegas?”

“It’s Ve-ga, Leyla. No ‘s’.” He spit out at her as he rolled his eyes.

“I’ll see you in a bit, Ms. Harper.” He acknowledged the other teachers with a glance over his glasses and trotted out the door.

She nodded back at him; part of her dreading to go to her room, which was cater-cornered to the computer lab. He’d frequently pop his head in the room to speak with her; make small talk here and there. Even though Ms. Harper’s made it very clear that she was happily dating a boyfriend of 3 years, it didn’t seem to faze him.

“Well, forget these kids, we know who has his eyes on you, Amari.” Maria said snickered.

Ms. Harper ignored Maria’s banter.

“Ms. Harper, oh Ms. Harper you’re so responsible!” Leyla mimicked, walking about the room with the newspaper in her hand.

“And don’t forget, well-minded!” Maria joined in as the two teachers burst out in laughter.

“Stop!” Ms. Harper laughed out as she trying to gain her composure.

Seductive.” Leyla looked in shock. “Can you believe him? I mean… these kids seductive? Yeah right!” She leaned back as she laughed in her seat, hitting Maria’s arm.

“I don’t know now. What if Vegas has a point?”

“Amari, imagine one of these kids has a crush on you like…” she paused to think, “like, Jay Braden for instance, getting fresh with you.”

Ms. Harper turned from her computer. “Of all the students imaginable, you pick him?”

“Oh you mean the junior that follows her around like a puppy?” Maria practically shouted into laughter. “He follows you around, the cute little thing.”

“He’s hopeless!” Maria laughed.

“Let’s be honest Amari, the boy likes you. Maybe even more ole Vegas!” Leyla joked.

Ms. Harper narrowed her eyes at her friends. “Leyla, that’s disturbing.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Could you just picture someone like him coming onto you?” she asked her honestly.

Ms. Harper sighed. “Well, I don’t put anything pass these kids-”

“Oh please, stop standing up for Vegas! Jay Braden? That’s plain innocence there. All the boy wants to do is wash your chalkboard and organize your files. They need more young men like him around here if you ask me.” Leyla looked to Maria for backup.

Maria nodded in agreement. “Have you taken a look at him, Amari, or are you too busy filling his head with knowledge? He’s the smiting image of a human baby Labrador. With his long hair and baby blue eyes. That little thing wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“He means well. He has to be one of the most caring kids in his class.” Ms. Harper thought out loud. “I could never imagine him even yelling at someone. When you put it that way, I guess you’re right.”

“You know I’m right. It’s the teacher’s fault all the way.” Leyla insisted with her hands on her hips.

“Here, here!” Maria rolled her newspaper and smacked it against he table, like a judge’s gavel.

“You win. You win!” Ms. Harper conceded.

“I always do!” Leyla retorted.

The young teachers bantered, filling the room with their laughter before the first warning bell rang and they were off to their separate worlds of academia for the rest of the day.


Ms. Harper sat at her desk with her red pen in hand, making corrections to English papers from her sophomore class. Another day. Another Wednesday. Nothing new.

Time was on her hands since Benjamin Short brushed off tutoring for the third week in a row- something she wasn’t too upset about because she had free time, but still, it disappointed her. She cared so deeply for the well-being of her students. Not to mention she held one of the best reputations as an English teacher. Winning best English teacher in the county last year for the third time in a row. Students lined up just to take her class.

She shook her head as she thought about Ben and decided to contact his parents tomorrow. To give her mind a break, she reached across her desk to snag her favorite honey roasted peanuts. She popped the salty-sweet morsels in her mouth and stopped suddenly to check the time on the clock.


That’s odd. She thought to herself. Jay should be here by now.

Jay Braden was always on time for his tutoring sessions with Ms. Harper. If anything, he was always early – 7 minutes to be exact. Five minutes dedicated to staring at Ms. Harper as she tutor Benjamin and that final two to pretend he wasn’t. He wouldn’t dare miss a moment to be alone with Ms. Harper, which was something he valued so much.

Ms. Harper could always rely on Jay to be paying attention. As she looks out to a sea of bored students, she’d look over at him, to see if he was paying attention. And he always was.

