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So I want to get into clipping. but idk how I'd go at it. Is there a certain order I should to the songs in or something you'd recommend?

GOOD ASK!! it really depends on what kind of stuff you’re into, but I think their latest album Splendor & Misery is a good place to start (its my fave album by them so far). Here’s the synopsis:

like…………..i love them

OK SO u should listen to these songs in the order they appear on the album bc its a narrative (u should do that for all of their albums tbh.. im not like a Music Purist but if the band puts their tracks in a certain order they did it for a reason….also use headphones) here is the full album on youtube, tracklist in the description, which is nice bc it preserves the smooth transitions between the songs unlike spotify or bandcamp

If you like Splendor & Misery they have 3 other albums u can listen to:

Wriggle came out last summer, its.. it sounds like the album cover, basically. like a few of these songs legit fluster me to the point where i get embarrassed listening to them around other people LMAO.. anyway its a great lil EP that gets bonus points in my brain bc Cakes da Killa and Antwon have verses on it and i love them both

CLPPNG is from 2014, its the first album i heard by them & it is very close to my heart. I think Get Up is the song that made me a clipping fan, but tbh i like every track on this album save one. Fun Fact the title doesnt have i’s bc daveed didnt write any of it in first person which is pretty cool

Midcity is their first album its rad as shit and harsher/more ear-bleedy than their other ones and i just remembered as i typed that that THIS is actually the first album i heard by them, i listened to it when it first came out and didnt like it because my music taste in 2013 was like, sad indie men in the woods. anyway, get money

Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship, Part 4

Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship, Part 4
Word Count: 560
Warnings: Fluff mostly, I’m pretty much just having fun with this story now… Just go with me on this, it’ll be fun!
(Parenthesis are Jim’s thoughts.) [Brackets are Bones’ thoughts.]

Originally posted by fanfic-shiz

Jim and Bones left the office, after each took a healthy swig of bourbon, and silently went back to where Y/N lay on the bed. She had stopped crying and looked like she had drifted to sleep, her hands resting on her pregnant belly. Christine had brought her a blanket and helped her let her hair down. She looked quite comfortable laying there with her hair spread over the pillow, face peaceful and relaxed.

Jim’s breath caught in his chest. (She’s so beautiful. So amazing.)

“You’re beautiful too, Jim” she murmured in her sleep.

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scalping this directly from my own ask box because this premise is too good not to have fleshed out: " Graves is very gentle with Credence when they have sex, and refuses to get rough because he's worried about hurting Credence. Credence loves Graves, but needs a good rough fucking. When Graves goes to work, Credence leaves the house and goes to Grindelwald. Grindelwald always gives Credence the rough and kinky sex he needs."

((DADDY KINK.  Not very fleshed out or even really all that finished.  This is a hard prompt for me tbh XD))

Credence had heard them speaking of it.  Their kind of love-making where nails dug into muscled hips and teeth bit into meaty shoulders.  The kind of love that ‘hurt so good’ as daddy had put it.

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I know I’ve made a lot of posts recently about disturbing dynamics on this website but I really feel that I’ve narrowed down three big factors that have corrupted the way we interact, and can lead to anything from ineffective annoying conversations, to actual abuse. those factors are:

-pain and trauma being reconceptualized as currency for credibility or social capital (and how this takes away from genuine interaction and replaces it with performativity) 

-pain and trauma being reconceptualized as a bargaining chip to get one out of accountability (ditto with what I said in the parenthesis in the first one) 

-the above two factors leading to a normalization invasiveness on a level that would otherwise be disturbing / being encouraged to disclose painfully private information. 

for a lot of bloggers who talk about marginalization and social issues, whether you have a “discourse sideblog” or a Serious Leftist Blog or a fandom blog, patterns have come up on here that over time have encouraged people to play up their already present fatigue and anger, because they’ll be awarded with popularity and credibility for making public displays out of very personal pain. with frequency over time, these displays become less about genuine sharing and helping situations, and more about subconscious (or conscious depending on the blogger) manipulation in a way: “what will I get from sharing this”. whether or not that manipulation is intentional, when this stuff is normalized people start to do it almost mindlessly, and it compromises any chance for compassion and trust and genuineness.  

