The greatest act of good (towards parents) is that the son whom Allaah has bestowed upon him with some (Islamic) knowledge, that from it, he offers (teaches) it to his parents as a first priority. And this is better than being good to them by giving them money or anything other than that. Then (it follows that) he should be good and dutiful to them with good words and good actions which pleases Allaah, then with that which pleases both of them (Parents).

Al Allaamah Zayd bin Haadi Al Madhkhalee (may Allah have mercy on him)

‘Awn Al Ahad As Samad Sharh Adabul Mufrad 28/1

translated by: Rayaan Barker

German Fairytales be like:
  • <p> <b>German Parent:</b> Let me tell you a bedtime story, sweety :)<p/><b>Tale:</b> *Guy gets eaten alive by the dogs he used to torment*<p/><b>Tale:</b> *young boy whoms fingers are getting cut off because he wouldnt stop sucking on them*<p/><b>Tale:</b> *Girl plays with fire and burns herself and her house down*<p/><b>Tale:</b> *Young boy starves to death because he's a picky eater*<p/><b>Tale:</b> *Boy gets blown away by the wind and is never heard of again*<p/><b>Tale:</b> *Boy drowns because he's dreaming too much and thus isn't aware of his surroundings*<p/><b>Tale:</b> *Children are led to their death by a flute playing maniac because their parents didn't want to pay their debts*<p/><b>German Parent:</b> Good night my little ones (:<p/></p>

New Maternity Beds At Dutch Hospital Are Revolutionizing Childbirth

By Earthables

Traditionally, after a mother gives birth her baby is placed in a nursery with all of the other newborn babies, in a room separate from mom, or they are placed in a bassinet too far from mom’s hospital bed for her to reach her baby without help from a nurse. That’s just the way it’s always been, but if you stop to think about it it’s totally weird.

No baby wants to be far from mom right after being delivered into this bright, scary and unfamiliar world, and mom wants constant contact too. Dutch hospital Gelderse Vallei is striving to change the ways moms interact with newborns by implementing new clip-on baby bassinets that attach to hospital beds.

The invention is game changing for mothers and babies, especially moms that must stay in the hospital a few days post-delivery. Even though mom is still stuck in a hospital bed at least she has her baby tucked up right beside her, as opposed to down the hall or across the room.

Gelderse Vallei Hospital writes on their website, “Mother and child are thus close together and can touch each other without the intervention of a nurse…Breastfeeding is easier because the baby is nearby. Especially after a cesarean delivery, if the mother is not very mobile for a few days, the manger has great advantages." 

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a praise to accuracy

The pattern in shounen tends to have parents who are:

  • dead in tragic flashbacks (ex. One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, HxH, Fairy Tail etc it’s a well loved trope)
  • uncaring and left their children alone (ex HxH)
  • to be avenged (ex. Naruto,Ao no Exorcist, Kill la Kill…)
  • simply non-existent, without even a bother to explain how or why, because they are not necessary to character development (ex Akame Ga Kill) 
  • mysteriously not be found 404

That is just because a parent is a heavy figure in the growing process of a teenager/young adult, who is the protagonist of shounen, a genre all about self-progress, indipendence, strenght, bravery. Parents are not only not necessary, but tend to prefer their children not to get hurt, at least in real life. 

So this is uncommon. After a fierce battle against some foul villains, the protagonist’s mother is concerned with her only child, who is to face them again and as a profession in the future. She realises he does not heal; she saw the battle and she’s grasped the scope of the  risks he undergoes; she’s preoccupied with his physical safety. When did this last happen? When was a shounen hero stopped not by adversities, losses, stronger enemies, moral and emotive defeat, maybe internal strife, conflict but by… his mom?

I can’t wait to see how this proceeds.