Her eyes flashed back to the clock.


She fidgeted in her chair, tapping her red pen against her wooden desk as worry started to wash over her.

Then the door finally opened, but she couldn’t see anyone there. Only a voice, “Ms. Harper?”

She knew it was him. “Jay, come in. I was getting worried.”

“Actually, I think I’ll have to miss tutoring today.” He spoke from behind the door.

She stood up concerned, “Why not? Come on in, so I can hear you.” She insisted in.

Jay slowly revealed himself as he stepped in the classroom. His long hair that usually trailed down his back hung disheveled covering half of his face. He kept his head down, trying to hide from her.

Ms. Harper frowned in confusion as she stared at her student. There was something different about his clothes, too. She noticed a tear in his t-shirt and a wide rip in the side of his jeans. Her eyes grew large.

“Jay, look at me.”

He pushed his long locks from his face to reveal his bruised and battered face as locking his baby blue eyes on hers.

Among his several cuts Ms. Harper noticed the large red bruise on his right cheek and soon found the scrape on his chin, oozing bright red blood. Whatever he got himself into, it just transpired.

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Teachers appreciation

First time, a kid, in the Montessori, scared, never talking much,
Parents concerned, no friends, not talking, not happy.
A teacher, saviour, talks to him, what are you drawing little one,
A plane, like the one in the sky.
Tells him all about planes, his eyes shine,
He starts talking, about planes.
I wanna be a pilot and fly planes, he says.
Happiness, parents rejoice.
Second time, Grade 1, bigger school,
Distraught, shy kid again, not talking.
Others having fun, participating in class,
Him, not so, distant, lost in himself.
A celebration, everyone in their home clothes,
Food and games, he sits by the window, by himself.
A teacher, comes to him, what happened little one,
Nothing miss.
Do you know we have gifts for everyone,
He looks a little hopeful.
Gifts are distributed, he’s last in line, everyone’s getting dinky cars.
His turn, a little yellow truck,
Keep it safe little one, play with it, don’t be sad.
Third time, new school, lost, kid’s older now, even so still shy,
Keeping to himself, not coping with the class, lagging behind.
Teacher again, his first friend, telling him how things are done,
He smiles, feels home.
Fourth time, high school, kid is growing up,
His English not so good, people make fun of him,
He’s crestfallen, gloomy.
Teacher again, his saviour,
Guides him, helps him,
He starts improving, his grades go up,
Parents happy.
He receives Student of the Year award, joys all around.
Fifth time, College, new place again, sitting by himself again,
Guys and girls hanging out after classes,
But he’s got work after college,
Works hard to make ends meet.
End days, Most Hardworking person, awarded to him,
He’s in tears, teacher’s there again,
You deserve it son, there’s no one else but your name on this.
Sixth time, University, he’s lost again,
Among different things happening,
Can’t keep up with everything,
Fights, grades going down.
Teacher again, his friend whenever he’s down,
You’re my favorite student, even if I have a torrid time reading your answers,
The words still ring in his ears.
No words can ever be enough to describe what my teachers mean to me,
They were my first friends wherever I was,
Whatever I am, they had a significant part to play in it.
Writing this, a prayer escapes the lips,
Of that same kid, shy lost kid,
May God keep them safe and bless them, wherever they are.



Changes in the Wind ~ Chapter Two

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Prologue  Chapter One

Summary: Y/N L/N has just gotten her big break into the world of acting with an Oscar nominated role in a hit new movie. Everything is looking up for Hollywood’s newest favorite as she lands an audition for a movie, reading with the Sam Winchester. Unfortunately for Sam, first impressions can be tough, especially with an older brother newly checked into rehab clouding your thoughts… Though Sam is mesmerized instantly by Y/N’s talent and personality, she is left to believe he’s a stuck up, rich actor with a superiority complex. Sam is determined to work with her, and decides he has to mend things between them at the upcoming Academy Awards. Will he succeed in winning her over?

A/N: In case you didn’t catch my hints in the prologue, Robert Reid is Ryan Reynolds under a different name… :D

“Y/N! Over here!”