when we discuss oppression and power, we are often already bitter and tired from whatever contexts we have. and that comes out normally in justifiable situations - the bitterness in and of itself isn’t what I’m criticizing. this isn’t gonna turn into some “we have to be graceful and tone police ourselves for the comfort of people who hurt us” post. the problem I’m putting my finger on is when, on top of our original bitterness and tiredness that we already have to shoulder, marginalized people are also being egged on to perform MORE of it as a show of “look at how mean and jaded I am, that makes me more credible and likable than you because I act more visibly mean and jaded at all times”. it’s also the invasiveness. it’s also the detachment from reality. it’s a lot and I’m just gonna try and list a few examples I’ve seen in the past couple of months that have not changed or gotten much better from the way things were on here in 2014 or 2012: 

-I’ve seen popular bloggers respond one way to another adult with genuinely abusive politics, and then turn around and respond the exact same way to a 13 year old with a silly question that seemed obvious/embarrassing. and then act confused when told that there should have been a difference in their responses for it to remain appropriate. 

-I know people who feel uncomfortable posting on here when they’re genuinely hurting and in need of support, but who have learned to almost nonchalantly pull out a laundry list of grotesquely detailed stories of trauma in order to prove a point in a stupid argument, because they’ve been taught that’s necessary in order for them to be listened to.

-at one point I was convinced that if I ever decided to have patience with someone who asked an ignorant question, or stick it out through the conversation to try to change someone’s mind, it wouldn’t be half as radical as just throwing out some over the top “go fuck yourself in the ass” and making 6 posts about how I blocked them and “did you SEE that idiot??? they must hate everyone in group x”. and honestly that’s. ridiculous and is only “effective” if we just wanna stay in an insular little circle laughing at everyone without a gender studies degree. like again, it’s normal to be bitter and tired and choose not to deal with someone, or deal with someone unkindly if they aren’t listening or are evoking oppressive rhetoric, but the idea that I feel like some of us have learned that we ALWAYS have to interact like that in order to prove your politics are radical (it truly is our version of 3dgy blogging lmao) is exhausting. 

-I’ve seen people who have suggested that they are trying to heal mentally or emotionally in some way, and have been accused of selling out. like somehow “not everyone can achieve recovery” turned into “anyone who talks about recovery for their own self is a sellout” - I had to leave certain mental health related blogging circles because of this. 

-re: pain/trauma being used as bargaining tool for getting let off the hook for genuinely abusive interactions: again referring to some mental health related activist communities, in some circles, “don’t associate mentally ill people as being inherently abusive” somehow turned into “if someone is mentally ill they can never be called on abusive or even slightly harmful interactions.” similarly, this has happened in other “leftist” conversations along identity politics lines of “well, seeing as I have this marginalized experience, I can’t be touched with critique”. this is defensiveness taken too far and stagnates our ability to grow and actually promote healthy treatment of others (something we all claim we are trying to do)

-things that have been encouraged by self proclaimed activists include: publicizing your mental health record and whether or not you have been raped, or whether or not you have a confusing relationship with sex, or whether or not you have been a victim of familial abuse, seems just as par for the course in some circles as publicizing your astrological sign. obviously choosing to share this is an option, but I and others have been pressured before to include such information beyond reason in order to be granted access to a discussion or to have a set of ideas/concerns listened to. 

none of these things should seem normal or healthy. I’ve gotten caught up in some of those mentalities multiple times and am still struggling to stay away from them. obviously in some conversations, a little indication that you aren’t a preachy outsider can be good, but rhetoric that tries to narrow down who we should listen to to “only people who have this identity and experienced this exact thing at 8 am on a tuesday and are willing to yell it into a megaphone” will not accomplish anything except for telling strangers on the internet that they are morally deplorable and unreliable if they do not allow you to invade their space and their private life. 

and the consequence of this is that even though we become used to talking about personal grief in a detached, non-genuine way, when we have to engage with the complexities of people’s realities, including their grief and suffering, on a real level, we flounder. pain should never be reduced to a bargaining token the way it has been on here. a lot of us have enough anger and fatigue already, we don’t need to be egged on by peers to constantly flaunt it as a show even when we aren’t actively feeling it, or be pushed to the point where we feel foolish or less credible or relatable for wanting to heal even a bit. I’m first and foremost sad that this is some young people’s first exposure to communities and dialogues that are supposed to be overcoming some form of liberation. 

all of these issues made more complex by a mix of ages and experiences and blogging styles, sometimes that complexity is dangerous (re: the age thing, like imagine growing into politics and adult social friendships on this forum. there are young teenagers whose primary source of growing into those things is here.) and sometimes it’s just annoying, but either way it’s beyond time to try to address and change some of these behaviors on a large scale. I’ve seen some individual bloggers come to similar realizations and grow and change, and those are the mutuals and friends that I’ve kept on here. 

and maybe it’s a losing battle, and maybe a website where social capital / notes is a central feature will always create disconnect and divisiveness, like I know this could never be the Perfect Safe Revolutionary Space for holding conversations, but still I want to see more people realizing that some of the shit on here is not exactly something we want to be getting used to especially if we ever want to advertise leftist blogging spheres here as moral examples. 

