Chloe Elizabeth Moriarty, She is the daughter of the most dangerous men in London.

Her second name is in honor to Countess Elizabeth Bathory, one of the greatest serial killer in the entire history. They specifically chose this assassin because her body was never found..And Chloe..Well..Sebastian always loved that name.

She have 10 years old, she grow up with James and Sebastian as fathers so .. Her childhood it’s not normal..She is nice but dangerous…charismatic but she can be really rude if she want…she has changeable moods like his father James..she knows how to use a weapon because Seb had taught her how.. She have temperament but she is nice with the people..Her fathers had told her “ if you are nice with the people they will do whatever you want, and if that doesn’t work the blackmail and the guns are pretty more efficient ”.

She get bored too fast like his father, and she love read…She is not a romantic person, but in her books they talk about about love and all those silly things .. She found that was kinda amusing..She is a very mature girl, but she like act like a child sometimes..

She is the princess of the criminal kingdom… And her parents are the kings! 

The adventures of Hamish Holmes and Chloe Moriarty