“Beautiful, look here!”

“Give us a pose!”

Y/N was making her way down the red carpet at the academy awards, trying her best not to show how utterly overwhelmed she was. Cameras were flashing, photographers were shouting, and so many stars were walking by! Y/N could hardly believe that she was being held on the same level as these talented people she’d grown up admiring.

Her childhood celebrity crush, now well into his 50s, walked by and Y/N could no longer contain her excitement. She whispered to Charlie, her agent and guide for the evening.

“Charlie, that’s Oliver Blake! After he played Laith in the Golden Amulet movies I had the biggest crush on him. Should I go introduce myself?” She asked her redheaded friend nervously.

“I was more into the hot elf chick, but that me. Go say hi, but try not to be too awkward, yeah?” Charlie encouraged.

Y/N steeled her courage and wove through the crowd as gracefully as she could, towards the older actor. Barely a foot away, she was intercepted by non other than Robert Reid, her co-star and self-proclaimed older brother.

“Hey there, Y/N/N.” The suave actor greeted with a mega-watt smile.

“Rob, you know I love you, but you are currently the only thing between me and the guy who spent my whole adolescence as a poster on my bedroom wall.” She said, trying to see over the taller man’s shoulder.

“Who, Oliver? Oh Y/N/N, no. He’s had a little too much booze at the pre-party and tends to get a little handsy when that happens.”

Y/N grimaced, allowing her friend to take her arm and lead her back to Charlie. Charlie gave Robert a good natured scowl.

“Mr. Reid, here to cause trouble I assume?”

“Always am, Celeste.” He said with a wink, making Charlie glare at the use of her birth name. Rob let go of Y/N’s arm as the camera flashes became more intense. As expected, during the press tour, rumors of a relationship between Y/N and Robert had begun to circulate. Being seen at the Oscars with her on his arm would only heighten the gossip.

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Davi’s Big Day *Neymar imagine*


“Ney c’mon if we don’t go now we’re never going to get there” I said standing by the door

I heard footsteps before he was standing next to me, “Alright I’m here” 

I shook my head chuckling as we walked out of the house and to the car. Today Neymar and I were going to make a cake for Davi’s birthday today, and it was a good thing that he was spending the day with Neymar’s family or else this cake wouldn’t get done at all. 

As you can probably take a guess we really haven’t started anything, and even though it’d be easier to you know just go to the store and buy the cake. Davi specifically requested that the cake be made directly from Neymar and I. I mean it’s not really going to be a problem for me because I love baking and making cakes, Neymar on the other hand eh we’ll see how it goes.

Arriving at the store, Neymar went online to look for different styled cakes. Eventually settling on a Sesame Street cake for Davi. “Alright so we need-”

“Cake mix” Neymar said pulling out a vanilla cake box

I chuckled, “How about we do a character cake?” I said looking up from the cake pans

Neymar nodded,  “Who should we do?” He asked as he picked up cake pans

I shrugged, “What about Abby?” I said

Neymar made a face, “Cookie Monster is definitely the best” 

I looked at him, “No way, Abby’s the best hands-down” 

Neymar rolled his eyes, “The Cookie Monster eats cookies” He said

I scoffed, “Would he share the cookies with you?I thought not so that’s why Abby’s better” I said

Just as Neymar was going to speak another voice chimed in, “Elmo’s the bestest ever” 

We both turned our heads to see a little child staring at the both of us, she started at us as if she was waiting for us to continue the conversation of who’s better. “Annalise” A woman called out 

We all turned and the little girl ran off, leaving Neymar and I in silence for a little while. “Well I guess that debate’s settled” I said

Neymar chuckled, “Elmo it is then” 

Since there wasn’t any Elmo cake pan’s, odd right? I know the main character of a child’s life and they don’t have his own cake pan. But besides that, we decided we were going to create our own frosting so we grabbed the food coloring and the necessary ingredients to bake the cake for Davi. 