❄⛄🎶Christmas Music in Different Languages🎶⛄❄

Hello! So, I’ve researched some Christmas music in different languages. Some have a lot, like, too much so I narrowed it down, and some don’t have that much, but I found the best I could. Some are similar songs to what English speakers and Americans are used to such as “jingle bells” etc etc, while others are their own original seasonal songs. If it’s similar or the same song as traditional songs in English, I’ll put them in the parenthesis. So anyway, enjoy and happy holidays! 


Laylat Eid- Fairuz (”Jingle Bells”) 

العيد ببيروت - البوم كستنا لـ جان ماري رياشي ، غناء يارا (”Santa Claus is Coming to Town”) 

Adeste Fideles -Fairuz ( اديسيت فيدييس فيروز )

“Ya Yasoo” by Wafic 

Gloria in Excells Deo- Marwan Rahbani, Ghadi Rahbani 

Remember Us -Marwan Rahbani, Ghadi Rahbani (ما تنسانا السنة الجاي يا بابا نويل) 

Talj talj- Fairuz 

Tonight Is Xmas by Marwan Rahbani, Ghadi Rahbani (ليلة عيد الميلاد) 

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen -Fairuz

Bizet Carol- Fairuz

المجد لك ايها المسيح 


Die Flippers- Süßer die Glocken nie klingen 

Schlittenlied- Michelle (Jingle Bells)

Der Kleine Trommler- Jonny Hill (Little Drummer Boy)  

Heintje - Kommet ihr Hirten 

O Du Fröhliche- Roy Black 

Ihr Kinderlein kommet-  Michelle

Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht- Michelle (Silent Night)  


Dio ci Benedirà- Andrea Bocelli 

Bianco Natale-  Irene Grandi (White Christmas

A Natale Puoi- Sergio Cremonese 

Sarà Natale Se- Renato Giorgi 

E’ la notte di Natale- Enrico Turetta 

“Italian Jingle Bells”- Lou Monte [Neapolitan] 


Raduitesya vsi Lyude- Novokuznetsk choir 

Nebo i Zemlya ~ Russian kolyadka 


Angeli v Nebi ~  Russian kolyadka 

Белый Снег- Аллы Чепиковой 

ЗВЕЗДА НАДЕЖДЫ- Аллы Чепиковой 

”We Wish You A Merry Christmas” (RUSSIAN) 


PAŜOJ- Aleksandra Watanuki 


Kiyoshi, Kono Yoru- Ashley Serena (Silent Night

Jingle Bells (JAPANESE) 

Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer (from Morning Musume) 

会いたいロンリークリスマス- C-ute 


Rodolfo el Reno de la Nariz Roja- Belinda 

Hoy es Navidad (”Jingle Bells” tune)  

Paseo en Trineo- Opus Christi (Sleigh Ride)

Feliz Navidad- Jose Feliciano 

El burrito de Bélen- Juanes 

El Pequeño Tamborilero- Raphael (Little Drummer Boy)

Din, don, din, dan 


铃儿响叮当 (Jingle Bells

我们祝你圣诞快乐- Cuishan He (We Wish You a Merry Christmas


圣诞节- EXO 


Yeshu Paida Hua

Shaanti Ki Raath (Silent Night

Ek Tara Chamka Hein- Domenic Marbaniang+ 

Woh masiha aaya hai- Lata Mangeshkar 

Jingle Bells (HINDI) 


Il Est Né- Michael Gettel

Vive le vent (Jingle Bells

Entre le bœuf et l'âne gris-  Christmas Sound Orchestra 

Rudolph, le petit renne au nez rouge 

Il est né le Divin Enfant- Tino Rossi

Mon beau sapin- Muriel J (Oh Christmas Tree)  

Petit Papa Noël 

Les douze jours de Noël- Carmen Campagne (12 days of Xmas) 

All I Want for Christmas is You (Mioune on yt) 


스타쉽플래닛- Starship Planet

크리스마스 소원- MYSTIC 

Zzang Christmas(짱 크리스마스)- BESTie 

루돌프사슴코 - 꾸러기 동요 (Rudolph) 

Dear Santa- Girls Generation TTS (Kor.) 