After shopping for what we needed, we headed back to the house and got right to baking the cake. “Neymar just open the oven for me” I said

He chuckled, “Alright, alright” He said dusting off his hands

Once it was safely inside of the oven, I placed my hands on Neymar’s face which earned a glare from him. “Seriously?” He asked 

I gave him a small smile, “It’s going to take a while to get the stuff out of my hair so I hope you have fun getting this stuff off of your face” I said

“You too” He said before placing his red flour colored hands on my face.


Neymar just chuckled, “It’s all love”

~30 Minutes Later

After cleaning ourselves off, we cleaned the kitchen a little bit and took the cake out letting it cool. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” I asked Neymar

Neymar nodded his head, “I’m Neymar jr. I’m always right” He said 

I chuckled, “Babe you’re wrong about a lot of things” I said 

He looked over to me, “No I’m not” 

I raised an eyebrow, “Really? “

Neymar looked up thinking about something for a little while before nodding his head, “Yeah, I’m always right” 

I just shook my head at him and watched as he began to decorate the cake. “My arm hurts” He complained

I chuckled, “You’re the one who said you wanted to do it” 

He groaned, “Next year we’re buying a cake and lying that we made it” He said

I laughed, “Move over” I said grabbing another Red frosting and helping him on the other side of the cake. It didn’t take us long to finish covering the cake in red, or to add in the other elements to Elmo’s face. 

When we finished we stepped back giving each other a high-five, “Parents of the year award should really be awarded to us” Neymar said

I nodded, “Definitely “

Neymar sighed, “We’re not done yet” He said looking at the house

I nodded, “C’mon let’s hurry before Davi get’s home” I said

He nodded and we started getting everything set around the house. It didn’t take us long to finish setting up the house for Davi and a couple of his friends. 

By the time we finished setting up, the door opened and in walked Rafaella and Davi along with some of his friends. “Whoa” Davi said as he looked around

Neymar and I stood by the island bar and smiled, “Happy Birthday Davi” We said together

Davi smiled running over to the to of us, “Thank you, this is so cool” Davi said as he continued to look around in awe. 

“This isn’t all” I said 

He looked confused, and we placed him on top of the chair along with his friends. “So since you wanted a special cake made by us, we got you two cakes. One made by us and another we bought just in case you wanted chocolate” Neymar explained

Davi smiled and lifted up the covers we’d put over the cakes, “Elmo! And Paw Patrols!” 

“Happy Birthday Davi”

Bonds That Can’t Be Broken Ch. 9/10

Well, here we are at the final chapter! The response to this fic has been amazing, and has filled me with so much joy. Read it on Ao3 or below. Thanks to @smoakqueenz for the art and @overwatch-smoak my beta. 

I hope you enjoy the conclusion - and don’t worry there will be a short epilogue posted Thursday. :)

Chapter 9: The Deal

He hurt her. She is bleeding. He wants to kill her. Must protect her. Must stop him. Must kill him.

The thoughts raged in Oliver’s head as he blocked out the rest of the world and ran full steam at the masked archer. He took the man by surprise, tackling him to the ground. The Alpha slammed his fists over and over into the man’s head mercilessly, wanting to do as much damage as possible before he fought back.

The dark archer came to his senses quickly, tipping Oliver on to the fact that he must be a trained warrior like himself. He managed to get himself out from under Oliver and onto his feet. The two exchanged blows for several minutes. There were several times when Oliver thought the other man was getting the upper hand, but then he let the rage over his hurt Omega feed into him to give him more power.

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IH and RR deserve to be awarded as "best parent of the years". They are only the canon shonen manga who treat their children in right way and their children is not a brat. While most of shonen manga next-gen even chibiusa ended become spoiled brat !!! You must know about this, kubo-sama show us that IH and RR are best parent !!!! STOP TO YOUR FUCKING DELUSIONAL !

Awards??? Who?? What manga? Where?

Orihime and Ichigo had no idea, nor seemed to care until it was brought up, where the fuck Kazui even was;

Ichigo and Orihime let a legitimate Bro/Sis-Con Pedo around their kid.

Renji and Rukia completely forgot about their damn kid until Ichigo brought her up.

Ichigo argues with Rukia for not taking care of her kid.

But – he didn’t give a shit when Orihime didn’t know where their kid was.