울면안돼 (Santa Claus is Coming to Town) 


Mitt hjerte alltid vanker 

Glade Jul, Hellige Jul (Silent Night) 

Jul I Svinget- Frederikke Kaysen 

Det Lyser I Stille Grender 

En Stjerne Skinner I Natt 


Szent ünnep- Nox 

Csengőszó (Jingle Bells)

Ünnepelj Ma Velünk!- Lola 

Fehér karácsony- TNT 

Fehér Karácsony (White Christmas)

Szülte A Szűz Szent Fiát 

Csendes Éj (Silent Night) 


Varpunen jouluaamuna- Suvi Teräsniska

Rekiretki- Vieno Kekkonen (Sleigh Ride) 

Petteri Punakuono (Rudolph) 

Joulupukki matkaan jo käy (Santa Claus is Coming to Town) 

Joulupuu on rakennettu 

Kolme yötä jouluun 


O, pastiri, čudo novo  

Radujte se narodi 

Bijeli Božić- Oliver Dragojević 

O, Betleme, grade slavni- PATRIA 


Dzisiaj w Betlejem 

Kolęda Tryumfy Króla Niebieskiego 


Przybieżeli Do Betlejem 

Gdy Się Chrystus Rodzi 

Do szopy, hej pasterze 


Mary Did You Know- Dariush & Marya

O Holy Night-  Dariush & Marya 

Tavalod Tavalod- Gilbert (Jingle Bells) 


O Holy Night- Willie K

Me Ke Aloha Nona 

Mele Kalikimaka- Bing Crosby (Eng) 



Aisakell- Lauris Reiniks (Jingle Bells

Aisakell- Karavan (Jingle Bells) 

Estica Jõuluingel 

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Enjolras just has a “;)” as his soulmate tattoo
He’s always wondered how someone can literally say an emoji but then Grantaire comes in to a meeting one day like
“Semicolon Right-parenthesis @ you blond dude”

Enjolras literally wants to die

really every smiley is an unmatched parenthesis, but thinking too much about that is probably not conducive to sound mental health

(: is it sweaty :)

Dorm/Apartment Safe Spells from My Grimoire

Here are some spells from my current online Grimiore that are safe to do in dorms and most apartments with if needed simple replacements in parenthesis by them.







Cosmic Witchcraft:


Dream Work:





Love and Self-Love:








Witch Tip:

The Reasoning Behind Underscoring

First off, this post was ¾ deleted by a power surge right when I was about to Copy+Paste it to a doc and save the draft here, so I’m recreating it. And the wording probably isn’t as polished as before, but I’m trying my best through these salty tears.


I was summoned on the IRC chat to help people understand what was up with Yuuri’s low scores, and now I’m taking that and expanding it into a full-fledged post.

It seems most people have understood that his low scores were due in part to his lack of channeling Eros fully, and you’re not wrong, but PCS (Program Component Score)is a little complicated, so here’s an explanation to clarify what happened. This also includes a little about the jump changes.

PCS has 5 components to it.
(stuff in parenthesis are definitions in my own words to help you understand what this looks like, because the textbook definitions can be hard to visualize):

Skating Skills (fancy footwork, skating one one foot, using edges to gain speed with minimum movement, “floating across the ice”),
Transitions (these are the little steps or movements that lead into jumps or spins, they make the program look less disjointed),
Performance (how well can you sell the program? Are the emotions expressed well? This is facial expressions, arm movements, personality, etc.) 
Composition (this is choreography. It’s how all the pieces make a story or image. It tends to blend with Interpretation),
Interpretation (normally called “music interpretation” - interpreting the rhythm of the song, placing jumps and spins and movements with the beat)

So with this Eros performance there was A LOT different.

1. Victor and Yuuri changed the jump layout a bit.

They move the solo jump to the end and bring the combo earlier.

  • This means little things, like timing it to the music, change.
    • (Interpretation)
  • Although, since the quad is the same (4S), the transitions and timing leading into the take-off of the new 4S+3T should be the same. It’s just the transitions and timing OUT of the jump that will look different.

2. The jumps are different
He went from a 4T+3T to a 4S+3T
Remember that Yuuri was having difficulty with the 4S earlier in the season.

  • For the 4T+3T he probably consistently gets +2 or +3 GOE
  • For the 4S+3T he has a chance of getting lower GOE since his 4S isn’t as steady as his 4T. 
    • It’s a bit of a risk, but if he lands it well, it would be worth it. 
    • Plus, the rhythm won’t be too thrown-off since he was already doing a 4S. (Rhythm of a jump is also something judges look for, for GOE and PCS-Skating Skills)

Next, he switched the solo jump from a 4S to a 4F.

  • The 4S is an edge jump while the 4F is a toe jump. All you need to know here is that this would change the entry into the jump – which changes the look of the program a tiny bit.

Yuuri’s success rate was apparently pretty low in practice,

  • there are probably more times he lands it with a shaky edge, than there are times he lands it with +3GOE quality. 
  • but the difference is about 2 points just in base value (4S= 10.5 points 4F=12.3 points), then add the 10% bonus because it’s in the second half of the program. If he lands well, it would be a HUGE score. 
  • as Yuuri said to Victor at Ice Castle, if he could land a +3GOE worthy jump, the impact would also be great ( “don’t you want to see it?”)
    • ( “Hey, Judge! Look at this 4F!” = Performance)

He DOESN’T land well this time: the jump automatically has -1GOE for the hand down (which is -1.2 points), but it looked messy and I’m sure there were some -2GOEs given by the judges. The triplets said it looked round, so we don’t have to worry about underrotation, but it almost looks double-footed. 

At any rate, that’s about 5 points he left on the table there. He was counting on the potential 16.53 points (+3GOE). If the judges were generous and only gave -1GOE, he got 12.33 points. If they were harsh, he may have gotten anywhere from 11.53 points(-2GOE) to just 8.3 points(-3GOE).

A messed-up jump also affects the way that the judges view the program. 
Because it affects the presentation aspect
So even more points are lost on PCS.

(points aren’t really “lost” in PCS, so much as you don’t gain the points you would usually receive)

The PCS tends to follow a “point corridor.”  
If one component falls, judges tend to detract from ALL the other components. You don’t really see high (8.0~10.0) Skating Skills points and low (5.0~6.0)Presentation points, or high Music Interpretation points and low Transitions points. The points across all 5 components will be more-or-less in the same range. It’s sometimes silly, but it’s a thing that happens in most cases.

Additionally, if a skater is consistent over the years, judges are more likely to give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s because they KNOW this skater. The judges know what this skater’s skills are, and won’t bring the scores down as much as they would for an inexperienced or inconsistent skater.
You could call this the “human sympathy” factor - when a performance was so striking or courageous that even if the skater makes some mistakes, you reward them by not penalizing them TOO much.

(In the worst of cases, this becomes favoritism. You’ll see the slang term “Chanflation” used in some places, but it’s not… the most diplomatic term, since it references a certain skater’s last name.)

This kind of help only really happens if the skater valiantly skates. What helps salvage PCS is if a skater really SELLS a program.

In which case, the presentation score would stay up, even if the skating skills or transitions or choreography goes down.

But well, we saw that Yuuri wasn’t fully into the Eros mindset.

So to sum it all up:

  1. Gamble with the jumps could net higher points, but the gamble fails.
  2. Change in the layout affects choreo, transitions, and music interpretation
    - if he can sell it, then it can all work out
  3.  He didn’t manage to channel Eros to its fullest extent. 


I only briefly mentioned Transitions up there, but they’re pretty important.

Having transitions also increases what GOE you’ll get for an element. It’s not just about doing a jump (take off, rotate, land) – it’s about doing a jump and being beautiful (good position, nice posture) while making it difficult to enter and exit the jump (transitions). Anything that would make a jump more difficult to execute than normal will help the skater get +GOE. Transitions are like the glue that connects all the jumps, spins, and the step sequence smoothly together. When jumps are switched, the footwork will also slightly change to help the skater do the jump.

So in a way, GOE and PCS are linked - if you have a lot of difficult transitions, you can increase PCS and check off a few of the boxes that judges look for when awarding +2 and +3GOE. 

It’s not like changing a program layout is ridiculous. It’s just that, if the layout is changed, it’s usually done at one of the two assigned GPSeries competitions and not the GPFinal itself. This is so the skater and coach have a chance to see how the program will work in competition. Then they can make any necessary adjustments.