IH/RR don’t deserve awards for their parenting, they deserve a visit from the fucking Child Protective Services.

My parents just won shit parents of the year award

I was gonna rent to own this house. The guy wanted 30 thousand for it, it needed a little work because no one has lived in it for a few years but nothing I couldn’t do on my own. It would have been perfect for me. But my parents threw a fit because they can’t afford to take care of this place on their own and they wanted me to keep living here and they’d give me two bedrooms and a bathroom. So I agreed to do that because our house is set up in a way that I could add an outside door and put up one wall and I’d basically have my own apartment away from the rest of the house and it would be slightly cheaper for me and they could keep their house.

Then just now they decide to tell me that they decided to let this place go so I would need to start looking for my own place. And the best part is they got ahold of the guy I was talking to and they’re moving into the house I was gonna buy.


Chapter 71 

Grisha Jaeger gets a lot of hate. I can understand the sentiment because he made Eren into a weapon, he injected his child and made him a titan knowing that Eren would eat him and thus become the coordinate. I mean think about the emotional toll that this has on Eren when he finally remembers what happened to his father. He is not exactly getting parent of the year award with the way he treated Zeke, his firstborn either. From a young age he fed Zeke his own political agenda dismissing him as a person, a son but instead seeing him as a tool against Marley. We all know how that ended. He also lied to his wife (Carla) and son about who he truly was not trusting his new family with the knowledge of the outside world. I feel that he never told his family the truth because of what happened with Zeke. Perhaps, he was to afraid that he would be outed and betrayed like before. But if you start thinking about it, Grisha is a complicated character. He clearly loves Carla and was destroyed when he heard that she had been eaten by a titan. It is quite Ironic that the smiling titan was Dina Fritz his first wife. In one of the panels it can be seen how his eyes get all big and shocked when he learns of Carla’s death. His redeeming quality is that he loves his family. When he first hears that Shinganshina is destroyed his first instinct is to find his family. He immediately sets out to find his son worried about him. Lastly, all the stress of finding his family ripped away from him once again made him mentally unstable. I am not excusing his actions but his whole life has been a cocktail of fucks up and his only happiness is ripped by titans. He knows how titans are made, what they really are and he knew that the royal family had the coordinate power and could have made them go away but instead they didn’t lift a finger to help the citizens. It is no wonder that he attacks Historia’s family. Overall, there are many factors like his upbringing in Marley that led to his actions after on. He puts all his hope on Eren, a huge burden on him because he is his son. 

my mom and little sister went out shopping today while I stayed home. when they got home, they both came right into my room. My mom couldn’t stop laughing and said “I found you something perfect while we were out today”. My little sister just gave me a look. Then my mom handed me this magnet saying “at first I didn’t get it so I asked your sister and she just said, oh my god, MOM!!! Isn’t that hilarious?!” (all while still laughing hysterically)

anonymous asked:

IH and RR deserve to be awarded as "best parent of the years". They are only the canon shonen manga who treat their children in right way and their children is not a brat. While most of shonen manga next-gen even chibiusa ended become spoiled brat !!! You must know about this, kubo-sama show us that IH and RR are best parent !!!! STOP TO YOUR FUCKING DELUSIONAL !

This looks like a copy and paste message… many innocent IR shippers have you sent this to?

–>Must be A LOT since I hardly involve myself nowadays in the IR fandom. 

Let me get this straight, though, are you trying to convince me to drop a ship I adored the past EIGHT years, and why? Cuz it’s not canon?

Dude grow up. There’s tons of ships in all sorts of fandoms that people like despite whether or not it’s canon. Stop being an asshole and let people have their fun.

anonymous asked:

After last night's episode, Snowing deserves all of the worst parents of the year awards. In no way is it heroic to leave a child an orphan. I'm not even a fan of Emma, but that was super messed up. They clearly loved the kingdom more than their daughter. In the same way, Emma put Hook above her parents. Neither made a lot of sense. Both choices made the characters look like horrible people.

We have to agree to disagree.  

Leaders sometimes have to make choices that hurt them and aren’t best for them personally.  They made a choice that was about doing what was best for their people and not just themselves.