For the record, I do feel that Yuuri should have gotten a couple more points, but the 97.83 isn’t outrageously low. It just means the judges were a little strict in PCS, and he might have missed some levels on spins/step sequence. From a figure skating fan’s perspective, I would be super excited to see Yuuri take this new SP layout and skate a clean program at Worlds.

Too bad the anime is only one season and we won’t get to see that. (Come on OVA/Movie/Season 2, I NEED you.)

the signs as things my dad has said (part 3)
  • aries: *continuously refers to uber as an "escort service"*
  • taurus: [to himself, after catching a pickle he dropped midair] great catch daddio
  • gemini: [in response to our dog barking] don't say
  • cancer: [to me after i dabbed to his "dish washing music"] shut up
  • leo: [every time his phone rings] a REAL phone call? in THIS day and age? where are my TWEETS
  • virgo: [pulling over every time we pass something metal on the side of the road] but what if it's treasure
  • libra: would you look at that moon...that's large
  • scorpio: *sneezes* im allergic to working
  • sagittarius: [spoken during a verbal conversation] colon parenthesis
  • capricorn: *calls four way flashers on cars [dramatic voice] DANGER BEAMS*
  • aquarius: [completely seriously, in response to my sister asking why our dog was barking] he's just nervous about the election
  • pisces: *inexplicably called me Karen for a whole day*

Midnight bells are chiming in your lovely stare,
how profound were our mistakes.
I’m eating heated up raviolis, starting anew.
Never was as alive as when I was getting to know you.

So why should I stay here, stagnated,
when there’s a million more reasons to follow
where your eyes lead
                                       – inebriated,
I feel drunk with life, with the beating drums
and my beating heart resonating in my ears –.
And your beating heart is comely and humane.
                                                                                               All I need.

I’m an artist feeling artful enough,
enough to draw parallels and play choruses
within your stories and mine,
                                                        love is enough.

Cellar door, it was closed.
You opened your grin, I walked into myself
through the beauty of this new world.

Like a perfect photograph that captures nothing at all.
The empty boxes we own have just as pretty things inside
as the memories in ours scars.
So let’s unpack.

Performing monologues in our broken hearts,
it echoes and reaches each other, and we listen.
You don’t rhyme, but you’re so much more musical
than I am. It’s all right.

Off and on, dominoes, impossible to breach
are the circles of your iris.
But the shape of your tears are always bent,
and rarer than your joy is.

Joyous. Happy. Call it whatever you want.
You were scared of an anticlimactic ending;
yet this isn’t ending, as all things never end,
as all things never started in the first place.

And you’re not to blame for unfinished cycles,
since you were always so non-lineal, unstructured,
a draft of a draft of a script
where everyone is the main character;
                                                                           you’re just the writer.

And at last, you’re published – at last,
you play sad songs not being sad, and
it doesn’t hurt to be kept alive by someone’s art.

This is my last poem, up to you now.
You’re the narrator. You’re the prologue,
you’re the flashbacks, you’re the weird sex scene
and that heart-aching love confession;
I’m the epilogue, I’m the pretty cover at the back.

I’m the house of cards, finally falling.
I’m the playlist you don’t listen to anymore.
And I’m glad, darling.

‘cause I like jazz and you don’t.
Pretty clear it couldn’t work.

So for y’all, here’s a new tune I learned
to play on the piano:


School Witch Tip

I’m a witch that is currently in school so I keep my craft constantly surrounding me by devoting the front pocket of my backpack to all my witchy daily needs. 

Recommended Contents 
(uses in parenthesis)

Pendulum (easy access divination)

Tumbled Stones:
Changes with what I think I need daily.
-Blue Lace Agate (tranquility)
-Tiger’s Eye (confidence)
-Aventurine (luck)
-Hematite (grounding and protection)

Clam Shell (purification)
Changes once per month when I trade it for another full moon cleansed clam shell.

Lavender Essential Oil (tranquility, I’m a stressed-out college student)

Worry Stone
This is my most important item in my witchy pocket. My dad found it at a lake and gave it to me when I was really young and it hasn’t left my side for the most part. I don’t really know what it is made of but it is incredibly smooth after tumbling in that lake for so long. I hold it in my hand as pictured and run my thumb along it in counterclockwise motions to undo stress.

The keychain is from a company I really like and will be included in an upcoming post!